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  1. Abnormalities during the Resting-state Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Treatment-naive Patients with Major Depression Disorder,GuoLiLi/Shanxi Medical,0/19
  2. The Cognitive Function and Cognitive Patterns of Depression with Childhood Trauma,WuWeiZuo/Central South University,0/24
  3. Nvestigation into Mental Stress of Specific Group Based on Eeg,ZhaoWen/Lanzhou University,1/83
  4. Studies on the Modulatory Effects and Mechanisms of Iptakalim on Adult Mice Neurogenesis,YangZuo/Nanjing University,0/120
  5. Brain Activation Response to Emotional Pictures in Depressive Patients with Antidepressant Treatment:an fMRI Study,WangYan/Shanxi Medical,0/34
  6. Childhood Sexual Abuse and the Risk for Major Depression in Women,CongEnChao/Fudan University,0/169
  7. Clinical Predictors of Familial Depression in Han Chinese Women,ZhangDanNing/Shandong University,0/15
  8. Study of Gamma wave activity evoked emotional picture in depression patients and healthy people,WangShouJing/University of Electronic Science and Technology,0/52
  9. Comorbid Anxierty Symptoms Have Effect on the Treatment of Depression,WeiZuoZuo/Shandong University,0/100
  10. Association Study between Plasma Neurotrophic Factor Levels, Genetic Polymorphisms Correlated with Cognitive Function and Late Onset Depressive Patients,WangXiaoQuan/Nanjing Medical University,0/99
  11. The Association Study of TPH2Gene Polymorphism with Mood Disorder,GaoJin/Shandong University,0/102
  12. Sensorimotor Gating Study in Schizophrenia and Psychotic Major Depression Patients,XueZuoZuo/Fourth Military Medical University,0/2
  13. Molecular Genetic and Neuroimaging Studies for Genes Related to the Glutamatergic System in the Severe Mental Disorders,ChenJun/Beijing Union Medical College,0/3
  14. Genetic Susceptibility Study Onpsychiatric Disorders Based Onlarge‐Scale Sample,LiTao/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/182
  15. The Aggressive Behavior and Brain Imaging Changes in Patients with Major Depression Disorder and the Relationship with Childhood Abuse,YongNa/Chongqing Medical University,0/84
  16. A Voxel-based Morphometry and Resting-state fMRI Study on Patients with Major Depression,MaChaoQiong/University of Electronic Science and Technology,0/20
  17. The Clinical Trial on Depression Treated by Electroacupuncture of the Vagus Nerve in Auricular Conchea and Its Brain Response Monitored by fMRI,FangJiLiang/China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/75
  18. Polymorphism of Serotonin Transporter Gene Influences Core Symptoms and Treatment Response with Fluoxetine for Major Depression,ZhangZuo/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/381
  19. The Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Proteomics Study on Major Depression,MouJun/Chongqing Medical University,4/706
  20. The Level of Serum S100B and the Relationship of Gene Polymorphism and Major Depression, and Sleep Electroencephalogram Physiological Characteristics in Patients with Major Depression,YangKun/Central South University,0/406
  21. Neurodegenerative diseases associated protein alpha -synuclein and major depressive disorder protein DCNP1 the function of,LiuChao/University of Science and Technology of China,0/202
  22. Preliminary Study on the Genetic Effects and Genetic Mode of First-episode Depression, as Well as Association and Expression Study of CREB1, BDNF Gene in Major Depression,LiuXiaoHua/Fudan University,0/829
  23. The Brain Structural and Functional Mechanism of Facial Emotion Recognition in Patients with a First Episode of Major Depression,TangYanQing/Central South University,5/346
  24. Association between Polymorphism of Serotonin Transporter Gene in Major Depression and Therapeutic Response and Adverse Effect with Fluoxetine Treatment,WuLiYong/Peking Union Medical College , China,1/299
  25. Association Analysis Between Genetic Variations and Psychiatric Disorders,ZhaoZuo/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/383
  26. The Relationship between CLOCK Gene Polymorphism and Major Depression or Insomnia, and Sleep Ectroencephalogram Physiological Characteristics in Ptients with Major Depression and Insomnia,HuYiQiu/Central South University,0/479
  27. MRI Study on Brain Neuronetwork Connections in Early Onset Schizophrenia and DNA Copy Number Variations in Major Psychosis,TangJinSong/Central South University,1/275
  28. Studies of Common Psychiatric Disorders Sharing Genetic Risk,LiJunYan/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/119
  29. Association Analysis between the Norepinephrine Transporter Gene, Social Psychic Factors, Their Interaction and Major Depression,CuiXiaoHong/Shanxi Medical,0/93
  30. The Relationship of Major Depression with 5-HTT Gene Polymorphisms, Social Psychic Factors and Their Interaction Effect,LiXinRong/Shanxi Medical,1/95
  31. The Study of Personality among Different Stages of Major Depression,NiuLiang/Shanxi Medical,2/107
  32. Association between the Joint Action of Serotonin Transporter and Serotonin1A Receptor Gene and Major Depression,GuanXiaoNi/Shanxi Medical,0/68
  33. A Study of Stress Inoculation-Training in Group Therapy for Improving Coping Style of 66 Inpatients with Major Depression,MaLiHong/Suzhou University,0/93
  34. Association between the Serotonin Transporter Gene Polymorphism and Major Depression under the Controling of Social Psychic Factors,WangYanQiong/Shanxi Medical,0/63
  35. Association of T182C and G1287A Polymorphism in Norepinephrine Transporter Gene and Major Depression under the Controling of Social Psychic Factors,SunJunWei/Shanxi Medical,0/38
  36. The Executive Function of Recognition of the Positive and Negative Motion Stimulates in Depressed Patients,WangHuiFang/Shaanxi Normal University,5/310
  37. Spatiotemporal Analysis of ERP on Face Processing,ZhengNeng/First Military Medical University,0/173
  38. A Basic and Clinical Study in Comorbid Anxiety and Depression,YuanYongGui/Suzhou University,3/409
  39. Therapeutic Effect Evaluation on Soldier’s Major Depression Treated by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Medicine,CuiXueLian/Second Military Medical University,1/127
  40. An Association Study between Major Depression and Genes in the PI-3K Cascade,LiuJinLi/Shanxi Medical,0/127
  41. An Association Study between AKT1 Gene SNP and Major Depressive Disorder,ZhaoZhengZhong/Chongqing Medical University,0/46
  42. Event-related Potentials Characteristics of Patients with Major Depression Identifying Chinese Emotional Words: A Hemi-field Study,YinHuiFang/Central South University,1/77
  43. Association between the 5-HT Transmission Pathway Gene Polymorphism and Major Depression,WuYing/Shanxi Medical,1/73
  44. The Study of the Comorbidity of PTSD and MDD in Middle-school Students Who Exposed to the Zhouqu Debris Flow and Its Relationship with Psychological Resilience,LiuZuo/Lanzhou University,0/147
  45. Three-dimension MRI and Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study on Brain Micro-structural Changes in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder,LiuHaiYan/Nanjing Medical University,0/41
  46. The Clinical Research on the Relationship between TCM Syndrome Types and Peripheral Neurotransmitter of MD Patients,YangHuiMin/China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/43
  47. A Correlational Study on 5-HTTLPR/rs25531 Polymorphisms, Life Events and Major Depressive Disorder,ZhangRenYun/Tianjin Medical University,0/87
  48. Simultaneous Determination of Tyrosine, Tryptophan and 5-hydroxytryptamine Concentrations in Serum of Major Depressive Disorder Patients by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-fluorescence Detection,MuSa/Central South University,0/125
  49. fMRI-based Brain Pattern Analysis Methods and Applications,GaoWenYing/National University of Defense Science and Technology,0/140

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