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  1. Expression of Fibroblast Growth Factor1(FGF-1) in Breast Cancers and Study on Anti-tumor Targets,WangWei/Northeast Normal University,0/1
  2. Construction and Expression of Human-mouse Chimeric Antibody Against Hantanvirus Eukaryotic Expression Vectors,ZhangXiaoXiao/Fourth Military Medical University,0/72
  3. Study on the treatment of human mouse chimeric anti Toxoplasma IgM antibody detection control material development and the establishment of microRNA-146a transfer method based on virus like particles and in systemic lupus erythematosus,PanYang/Beijing Union Medical College,0/47
  4. The Structured and Expressed of the Porcined Antibody as Well as the Detection of the Activity of the Recombinant Protein,JiangFuCheng/Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University,0/36
  5. Experimental Study on Irradiation Combined with Targeted Therapy,ZhangMing/Hebei Medical University,0/79
  6. Study on the Construction and Expression of Recombinant Gene Encoding Anti-human CD19 Human-Mouse Chimeric Antibody (Hm2E8),XuWeiQun/Zhejiang University,0/142
  7. Tumor-Targeted Gene Expression Profile and Effect of Induction of Tumor Cells Apoptosis Mediated by Gene Engineering Antibody Against-TfR,YeQing/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/127
  8. Studies on Active Targeting Liposomes Directed by Chimeric TNT-3 Monoclonal Antibody,PanHong/Fudan University,0/497
  9. Cloning and Sequencing of Variable Region Genes of Rat Monoclonal Antibody Against HTV, Expression of Rat-human Chimeric Heavy Chain Antibody Specific for HTV in Mouse Myeloma Cell and Construction of ScFv Gene Displayed on the Surface of Phage,ChengWeiQing/Fourth Military Medical University,0/71
  10. Researches of New Techniques of Nuclear Medicine in Tumor,XuMin/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/150
  11. The Construction and Expression of Engineering Antibody Chimeric Fab Rat Against Human CD2,JiGang/Fourth Military Medical University,0/98
  12. Experimental Research of Immunological Prevention and Therapy of Colorectal Cancer,ZhaoZeGuo/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/105
  13. Research of Mechanism of Antigen Recognition of γδT Cells-Construction of CDR3δ-chimeric Antibody and Its Antigen Recognition Specificity and Screening and Identification of B Cell Epitopes of SARS Cov Using Synthetic Overlapping Peptide Library,HuHongBo/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/90
  14. The Construction and Eukaryotic High-level Expression of Anti-human VEGF165 Mouse/human Chimeric Antibody,RanYuZuo/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/111
  15. Experimental Study on Immunotherapy of Ovarian Epithelial Carcinoma,YangGuang/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/137
  16. Anti-CD20 chimeric antibody fragment F ( ab \\ ' ) _2,ZhengMengJie/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/42
  17. Reconstruction of Anti-CD20 Monoclonal Antibody with Computer-aided Molecular Modeling Design,WangYuGang/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,1/148
  18. The Initial Research of the Preparation of Humanized Mouse Anti-human cTnI Antibody,LiZuoZuo/Nanjing Medical University,0/178
  19. Humanization of Mab SM5-1 and the Anti-tumor Effects in Vitro and Vivo,KouGeng/Second Military Medical University,0/157
  20. Humanization of Monoclonal Antibody Against Chikungunya Virus and Study on the Mammalian Cell High Productive Expression,LiJianMin/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,0/147
  21. Research of Anti-hTNF-α Chimeric Antibody Affinity Maturation in Vitro,LinZhou/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,2/152
  22. The Construction and Expression of Engineering Antibody Chimeric IgG and Chimeric Fab Against Human Hepatoma,XingJinLiang/Fourth Military Medical University,1/174
  23. Construction of Eukaryotic Vectors for the Expression of Full-length Humanized Antibody and Surface Reshaping Antibody rCAb1,YangXiangMin/Fourth Military Medical University,0/340
  24. Construction, Expression and Identification of Anti-CD45 Mouse/Human Chimeric Antibody,ZhuZhiGang/Southern Medical University,,0/276
  25. Humanization of an Anti-platelet GPIbα Monoclonal Antibody and Identification of a Novel Active Small Molecule Based on GPIbα Structure,YangJianFeng/Suzhou University,1/100
  26. The Structural Biology Research of E. Coli TrmB and Anti-ErbB2 Antibody chA21,ZhouZuoZuo/University of Science and Technology of China,0/85
  27. 1.PiggyBac Transposon Based Genome-wide Screen Identify ARPC1B in Pancreatic Cancer Metastasis 2.The Humanization of of Anti-Aβ Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Against Alzheimer’s Disease,ChangDe/Beijing Union Medical College,0/47
  28. Research about Anti-CD71 mAb Conjugate’s Targeted Anti-tumor Effects and the Genetic Analysis of Vκ Chains of Its Hybridoma.,YangJuan/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/51
  29. The Study on the Biological Character of the Anti-CD20 Engineered Antibodies,GengShuSheng/Hebei University,1/74
  30. Construction and Expression of Human-Mouse Chimeric Antibody Against Human CD86 and Characterization of Its Biological Function,HuLingLing/Suzhou University,1/57
  31. Construction, Expression and Primary Biological Function of Mouse-Human Chimeric Antibody Against CD80,XuYaoZuo/Suzhou University,0/46
  32. Research on the nature of the biological effects of anti-Aβ monoclonal humanized transformation,ZhangJianHua/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/70
  33. Construction of Eukaryotic Vector and Expression of Human/mouse Chimeric Anti-body Against rh-bFGF,LiHongQing/Jinan University,0/84
  34. Development of a Human-Mouse Chimeric Antibody Anti-GPⅡb/Ⅲa,YangYongChang/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,0/65
  35. Preliminary Study of Therapeutic Antibody Against Bacillus Anthracis,LiBing/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,0/70
  36. Construction of Transfer Vectors Containing Anti-CD28 Single Chain Antibody and Chimeric Antibody Genes and Expression of the ScFv in BmN Cell,ZhuYan/Suzhou University,0/75
  37. Construction and Expression of Human-Mouse Chimeric Antibody Against Human CD40 and Characterization of Its Biological Function,ZuoQiuXia/Suzhou University,0/87
  38. Construction and Eukaryotic High-level Expression of Anti-human erbB2 Mouse/human Chimeric Antibody for Adjuvant Therapy of Ovarian Carcinoma,ZhongYanPing/Guangxi Medical University,0/120
  39. Expression of the Chimeric Antibody Fab’ Against CD44 in E.coli,WangWeiQiang/Peking Union Medical College , China,0/38
  40. Construction, Expression and Characterization of Anti-CD20 Chimeric Monoclonal Antibody,ShiMingLei/Academy of Military Medical Sciences,0/105
  41. Construction and Expression of Genetically Engineered Antibodies to Human Lipocalin-type Prostaglandin D Synthase,ZhuGuoHua/Nanjing Normal University,0/102
  42. Cloning and Expression of Anti-CD3 Human/Murine Chimeric Antibody in Pichia Pastoris,LuoLin/Jilin University,0/77
  43. Construction and Expression of Mouse-human Chimeric Anti-human Melanoma Antibody,FengLei/Fourth Military Medical University,0/50
  44. Expression of Full-length Mouse/Human Chimeric Antibody Against Hantaan Virus in Arabidopsis Thaliana and Study on Its Immunological Properties,ZhouWei/Fourth Military Medical University,0/24
  45. Construction and Expression of a Human-mouse Chimeric Antibody Against Candida Albicans,ZhouLanHua/Fourth Military Medical University,0/47
  46. Construction and Characterization of a High-affinity Humanized CD34 Monoclonal Antibody,WangLing/Second Military Medical University,0/215
  47. Mass-scale Purification and Quality Control of a Single-chain Chimeric Anti-ErbB2 Antibody,FuZuo/University of Science and Technology of China,0/84
  48. Preparation of Chimeric Antibody Against Human B7-1 and Research of Its Biological Function,WangYanRu/Suzhou University,0/34
  49. Preparation of Chimeric Antibody Against Human B7-2 Molecule and Analysis of Its Biological Effects,LiuYuHua/Suzhou University,0/33
  50. Bioprocess Development for the Production of a Mouse-human Chimeric Anti-EGFRvⅢ Antibody C12 Expressed by CHO-C12 Cells in Suspension Culture,HuSuWen/East China University of Science and Technology,0/123

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