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  1. Telomere Shortening and P53Activation in the Cochlea of Aging Rats,WangPengJun/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/3
  2. The Molecular Epidemiologic Investigation in Association Among Chromosome Instability, Breast Cancer Suscetability and Prognostic Factors,HuMingBai/Wuhan University,0/14
  3. Association between Telomere Length and Colorectal Cancer Risk,SunZuoZuo/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/7
  4. Study of telomerase gene mutations in acute myeloid leukemia, telomerase, telomere overhang length change,YanSiYi/Beijing Union Medical College,0/5
  5. β-arrestin1Regulate CD34+CD38-CD19+Cell Aging in Vivo,LiuZuo/Chongqing Medical University,0/6
  6. Expression of TRF1and TRF2mRNA and Protein in the Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells of Patients with Primary Gouty Arthritis,ZhangMengYun/North Sichuan Medical College,0/6
  7. Association Analysis between Genetic Variation in TERC, Telomere Length and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease,SunJing/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/4
  8. The Role of p21Loss in Cellular Senescence and Tumorigenesis Induced by Telomeric DNA Damage,SiXiaoYu/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/247
  9. The Intervention and Mechanism of Uncoupling Protein2on Telomere-dependent Senescence Induced by Mitochondrial Oxidative Damage,GuoZuo/,0/25
  10. Study on the Correlation between Telomere Length of Peripheral Leukocytes and Aging in Health Population,ZhuShuYing/,0/53
  11. Pluripotency Comparison of ntESCs and iPSCs Derived from Terc-/- Mice,LeRongRong/China Agricultural University,0/5
  12. Mechanism of Angelica Sinensis Polysaccharide to Regulate Hematopoietic Stem Cell Senescence,ZhangXianPing/Chongqing Medical University,0/98
  13. Age Estimation Based on the TRFs&Mathematicai Modeling for Panax Ginseng C.A.Mey,ChengChunSong/,0/8
  14. Studies on the Length of Telomere,the Expression Levels of Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase (hTERT) and Human Telomerase Associated Protein1(hTP1) with Chronic Aplasic Anemia and the Relationship between Them and Chinese Dialectical Typing,LiWeiWei/Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/32
  15. Telomere Reprogramming Mechanism During Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Generation,JiGuangZhen/Nankai University,0/16
  16. Study on dye and small molecule drugs and human telomeric DNA interaction,JiangYuanYuan/Nanjing Normal University,0/62
  17. A Study on the Role of OTUB1, a Novel TPP1Interacting Protein, in Telomere Length Regulation,WangDan/Sun Yat-sen University,0/79
  18. Preparation and Physical and Chemical Properties Study of Functional Domain of Yeast Telomerase RNA,XieYan/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/27
  19. Mutation Detection in Gene DKC1Responsible for Dyskeratosis Congeita and Telomere Length in Patients with Dyskeratosis Congenita,LiuXiang/Southern Medical University,,0/19
  20. Mitochondrial Translocation of Telomerase in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells with Multidrug Resistance,WenLei/Third Military Medical University,0/85
  21. Study of the Early Warning Model for Lung Cancer Based on Data Mining,WangNa/Zhengzhou University,0/433
  22. Application of Tumor Markers in the Prediction and Prewarning System of Lung Cancer Based on Data Mining Technique,TanShanJuan/Zhengzhou University,0/148
  23. The Analysis of Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase mRNA Expression and Changes of Telomere Length in Multiple Myeloma,DuYuFeng/Dalian Medical University,0/3
  24. Role of Pot1 in tumor and normal cell chromosome end protection and its significance in the treatment of cancer,MaHangHang/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,1/79
  25. Effect of Human Telomerase RNA Template Site-mutants on Cancer Cell Lines Bcap-37,WeiJingHang/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/15
  26. The Mechanism of TERT Protecting the Chromosome Ends in Tumor Cells,YangPingXun/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,0/130
  27. Changes of Telomere and Telomerase Activity in Patients with Aplastic Anemia,SongJiaYin/Southern Medical University,,0/2
  28. Study of the Relationship between Telomere Abnormality and Aplastic Anemia,WangZuo/Tianjin Medical University,0/16
  29. A Molecular Epidemiology Study on the Associations between the Telomerase Polymorphisms and Genetic Susceptibility of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia,ShengXiaoJing/Nanjing Medical University,0/178
  30. The Correlation between Telomeres and Structure Reconstruction in Heart Failure,FuLi/,0/85
  31. Investigation on the Buccal Telomere Length for the Zhuang Long-Lived Families from Guangxi Bamaarea,LuoXiaoQiu/Guangxi Medical University,0/31
  32. Different types of adult stem cells to DNA damage response,ZhangJunLing/Beijing Union Medical College,0/124
  33. Telomease-mediated Telomere Elongation in Human Embryonic Stem Cells (HESCs)&Pathological Changes in HER2Transgenic Mice,ZengSiCong/Central South University,0/8
  34. The Experimental Study on Effects of Low-intensity Laser on the Length of Telomere DNA,HuangLing/Guangxi Medical University,0/48
  35. Effects of Chronic Laser Stimulation on Human Aging-related Indicators,TangGang/Third Military Medical University,0/5
  36. Effects of Potassium Dichromate on Telomere Length and the Expressions of TRF1and TRF2,WangZuoZuo/Zhengzhou University,0/133
  37. SSR and Sex Chromosomes Studies on Mastacembelus Aculeatus and Liobagrus Marginatoides,WangBoPing/Wuhan University,0/44
  38. Rapid Propagation of Ancient Trees and the Relationship Between Tree Age and Telomere Length,ZhengGuangShun/Beijing Forestry University,0/63
  39. Cloning of Telomere Associated Sequence and Establishment of Chromosome Specific FISH Markers in Chinese Cabbage,LiJiuHuan/Agricultural University of Hebei,0/47
  40. Isolation and Determination Technique of Broccoli Telomerase,LiuHongYan/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/43
  41. Insights into the Biomedical Effects of Carboxylated Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes on Telomerase and Telomeres,ChenYong/Jilin University,0/189
  42. Study on Positive Charge Modified Label-free Oligonucletide Fluorescence Probe and Its Application on Anti-tumor by Traditional Chinese Medicine,ZhangZhe/Jilin University,0/179
  43. Research on the Relativity between Telomere and PA of Middle-aged Women and the Effect of Ten-thousand Footsteps Walking Intervention,WangYan/Beijing Sport University,0/95
  44. Function of WIP1in Stem Cell Aging and Bone Marrow Failure Caused by Telomere Dysfunction,YiWeiWei/Hangzhou Normal University,0/23
  45. The Anti-cancer Strategy Mechanism Study of Targeting Telomere G-quadruplex,ChenChangYue/Wuhan University,0/101
  46. Culture of Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Human Peripheral Blood and Their Characteristics,WangXiaoBin/Nanjing Medical University,1/196
  47. Transformation of human telomerase gene bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and its cellular characteristics,HuangGuoPing/Zhejiang University,0/127
  48. PinX1 biological function in the telomere / telomerase regulation and tumor,ZhangBin/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,0/258
  49. Mechanisms and Biological Significances of the Regulation of hTERT Nucleolar Localization,JinRui/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,0/165
  50. The Effect and Mechanism of Antisense Tankyrase Oligonucleotide Combined Antisense Human Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase Oligonucleotide on Telomere in Human Lung Adenocarcinoma A549 Cells,LuHongDa/Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/180

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