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  1. Protective Effects and Potential Mechanisms of Cyclovirobuxine D against Doxorubicin-induced Cardiotoxicity,GuoZuo/Chongqing Medical University,0/39
  2. Synthesis, Characterizaiton and Preclinical Studies of a Novel Doxorubicin Prodrug PEG-DOX,GouPengFei/Zhejiang University,0/129
  3. Experimental study of inhibitory effect of Danshen injection combined with adriamycin on human breast cancer xenografts in nude mice,LvYu/Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/1
  4. Preparation of Hepatocarcinoma Targeted Doxorubicin and Its Application Both in Vitro and in Vivo,MengJiao/East China Normal University,0/36
  5. Effect of Transcatheter Intraarterial Therapies on the Distribution of Doxorubicin in Liver Cancer in a Rabbit Model,DongXiangJun/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/2
  6. Ca2+ Selectively Enhances Doxorubicin-induced Apoptosis in Human Hepatoma Cells and Its Mechanism,LiuYanYi/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/2
  7. Co-delivery of Trx1shRNA and Doxorubicin by Folate-conjugated Cationic Liposome for the Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma,LiWenJie/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/4
  8. Transcatheter Arterial Injection of SPIO-NS/Doxorubicin/PVA Treatment of Rabbit VX2Liver Tumor Efficacy Study,LiZhen/Central South University,0/5
  9. Anticancer Effects of Ac-Phe-Lys-PABC-Doxorubicin via Mitochondria-centered Intrinsic Apoptosis Involving Reactive Oxidative Stress and ERK1/2Signling Pathway,ZhongYanJun/Wuhan University,0/9
  10. Novel Prodrug of Doxorubicin PDOX Anti-tumor Efficacy and Toxicity Study,ShaoLiHua/Wuhan University,0/4
  11. Study on Graphene Oxide Loaded with Doxorubicin and Effect of Graphene Oxide Loaded with Doxorubicin on Multiple Myeloma Cell,WuShaoLing/Shandong University,0/123
  12. Clinical Curative Effect Observation of Slow-release Local Chemotherapy with Doxorubicin Hydrochloride in the Glioma,FangLiRen/Guilin Medical College,,0/16
  13. Screening of Tumor Biomarkers and Application of Specilic Targeting Liposomes for Malignant Disease,WangLiNa/Nankai University,0/41
  14. The Role of Bradykinin Receptor-mediated NO Signaling Pathway in Ovarian Cancer,ChenLiYun/Hebei Medical University,0/0
  15. Inhibiting Effects of Tamoxifen Alone and the Combination with Doxorubicin on the Human Osteosarcoma Cell Line MG-63,OuYangZhengXiao/Central South University,0/2
  16. Effect of Thymoquinone Combined with Doxorubicin on the Growth Inhibition of Osteosarcoma in Vitro and in Vivo,ChenFeiYu/Central South University,0/3
  17. Effect of SM-164Combined with Doxorubicin on Proliferation、Apoptosis and Cell Cycle in Human Osteosarcoma HOS Cell Line,YangZuoXu/Nanchang University Medical College,0/36
  18. The Effect and Molecular Mechanism of Tumor-associated Macrophages on Drug Resistance of Breast Cancer,LiHongZhong/Chongqing Medical University,0/270
  19. The Effects of microRNA-155on the Biological Behaviour of4T1Cells and Relevant Mechanisms,ZhangZhengZuo/Hebei Medical University,0/2
  20. Anp32a Knockdown Suppressed Doxorubicin-induced Cardiomyocyte Apoptosis via Deregulating JNK/P38MAPKs Activity in Vitro,GaoZhiMing/Nanchang University Medical College,0/10
  21. Multifunctional Ultrasound Contrast Agents for Multi-mode Imaging and Therapy of Metastasis in Lymph Nodes,NiuChengCheng/Chongqing Medical University,0/78
  22. Protective Effect of MIPU1on Doxorubicin-induced Apoptosis in HEK293Cells,ShiChunLi/Central South University,0/4
  23. MRI Research for Multifunctional SPIO-NS/Doxorubicin/PVA Complex on Rabbit VX2Tumor TACE Model,BiSi/Central South University,0/1
  24. The Application of Starch Microspheres in Medicament,ShenXiaoLing/Dalian University of Technology,0/3
  25. Synthesis and Anti-tumor Activity Evaluation of Folate Targeted IgG Conjugated Doxorubicin in Vitro,XuLing/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/11
  26. Preparation and Initial Investigation of TAT-doxorubicin Magnetic Liposomes,HuangXiangHua/Anhui University of Chinese Medicine,0/16
  27. Preparation and Application of Carboxymethyl Dextran-coated Magnetoliposomes,GuoHongYan/Central South University,0/16
  28. Preparation and Research of a Gene and Drug Co-delivery System,GuanXiuWen/Changchun University of Science and Technology,0/13
  29. The Construction, Drug Loading and Release Behaviors of OEGMA-based Environmental-responsive Nanogels,ChenWei/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/10
  30. RHSA-SS-PCL Nanocarriers for Cancer Drug Delivery:Synthesis, Characterization and Anticancer Studies,ShangHongHua/Zhejiang University,0/6
  31. Chitosan-PLGA Nanocarrier Systems for Hydrolytic Erosion and Drug Release,MaFangKui/Ocean University of China,0/408
  32. Multifunctional Dendrimer-based Dual Drug Delivery System:Preparation, Characterization and Synergetic Chemotherapy of Cancer,ZhengZuo/Donghua University,0/52
  33. Self-assembly Supramolecular Nanoparticles(SNPs) as Immunotherapy and Small Molecular Anticancer Drug Delivery System for Cancer Therapy,LiYongBin/Zhejiang University,0/4
  34. Effects of DMSA-Fe2O3@DOX Nanoconjugate on Tumor HepG2Cells,HuGuoWei/Qilu Industrial University,0/1
  35. Studies on the association behavior of magnetic surface active agents and drug loading property,XieQiuLan/Yangzhou University,0/22
  36. Preparation and Properties of Fluorescent Microtubes Based on Polyoxometalates,YuXia/Northeast Normal University,0/15
  37. Study on the Synthesis of Upconversion Nanoparticles and Their Application in Drug Delivery and Imaging,JiaXueKun/Hunan University,0/80
  38. Preparation and Study of Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticle for Targeting Thermo-chemo Therapy of Cancer,LuoSan/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/1
  39. A Screen of Digoxin Derivative with Cardiotonic Function,LiChangWei/Zhengzhou University,0/13
  40. The Pharmacokinetic Mathematical Model Study of Doxorubicin in Situ Gel in the Tumor of Colorectal Cancer,ShenNing/Hebei University of Science and Technology,0/32
  41. Effects of NO Signal Pathway Medicated by Bradykinin Receptor in Doxorubicin-induced Cardiomyopathy in Mice,XieKeRang/Hebei Medical University,0/20
  42. Research on Brain Glioma-targeting Liposomal Drug Delivery System,LvQing/Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/63
  43. The Studies of Pharmacologic Effect of Combined Berberine with Doxorubicin,TongNanNan/Southwestern University,0/15
  44. Studies on the Construction and in Vitro Anti-tumor Efficiency of Multifunctional PAMAM-DOX Conjugates Drug Delivery System,HuQing/Suzhou University,0/36
  45. Metallothionein Prevents Doxorubicin-induced Cardiotoxicity via JAD-STAT Pathway in Cardiomyocytes,RongJing/Henan University,0/66
  46. Investigation of the Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Doxorubicin-induced Cardiotoxicity,ZengHuiAi/Central South University,0/81
  47. T7-mediated Brain Glioma-targeting Nano-scaled Co-delivery System,LiuShuHuan/Fudan University,0/161
  48. Design,Synthesis and the Multy Drug Resistance Reversal Mechenism of a Novel Anthracyclines Drug, Azide Doxorubicin (Adox),YuShuWen/Shandong University,0/591
  49. Preparation and Evaluation of Two Tumor Targeted Liposomal Chemotherapeutic Agents,HuangZuoFei/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/531
  50. Preparation of PH-sensitive Doxorubicin-folate Conjugates and Its Antitumor Activity in Vitro,YeWeiLiang/Fourth Military Medical University,0/227

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