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  1. The Expression and Correlation of RASSF1A and Cyclina2in Intrahcpatic Cholangiocarcinoma,WuJunWei/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/3
  2. Study on the DNA Methylation Molecular Markers of Warning and Early Screening in Human Colorectal Adenocarcinoma,GuoJingJing/Luzhou Medical College,0/18
  3. Human Stool RASSF1A、RUNX3、hMLH1Gene Methylation Analysis in the Screening and Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer,JuHongYan/Hebei Medical University,0/2
  4. Promoter Methylation of RASSF1A Gene and Its Correlation with DNMT1Expression in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma,MaKui/Guilin Medical College,,0/24
  5. The Influence of B(a)P to the Methylation of p16and RASSF1A Genes in Rat Trachea-bronchia Epithelial Cells,LvXiaoLi/,0/13
  6. The Relationship between the Expression of RASSF1A and the Sensitivity to Cisplatin among A549Cell,HouYuLei/Chongqing Medical University,0/23
  7. The Effect of miR-7and miR-218on HoxB3, RASSF1A and Claudin-6Genes in Ovarian Cancer,LiQiaoYan/Central South University,0/136
  8. Research on Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis of Osteosarcoma Cells MG63Transfected by RASSF1A Gene,CaiZhi/Central South University,0/7
  9. A Study on the Correlation between TCM Syndrome Differentiations and RaSSF1A、ZO-1Gene Methylation in Human Acute Myeloid Leukemia,JingJingYan/Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/20
  10. Experiment Study on the Promoter Methylation of RASSF1A in Laryngeal Caricinoma,BieYuanZhi/Anhui Medical University,,0/17
  11. Immunohistochemical Expression and Clinical Implication of RASSF1A Gene in Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Keratosis of the Larynx,LiWanJu/Anhui Medical University,,0/24
  12. The Expression of RASSF1A Gene in Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Its Clinical Significance,ChenTanGen/Fujian Medical,0/3
  13. RASSF1A,APC,WIF-1and RNF180Protein Expression and Their Clinical Significance in Hepatocellular Carcinoma,ZhangNing/Hebei Medical University,0/7
  14. Clinical Value of RASSF1A and APC DNA Methylation in Plasma for Primary Liver Cancer,ZhaoHuiJin/Hebei Medical University,0/101
  15. The Expression and Clinical Significance of TIP30and Rassf1a in Colorectal Carcinoma,HaoYingHao/Hebei Medical University,0/40
  16. Clinical Study on the Expression of KAI-1and RASSF1A in Human Gastric Cancer,DongMingJie/Hebei Medical University,0/18
  17. Effects of RASSF1aA on MicroRNA Expression Profiles of Human Gastric Carcinoma SGC-7901Cells,ChenLin/Nanhua University,2/52
  18. Value of Promoter Hypermethylation of P16、RASSF1A and FHIT Genes in the Aid Diagnosis of Lung Cancer,JiaYaoLi/Zhengzhou University,0/30
  19. The Demethylation Effect of Arsenic Trioxide on RASSFIA Gene in DU145 Prostate Cancer Cells,NiJianFeng/Zhengzhou University,0/34
  20. Analysis of DNA Methylation of RASSF1A、DAPK Gene in Osteosarcoma from Formalin-fixed and Paraffin-embedded,ZhangZhenHua/Anhui Medical University,,0/17
  21. Effects of5-Aza-CdR on the Proliferation and RASSF1A Gene Expression of Osteosarcoma Cells MG63,XiongJun/Central South University,0/46
  22. Expression and Significance of hTERT and RASSF1A in the Direction of Nipple Areola Complex in Breast Cancer,LiuXianFu/,0/7
  23. A Research about the Promoter’s Methylation of RASSF1A and SOCS-1Gene in the Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndromes,XuJia/Shandong University,0/9
  24. The Effect of Telmisartan on the Mechamism of RASSF1A in Isoproterenol-induced Myocardial Hypertrophy in Rats,WangBoLe/Zhengzhou University,0/60
  25. Study of Expression and Correlation of RASSF1A, Cyclin D1, ER and PR in Endometrial Carcinoma,NanFangFang/Shandong University,0/302
  26. Growth Inhibition by RASSF1A Gene in Gastric Carcinoma Cell Line SGC7901 and Its Related Mechanisms,DengZhengHao/Central South University,0/177
  27. The Research on Expression and Promoter Methylation of RASSF1A Gene in Gastric-Carcinoma,LiXueYan/China Medical University,0/334
  28. Effect of the 5Aza-dc on RASSF1A Gene Demethylation in DU145 Prostate Cancer Line at Transcriptional Level,CuiJun/China Medical University,0/258
  29. Research on the Transcriptional Expression and Promoter Methylation of RASSF1A in Bladder Cancer,LiuXueFeng/China Medical University,0/227
  30. Studies on Expression and Regulated Mechanism of Four Tumor Suppressor Candidate Genes in NPC,ZhouLiang/Central South University,0/181
  31. Aberrant Methylation Status and Roles of RASSF1A in Hepatocellular Carcinoma,ZhaoQiangZi/Fourth Military Medical University,0/188
  32. Studies on Expression of RASSF1A and Promoter Methylation of Tumor Suppressor Genes in Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma,XuChengZuo/Jilin University,0/203
  33. Investigation on the Effect of Querectin on Bladder Cancer Cell,MaLi/Lanzhou University,1/194
  34. Human lung RASGRF2 and FBN2 aberrant methylation of genes,ChenHong/Chongqing Medical University,0/117
  35. RASSF1A gene through the regulation of apoptosis , cell cycle and AKT / mTOR signaling pathway inhibition mechanism of melanoma A375 cells research,YiMei/Central South University,0/362
  36. Study on Abnormal Methylation of Several Tumor Suppressor Genes in Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma,FuChunLi/Beijing Union Medical College,0/103
  37. Studies on the Microarray Platform for Typography Technique and Methylation-specific Oligonucleotide Microarray,LiWen/Central South University,0/63
  38. The RASSF1A gene microsatellite variation and HPV_ (16) infection and cervical cancer development relationship,YanJie/Shanxi Medical,0/23
  39. Study on the Promoter Hypermethylation of RASSF1A in Hepatocellular Carcinoma,HuLang/Guangxi Medical University,0/70
  40. Experimental Study of Promotor Hypermethylation Profiles of RASSF1A Gene Families in Bladder Carcinoma,WangZuoZuo/Tongji University,0/86
  41. Effect of 5-Aza-2’-deoxycytidine on Biological Behaviors of Human Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF-7,HuZhiLi/Nanhua University,0/77
  42. Research of Transcriptional Expression and Promoter Methylation of Tumor Suppressor Gene in Lung Carcinoma,YuZongTao/Nanhua University,1/333
  43. Effect of 5-Aza-2’-deoxycytidine on Human Gastric Carcinoma Cell Lines with Analysis of Suppressive Role of RASSF1A Gene,LiuLiang/Nanhua University,0/113
  44. Research of CpG Island Methylation Status of NIS and RASSF1A Gene Promoter in Papillary Thyroid Carcinomas,TangJianDong/Zhengzhou University,0/82
  45. Study on Methylation of RASSF1A Gene Promoter in Uigur Cervical Carcinoma,LiJun/Shihezi University,0/45
  46. The Study of Expression of RASSF1A and Survivin Genes in the Non-small Cell Lung Cancer and the Clinical Significance,ShengZengMei/Central South University,0/50
  47. RASSF1A gene in hepatocellular carcinoma and in rats,ZhouXiaoJun/Suzhou University,0/66
  48. RASSF1A Promoter Region CpG Methylation in Nephroblastoma,ZhangBaoXin/China Medical University,0/70
  49. Clinical Study of the Methylation Status of RASSF1A Promoter and Its Clinical Significance in Primary Lung Cancer,ZhangHui/Beijing Tuberculosis and Thoracic Tumor Research Institute,0/100
  50. The Promoter Methylation and Protein Expression of RASSF1A Gene in the Young Patients with Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Gastric Cardia Adenocarcinoma,WuHuiFang/Zhengzhou University,0/83

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