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  1. Study on the Changes of Morphology and Composition of Kelp and Microcystis Aeruginosa in Microbial Conversion Process,LuShanShan/Anhui University,0/1
  2. Study on Reservoir Characteristics of the Pre-khuff Formations in Block BC, Qatar,ZhangCui/,0/9
  3. Sedimentary System Research of Benxi Formation in East Ordos Basin,LiuChunLei/Northwestern University,0/196
  4. The Research and Application on Microscopic Pore Structure in XingNan Development Area,LiJingYan/Ocean University of China,0/8
  5. Reservoir Fine Description of Chang8Oil Set of Yanchang Formation in the JJC Exploration Area of Zhiluo Oil Field,XiaoXiaoGuang/Central South University,0/9
  6. A Research of Semdimentary and Reservoir Characteristics of Fuyu Reservoir in Dan Bei Area,CaoChun/Yangtze University,0/151
  7. Controlling Factors of the Potential Reservoirs Within Low Diagenetic Stage of Dongying Formation in the in Laoyemiao Oil Field, Eastern Hebei Province,CaoZhongHong/China University of Geosciences,0/91
  8. Characteristics and Evaluation of Reservoir in Southwest Sulige Gas Field,WangJuan/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/3
  9. Study on Sedimentary and Reservoir Characteristics of Chang2Formation in Wang Jiawan Area,WangYuPing/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/1
  10. The Characteristics of Palaeokarst Reservoir of Ma541in Gaoqiao Area of Jingbing Gas Field,TianZuo/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/3
  11. Research on the Reservoir Characteristics of the Palaeozoic in Southwest Ordos Basin,WangYaLan/Chang'an University,0/26
  12. Sandstone Characteristics and Assessment of Palaeocene in Lishui Sag,LuoZhongQin/Ocean University of China,0/99
  13. Suining - Pengxi area shall be two reservoir development effect factors,WenZuo/Southwest Petroleum University,0/3
  14. Research on diagenesis and into the south of the Ordovician Majiagou Formation five 1-5 submember sedimentary,ZhaoZe/Southwest Petroleum University,0/27
  15. The relationship between Cheng Yan and reservoir deposition, Leikoupo Formation in Central Sichuan region,LiHao/Southwest Petroleum University,0/8
  16. Western Sichuan Basin, the Leikoupo Formation and development characteristics and reservoir study,WuShiJiu/Southwest Petroleum University,0/10
  17. The Coupling Mechanism of the Diagenetic Evolution and Oil Accumulation Process of Chang-7Tight Sandstone Reservoir in Wubao Area, Ordos Basin,BaiYuBin/Northwestern University,0/175
  18. Characteristics of Diagenesis and Diagenesis-gas Accumulation for Upper Paleozoic Tight Reservoir in Eastern Ordos Basin,CaoQing/Northwestern University,0/167
  19. Research on Microscopic Pore Structure and Porosity Evolution in Low-permeability Sandstone Reservoirs,ZhangChuang/Northwestern University,0/333
  20. Study on the Microcharacteristics of Fluvial and Delta Reservoirs,WangRuoGu/Northwestern University,0/232
  21. Study on the Petrologic Characteristics and Evaluation of the Pyroclastic Rock Reservoir,GuoXinXin/Jilin University,0/202
  22. Study on sedimentary reservoir in Ansai oilfield G52 well region is 101 layer characteristics,GaoJunFeng/Northwestern University,0/0
  23. The Influential Factors Analysis of Oil-water Distribution in Continental Litho-stratigraphic Reservoir,MiDongZhe/Northwestern University,0/1
  24. Study on the Metalgenesis of the Nariniya Lead-zinc Deposits, Tuotuohe, Qinghai,ZhangLi/,0/41
  25. Diagenesis of Thin Interbedded Sandstones of the Upper Es4in Lijin Sag,TangZuoPing/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/15
  26. Texture and Diagenesis in the Miocene Carbonate Rocks of Zhujiang Formation,Eastern Pearl River Mouth Basin,ZhaoJie/Chengdu University of Technology,0/17
  27. The diagenesis of the sandstone in Chang8-10Layer,Yanchang Formation, Longdong Region,Late Triassic of Ordos Basin and the thermodynamics behavior of laumontite,QiShiChao/Chengdu University of Technology,0/25
  28. The Geochemical Characteristics and Diagenesis of Ore-Forming Granites from Chagandeersi Molybdenum Deposit, in Western Inner Mongolia,LiGuangYao/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),2/95
  29. Study on Bangpu-type Molybdenum Polymetallic Deposit, Tibet and the Metallogenic Regularity of Molybdenum Polymetallic Deposits in the East Section of the Gangdese Metllogenic Belt,WangLiQiang/Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,0/133
  30. The Research on Microscopic Characteristics and Diagenesis of Reservoir of the Silurian and Devonian in Bachu-maigaiti Area, Tarim Basin,DingHongRu/Jilin University,0/127
  31. Volcanic Reservior Characteristics and Distribution in Santanghu Basin,ZhangJunFeng/Jilin University,2/79
  32. Optimization of Prospecting Area and Exploration Deploy in SHIJIAPAN Area of ZIBEI Oilfield,YuJianQing/Northwestern University,0/33
  33. Study on Palaeogene Reservoir Characteristics of the in Western Tanhai Sag, Liao He Oilfield,LiKeBing/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/37
  34. Study on Depositional Facies and Evaluation on Reservoir for Chang 6~4+5 Member of Yanchang Formation in Western Mahuangshan,DuWeiWei/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/54
  35. Forming Mechanism Research on High Quality Reservoir of Lower Xu4Member in Xinchang Area, Western Sichuan Depression,WangWenKai/Chengdu University of Technology,0/20
  36. Research on Reservior Characteristics of Yan-9Oil Reservoir Set in Wuqi Area in Ordos Basin,WuChengXi/Chengdu University of Technology,0/30
  37. Pearl River Mouth Basin Carbonate Reservoir Diagenesis and Second Porosity Formation Mechanism of Liuhua11-1Oilfield,MaYongKun/Chengdu University of Technology,0/25
  38. The Research on Dolomite Genesis and the Sedimentary Evolution of Ordovician Majiagou Formation Ma5Submember in Daniudi Area,LuoXiangJian/Chengdu University of Technology,0/25
  39. Research on Diagenesis of Shan2Sandstone Reservoir in Northern Yulin Area in Ordos Basin,LiuZiWei/Chengdu University of Technology,0/19
  40. Research on Diagenesis and Reservoir Evaluation of Fuyang Oil Layers in Chaochang Area, Daqing Oilfield,WanHuan/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),2/47
  41. Fluid Analysis and Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation of Majiagou Formation, Yanchang Area, Ordos Basin,LiYanZuo/Northwestern University,0/118
  42. The Characteristics and Controlling Factors of Carboniferous Volcanic Reservoir in Ludong Area of Junggar Basin,KangJing/Northwestern University,0/153
  43. A Study on the Dominated Factors of P2x8in Gaoqiao Region,Zhang/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/22
  44. The Reservoir Characteristics and Controlling Factors in the chang21Oil-bearing in the East of Jiyuan Area,LiZuo/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/48
  45. Study on the Reservoir Characteristics and Enrichment Regulations of Oil and Gas Accumulation of JIV1Reservoir in Lunnan Oil Field,XuXiongFei/Chang'an University,0/33
  46. Research on the Characteristics of Low Permeability Reservoir in Chang6Oil-bearing Formation, in the Northern Part of Zhidan, in Shannxi,ZhangFeng/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/63
  47. Study on the Characteristic of Petrology and Diagenesis of the Reservoir in the4Th Member of Xu Jia He Formation in Upper Triassic of Sichuan Foreland Basin,TianZuo/Chengdu University of Technology,0/57
  48. Research on the Diagenesis and Pore Structure of Chang61Reservoir in ZJW Oil Region, Eastern Ordons Basin,WangHongJun/Northwestern University,1/134
  49. Reservoir Microcosmic Characteristics and the Impact on Percolation Property of the8th Member of Shihezi Formation in the East of Ordos Basin,KouZuo/Northwestern University,0/219
  50. Research on Reservoir Characteristics and Its Controlling to Oil in the Bottom of Yanchang Formation at the North of Pingqiao Area on Ansai,LiuPeng/Xi'an University of Petroleum,0/28

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