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  1. Study on Rare-earth Sensitized Near-infrared Luminescence for Bi Ion,TangHan/Ningbo University,0/0
  2. Study on the Detection of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells Based on Aptamers and Quantum Dots,TangJinLu/Hunan University,0/61
  3. Fabrication of Nanomaterials Based FRET Sensor and Its Application for Detection of Tumor Markers,YuJiFei/Southwestern University,0/13
  4. Leptin in human nucleus pulposus of intervertebral disc degeneration and its action mechanism,LiZheng/Beijing Union Medical College,0/33
  5. Assay and Screening Methods for Fusion Inhibitors Targeting HIV-1gp41,WangKun/Tianjin University,0/2
  6. Research on Energy Transfer and Quantum Cutting of Rare Earth Ions,YuYang/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/22
  7. Luminescence Properties Study of Near-infrared Quantum Cutting in RE/Yb3+(RE=Tm3+, Pr3+, Eu2+) Co-doped Phosphate Glasses,XuBo/Ningbo University,0/1
  8. High-voltage DC Circuit Breaker and Its Crucial Technologies,ZhangChi/Zhejiang University,0/77
  9. Research on the Dynamics and Performance of Vibration Suppresion of Nonliner Energy Sink,ZhangYeChi/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/45
  10. Research of the Sensitive Detection Methods for Microbial Toxins Based on Upconversion Nanoparticals as Labels,WuShiJia/Jiangnan University,0/696
  11. Spindle System Study of Micro-Hole Rotating Ultrasonic Vibration Drilling Machine,WangChuang/Changchun University of Science and Technology,0/3
  12. Growthing Mechanisms and Spectroscopic Properties of Rare Earth Doped Micro-/Nano-Sized Luminescence Materials,TianYue/Dalian Maritime University,0/216
  13. Polymeric Micelles for Cancer Drug Delivery in Vivo Fate and Clearance Kinetics,SunZuoZuo/Zhejiang University,0/4
  14. Study on Preparation and Optical Performance of Phosphors for White Led,ZhangHeng/Changchun University of Science and Technology,0/0
  15. Synthesis and Luminesecence Properties of Rare-earth Phosphates&Rare-earth Doped Compound Nano-materials,YangWei/Central South University for Nationalities,0/14
  16. Theoretical Study of Carbazole and Phosphine Oxide Derivatives as Ambipolar Hosts for Blue Phosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diodes,WuJie/Northeast Normal University,0/96
  17. Bi/Tm/Er Co-Doped Aluminosilicate Glass for Super Broadband Emission,Tran Minh Hau/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/40
  18. Spectroscopic Properties of Gd3+/Tb3+ Doped Oxyfluoride Glasses,ShenWeiQun/Hunan University,0/29
  19. Research on the Synthesis and Luminescent Properties of Ca3Si2O7-based Red Phosphor for Warm White LEDs with High Color Index,QianFengJiao/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,0/13
  20. Synthesis of NaYF4:Yb/Er/Gd Up-conversional Nanoparticles and Their Application in Luminescence Resonance Energy Transfer,ZhangJingPu/Northeastern University,0/12
  21. The Optimized Design, Synthesis of Novel Rhodamine, Pyrene Derivatives and Their Application in Fluorescent Probes,GongYiJun/Hunan University,0/729
  22. Novel Biosensing Technology Based on Nanomaterials,LiangManFen/Hunan University,0/55
  23. Research on Lysosome-Targetable Fluorescence Probes Based on the Naphthalimides,LiuTianYu/Dalian University of Technology,0/59
  24. Preparation of Trypsin-stabilized Gold Nanoclusters for Sensing of Sulfo-compound,ZuoFei/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/3
  25. The Preparation of Carbon Quantum Dots Fluorescence Probe and Its Application for Heavy Metal Ions Analysis,ZhaoQing/University of North,0/11
  26. Research on Novel Systems of Quantum Dot-Based Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence and Their Bioanalytical Applications,DengShengYuan/Nanjing University,0/686
  27. Optimized Hierarchical Equations of Motion Theory with Its Applications to Reaction Mechanism Study and Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopies,DingJinJin/University of Science and Technology of China,0/60
  28. Conjugated Polymers with Phosphorescent Iridium(Ⅲ) Complexes:Design,Synthesis and Their Applications,ShiHuiFang/Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications,0/47
  29. Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Lanthanide Metal–organic Coordination Polymers Based on Carboxylate Ligands,WangPing/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/817
  30. The Molecular Assembly and Biological Activity Research of Modified Cyclodextrin,YangYang/Nankai University,0/59
  31. Luminescence resonance energy chemical exonuclease III assisted signal amplification transfer system based on high sensitive detection of nucleic acids,ChenChun/Shaanxi Normal University,0/110
  32. Photophysical Properties and Light Induced Oxidative Degradation of Metalloporphyrin-arylimidazole Dyads,ZhengWei/Xiangtan University,0/34
  33. Controllable Preparation for the Supermolecular Nanostructures Based on Function-oriented Phthalocyanine and Perylene Diimide Groups,GaoJian/Jinan University,0/12
  34. Visible Light Induced C-C and C-O Bonds Formations and Mechanistic Studies,ZouYouQuan/Central China Normal University,0/1
  35. Study on optical properties of sol-gel preparation of Sm3+, Eu3+ doped TiO2 system,CaoYueZuo/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/139
  36. Study on conversion luminescent properties and mechanism of rare earth ion titanate inverse opal photonic crystals.,YanDong/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/25
  37. Study on Preparation and Luminescent Properties of Sm3+ Doped MceO3(M=Sr,Ba) Based and CeO2Based Luminescent Materials,WeiLe/Southwest University of Science and Technology,0/46
  38. MHD Simulation of Energy Transfer Across the Magnetopause,JingHao/Nanjing University of Information Engineering,0/27
  39. Study on the Size and Shape of Magnetopause in the Meridian Plane and the Energy Transfer Through Magnetopause,ZhuLinLing/Nanjing University of Information Engineering,0/9
  40. Investigation on the Energy Transfer and Luminescent Mechanism of Rare Earth/Transition Matal Ions Doped Glasses for White Led,WeiRongZuo/Zhejiang Normal University,0/67
  41. Effect of Microwave Field on Morphology Evolution and Energy Transfer of a Simultaneous Red and Blue Emission Phosphor for LEDs,WangLingChang/Tianjin University of Technology,0/0
  42. Preparation and Photoluminescence of Rare Earth Doped Borosilicale Glass with UV Conversion Performances,ZhangXueAn/Xiangtan University,0/69
  43. Preparation and Iuminescence of Single Matrix Phosphors for White Light-emitting Diodes,LiZiQiang/Hebei University,0/52
  44. The Coupling of NV Center and Energy Transfer Mechanism,LiuXiaoDi/University of Science and Technology of China,0/47
  45. Preparation and Luminescent Properties of Rare Earth Doped Gd2(WO43Phosphors,HeDongLi/Harbin Normal University,0/33
  46. Synthesis and characterization of oxides upconversion luminescent materials based on,LiLin/Northwestern University,0/0
  47. Study on Optical Properties of Chalcogenide Semiconductor Quantum Dots Doping with Rare Earth and Their Application,LiuNi/Nanjing University,0/40
  48. "Turn-on" Type Fluorescent Sensor Based on Gold Nanoparticles,YeQingQing/Anhui Normal University,0/141
  49. Design and Study on Transcutaneous Energy Transmission System Based on Class D Power Amplifiers,HuangSuiBiao/South China University of Technology,1/84
  50. Design and Research on Integrated Circuit Used in Implantable Transcutaneous Energy Transmission,GuoWenXiong/South China University of Technology,0/18

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