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  1. Effects of SLCO1B1Gene Polymorphism on Pharmacokinetics of Repaglinide and Influence of PPAR-γ2and PTPRD Gene Polymorphisms on Pioglitazone Response,PeiQi/Central South University,0/71
  2. Research on Anti-fatigue in Exhausted-swimming Mice by Medium-chain Triglycerides,QiYang/Second Military Medical University,0/20
  3. Expression and Biological Significance of PPARγ in Cardiac Carcinoma,GeYuJun/Hebei Medical University,0/0
  4. The Research of Expression and Correlation of PPAR-α, MMP-2and TIMP-2in Lung Cancer,LiChen/Guilin Medical College,,0/31
  5. Effects of Magnetic Field on Wound Healing of Rabbit Ears,ZouJunFeng/Central South University,0/8
  6. The Influence of TGF-β1for the Expression of PPAR-β and Scar Formation of Rabbit Ears,XiaoYingYing/Central South University,0/9
  7. Rosiglitazone Attenuates Hyperlipidemic Rats with Severe Acute Pancreatitis and Pancreatitis-associated Lung Injury,BaTuEr·NiYaZi/Wuhan University,0/40
  8. The Effect of Topical Application of PPAR β/δAgonist GW0742on HSF-1Expression and Healing Rate in the Mouse Skin Wound,ZuoQiuLian/Central South University,0/1
  9. The Role and Mechanism of PPAR β Protect Heat Pre-treated Vascular Endothelial Cells from Oxidant Injury,ZhouBo/Central South University,0/64
  10. Role of cAMP Signaling in Adipocyte Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from Adipose Tissue,JiaBingBing/Zhejiang University,0/55
  11. Studies on the Mechanism of Pioglitazone in Improving Insulin Resistance of Type1Diabetic Rats,PangZuoFeng/Hunan University,0/28
  12. The Effect of Salidroside on Expression of Nrf2, γ-GCS and PPAR-γ in Kidney of Diabetic Rats,ZhangXueSong/Hebei Medical University,0/8
  13. Berberine intervention of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) molecular mechanism research,ZhangHuiQin/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/6
  14. The Protective Role of PPARα in D-GalN/LPS-induced Acute Liver Failure and Its Mechanism in the Pathogenesis,JiaoMingJing/Hebei Medical University,0/0
  15. Qianyang Jiedu Tongluo Decoction on the Role of Inflammation Mechanism in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats,JinQu/Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/2
  16. Study for Relationship between the Polymorphism of Peroxisome Proliferators-activated Receptor2(PPARγ2) and Essential Hypertension (EH) in Hui and Han Nationality of Ningxia Province, China,ZhangXiaoFu/Ningxia Medical University,0/16
  17. Chlamydia Pneumonia Disturbs Cholesterol Metabolism in Human THP-1Macrophages via NF-κB Signaling Pathway,WuQinQin/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/165
  18. The Preliminary Research on the Effect of Compound Raspberry Extract in Type2Diabetic Mice Induced by STZ,MiaoZuo/Qingdao University,0/11
  19. Acupuncture point "pulse" prevention of metabolic syndrome rat abdominal obesity and visceral fat of PPAR γ / β expression,LiZuoZuo/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/8
  20. The Pharmacodynamic Function Study of Sedum Sarmentosum Extract in Grass Carp Fatty Liver Model,WuChunYan/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/50
  21. Effects of Chlorogenic Acid on Lipid Metabolism in SD Rats on High-Sucrose-high-fat Diet,LiangXiuCi/Hunan Agricultural University,0/6
  22. Expression of Adiponectin on Adipose Tissue and Effects of Adiponectin on Intramuscular Fat of Wannanhua Pigs,TianLeiLei/Anhui Agricultural University,0/15
  23. The Development of Uterus and Fetus in Swine during Early Pregnancy and the Localization of PPAR-γ's Expression,WuShan/Hunan Agricultural University,0/3
  24. The Effect on Lipid Metabolism and Insulin Resistance of High-content DHA/EPA Triglyceride,ZhuZuoZhe/Ocean University of China,0/126
  25. Cooperative Effects of Ppar Γ Agonist and All Trans Retinoic Acid on Inducing Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells,MouZuoQin/Chongqing Medical University,0/5
  26. Study of New Non-Thiazolidinediones PPAR-Agonist,YaoShiNing/Shanghai Jiaotong University,0/16
  27. The Proliferation and Activation of Aspirin on Cultured Hepatic Stellate Cells Line T6and Related Molecular Mechanisms,WangChunJiang/Central South University,0/27
  28. Flavonoid4a From a Compound Library Promotes Neuronal Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells via PPAR-β-Mfn2-[Ca2+M Signaling,MeiYuQin/Zhejiang University,0/60
  29. The Related Research of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor-γ Expressions Induced by Curcumin in Gastric Cancer Cells SGC-7901,YuanZuo/Nanhua University,0/17
  30. The Expression of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor Alpha (PPARα) in Lung Cancer Tissue and the Inhibitory Effect of Its Agonist Fenofibrate on Growth of A549Cell Line Xenograft in Nude Mice,LiuChunNi/Guilin Medical College,,0/41
  31. The Study of Multiple Angiogenesis Regulators Associated with Gliomas,JiangMeng/Shandong University,0/218
  32. The Effect of Diet, Physical Activity and Peroxisome Proliferators Activated Receptors Gamma C161→T Polymorphism on Obesity and Serum Lipid, Glucose in School Children,LiYanRong/Fudan University,0/276
  33. The Role of Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor-γ in Asthmatic Mice Airway Remodeling,PanYuYu/Dalian Medical University,0/3
  34. Expression and Clinical Significance of PPAR-γ in the Airways Ofasthmatic Mice,ZhuBin/Dalian Medical University,0/2
  35. The Influence of Glargine Insulin, Detemir Insulin and Human Insulin in3T3-L1Adipocytes on the Expression of PPAR γ2mRNA,JiHaiTao/Shanxi Medical,0/33
  36. The Effect of PPAR-γ Pathways in T2DM Rats in Focal Cerebral Ischemia and the Intervention of Procyanidins,GuCheng/Liaoning Medical,0/34
  37. Intervention and Its Molecular Mechanism of SREBP and PPAR in SO2Treated Rats and the Diabetic Rats,GaoYingYing/Shanxi University,0/5
  38. The Effects of PPARα/γ Dual Agonist C333H on Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and the Possible Mechanism,ZhouXiaoLin/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,0/25
  39. The Study on the Role of TGF-β/Smads/CTGF Signaling Pathway in Diabetic Nephropathy and the Effect of Pioglitazone,YuZuo/Tianjin Medical University,0/266
  40. Effects of Ethanol on Expression of PPAR-A、AMPK-A1and Apoptosis in Rat Hepatoma H4-ⅡE Cells,JinMingJie/Yanbian University,0/9
  41. The Protective and Therapeutic Effects of Immunomodulaiing Peptide on Alcoholic Fatty Liver,YangHaoRan/Anhui Medical University,,0/11
  42. The Influence of Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor Gamma and Adiponectin in Liver Fibrosis,YingJie/Nanchang University,0/28
  43. Effects and Regulation Mechanisms of HO-1on Rat Liver Fibrosis and Hepatic Stellate Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis,YangHui/Shanxi Medical,0/447
  44. The Role and Mechanism of KLF4in Regulation of AT1R Expression and VSMC Proliferation,ZhangXinHua/Hebei Medical University,0/157
  45. The Activating Effects and Potential Mechanisms of Immune Complexes on Human Endothelial Cells and Monocytes,SunWenPing/Shandong University,0/123
  46. Role and Mechanism of PPAR-γ Agonist Pioglitazone in Regulating KLF4Expression in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells,SunYan/Hebei Medical University,0/19
  47. Ffect of Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase Inhibitor on Function of Endothelial Progenitor Cell,WangZhenHe/Central South University,0/118
  48. Study on the role of MKR transgenic mice with fatty liver in type 2 diabetes Zuogui hypoglycemic clean fat regulation of PPAR- alpha, CYP2E1 expression,WeiGuanDe/Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/72
  49. The Effects of Curcumin on Nuclear Factor Kappa B,Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor Gamma and BCL-2after Myocardial Infarction in Rats,KongJuan/Xinxiang Medical,0/31
  50. The Effects of Hydroxysafflor Yellow a on PPARγ Expression and Activity of Neurotoxicity Induced by Glutamate,LiuXingMiao/Tianjin Medical University,0/74

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