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  1. Toward a Feminist Discourse on American Foreign Policy,JiangZuoZuo/Shanghai International Studies University,0/202
  2. Influence of political polarization phenomenon America and its foreign policy,WangZiYun/Institute of International Relations,0/7
  3. The Mechanism of Post-war Japanese Diplomatic Decision-making and Domestic Impact Factors,ZhouYuan/Xiangtan University,0/20
  4. Pursuit of influence - during the second Berlin crisis Britain's policy to America,YuLinLin/Northwest Normal University,0/1
  5. USA on Grenada policy research 1974-1984,LiZuo/Shaanxi Normal University,0/18
  6. Influence of core America civic culture values and its foreign policy by the Clinton government during the humanitarian intervention as an example,GuoLiJuan/Shaanxi Normal University,0/243
  7. Analysis of America's "Back to Asia-pacific" Strategy since the Obama Administration,HaoYaJie/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/7
  8. Research on Gaddafi's Foreign Policy from the Perspective of Identity(1969——2011),ZhangYin/Shanxi Normal University,0/0
  9. The Analysis of Identity Factors in Iraqi Foreign Policy,LiuRuiLin/Shanxi Normal University,0/1
  10. U.S. Foreign Policy and Neoliberal Reofrms in Chile,WangGuoWei/Shandong Normal University,0/0
  11. China and Its Emerging Arctic Agenda,MaDing(Martin Kossa)/Zhejiang University,0/61
  12. On the influence of public opinion on Chinese diplomatic decision-making,ZhangXia/Foreign Service Institute,0/196
  13. Chinese Foreign Policy in Sudan from2004to2006,Bernard Rock Ekoungou Ngassaki/Central China Normal University,0/0
  14. A Comparative Study of Us and China Foreign Policy in the Horn of Africa,SAID AHMED MOHAMED/Central China Normal University,0/5
  15. American Jews' Influence on U.S-israeli Foreign Policies,KongFanYing/Tianjin Normal University,0/4
  16. The United States' Foreign Policy in Somoza Dynasty of Nicaragua(1937-1979),ZhangLing/Hubei University,0/9
  17. The Sino German relations 1933-1941,ZhangZuoHui/Shanghai International Studies University,0/33
  18. A Research on British Policy Toward the Korean War,JiYuanZuo/Harbin Normal University,0/49
  19. Alignment and Containment:on the United States' Position Regarding Rearming Western German,1949-1955,WuYu/Nankai University,0/41
  20. On Chinese media in enhancing national soft power in the role,ChenYan/Heilongjiang University,0/142
  21. Study on the territory of neighboring countries involved in the issue of a State,ZhangLingFeng/Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,0/1
  22. Study on the Legal Problems of Railway Foreign Loans in Late Qing Dynasty,LiYaoYue/East China University of Political Science,0/3
  23. Ideological Factors in American Foreign Policies toward Japanese Aggression in China from1931to1945,ZhangZuo/Xi'an International Studies University,0/8
  24. Changes in the decision-making mechanism of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Studies in Early 21st Century,HeQing/Foreign Service Institute,0/0
  25. Great Britain and the Crimean War,ShangYongQiang/Capital Normal University,0/24
  26. Opening a Breach:on U.S. Policy Toward Poland(1980-1989),LvXiangZhi/Shaanxi Normal University,0/0
  27. Role Reorientation: U.A.A. in the East Asian Order in the First Decade of the21st Century,ChengYaKe/Foreign Service Institute,0/3
  28. U.S. Foreign Policy: Regime Change after the Cold War,SunNing/Liaoning University,0/10
  29. America Asia strategy under the framework of the day peaceful relations during the Cold War,ZhaoYiDa/Yunnan University,0/166
  30. France and Genoa Conference,MaXiaMin/Capital Normal University,0/18
  31. The reason America its "open door" policy,WangWenJing/Foreign Service Institute,0/13
  32. After the cold war, Japanese foreign policy-making process research,YingJingXiuCheng/Fudan University,1/432
  33. Conservatism and Northern Territory Diplomacy in Post-War Japan,ZhangJingHan/Tianjin Normal University,0/45
  34. Effect of - the National Security Council on foreign policy and National Security Council to India as an example,CaiShuWan/Foreign Service Institute,0/439
  35. Diplomatic geopolitical environment in Vietnam since reform and opening up,LiXiYao/Yunnan University,0/49
  36. The Evolution of Saudi Toward Ameica’rs Policy and Its Reasons atfer the Cold War,ZhangYongSheng/Hebei Normal,0/54
  37. On the British Diplomacy with Germany,1919-1933,YuJian/Nanjing University,0/54
  38. Adjustment of France’s Africa Policy in the New Century,LiuXiaoWei/Central China Normal University,0/82
  39. From the Perspective of Uzbekistan’s Russian Policy Change in2005to See Reasons for Its Fluctuations in Russian Policy,ZuoZuo/East China Normal University,0/88
  40. "Vietnam Human Rights Report"(1995-2010) and the Study of United States’ Diplomatic Concept to Vietnam,LaoHuaLan/Jinan University,0/83
  41. On the Evolution of Laos Neutrality(1962-1973),PengBin/Sichuan Normal University,0/85
  42. Ideas and India’s Foreign Policy,WangFeng/Tianjin Normal University,0/90
  43. The Research of Interaction between American Public Opinion and Foreign Policy Decision,LiuYue/Jilin University,0/78
  44. A Comparative Study of Thailand’s and Lao’s Foreign Policy Change Toward China,PanFeng(Fuangfoo Panooj)/Jilin University,0/107
  45. Vietnam’s Cultural Diplomacy in the21st Century,PanChuiLing(Phan Thuy Linh)/Jilin University,0/114
  46. Britain’s Conservatism Idea and Impact on Its Diplomatic Policies after the World War Ⅱ,ShiQiaoLei/Northeast Normal University,0/122
  47. Mongolia’s "Multi-pivot" Foreign Policy after the Cold War,Ganbat Badam (BaTaMa)/Jilin University,1/93
  48. The Concept of Destiny and American Foreign Policy,YiZongTang/Henan Normal,0/182
  49. Ethics and Morality in U.S. Foreign Policies,DengHeYing/Tianjin Normal University,0/207
  50. Adjustment of the Australian policy toward China after the Cold War (1996-2012),ChenDeZuo/Foreign Service Institute,0/197

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