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  1. The Research of Protection of Synthetic HA2Peptide and Recombinant M2e Protein of Avian Influenza Virus,HeZuoZuo/Anhui Agricultural University,0/17
  2. Study of Two Tyrosinases from the Trematode Schistosoma Japonicum,LiNaNa/East China University of Science and Technology,0/4
  3. Comparisons of Biological Characteristic between Recombinant Marek's Disease Virus and Its Mutant Strains,SuShuai/Shandong Agricultural University,0/52
  4. Immunologic Enhancement of Electroproration and Polysaccharide Isolated from the Stem of Physalis Alkekengi L. as the Adjuvant of DNA Vaccine,ZhengQuan/Northeast Normal University,0/2
  5. Study on a Novel Virulent Factor Streptococcus Pneumonia Hypothetical Protein Spd0414and the Protective Effect as a Candidate Protein Vaccine,DongJie/Chongqing Medical University,0/26
  6. The Research of DNA Vaccine and Recombinant Adenovirus Vaccine Based on NcSRS2-NcGRA7Fusion Gene of Neospora Caninum,JiaLiJun/Yanbian University,0/102
  7. Immunologic Enhancement of Polysaccharide Isolated from the Fruit of Physalis Alkekengi L. as the Adjuvant of DNA Vaccine,YangHuiMin/Northeast Normal University,0/18
  8. The Application of ISCOM in Marine Fish,HuangDianSheng/Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,0/34
  9. Studies on the Pathogens and Immune Protection of Skin Ulcer of Cynoglossus semilaevis,YaoZhiXian/Jimei University,0/91
  10. Recombinant IFN Up-regulates the Expression of Interferon System Genes in Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon Idellus),YuXinJian/Nanchang University,0/1
  11. Screening, Identification and Immunological Characteirstics of Mimotopes from OmpU Antigen of Vibrio mimicus,ZuoJunYu/Anhui Agricultural University,0/7
  12. Generation of Flavobacterium Columnare Ghosts by Lysis Gene Mediated Inactivation and the Potential as Vaccine Candidates Against Infection in Grass Carp,ZhuWenXing/Shandong Normal University,0/126
  13. Construction and Immune Responses of the Tandemed Gene of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus VP2and Chicken Complement C3D,MaJinRong/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/3
  14. Cloning and Expression of ADF Gene of Eimeria Tene Lla Yl Strain and Its Immune Protetc Ion in Chickens,HuangNi/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/48
  15. Construction of DNA Vaccine Bearing S1Gene and M Gene of Chicken Infectious Bronchitis Virus and Evaluation of Its Immune Efficacy,YuJingZuo/Northeast Agricultural University,0/69
  16. Experimental Study of Bama Miniature Pig Vaccinate by Typical Strains of PRRS,LiLianFeng/Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University,0/25
  17. Isolation and Characterization of Haemophilus Parasuis and Propolis Vaccine Immune Protection Effect Research,ZhongZuo/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/87
  18. Study on the Safety Inspection and Immunoprotection of Eimeria F2,An Attenuated Vaccine Strain,TaoDong/Jilin Agricultural University,0/14
  19. Screening Brucella Diagnostic Antigen and the Protection Assessment and Construction of Prpa Genetic Marker Vaccine Strain,LiXianBo/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/34
  20. Cloing、Expression and Evaluation of Caspase9of Schistosomiasis Japonicum,WangFei/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/4
  21. Cloning,Expression and Characteristics of Phosphoglycerate Kinase of Schistosomiasis Japonicum,HuangLiNi/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/9
  22. The Prokaryotic Expression and Immune Characteristic Analysis of Predicted B Cell Epitope in SS2MRP and sspA,WuLiZhi/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/70
  23. The Construction of Efficient Expression System of α and ε Toxins of Clostridium Perfringens and Their Immune Protection Study,LuTianFen/Shandong Agricultural University,1/84
  24. Construction and Immunoprotection of DNA Vaccine Based on p43and p53Gene of Trichinella Spiralis in Mice,PangYu/Northeast Agricultural University,0/16
  25. Rescue and Immunogenic Evaluation of Attenuated Vaccine Candidate from A/California/07/2009,DuanYueQiang/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/39
  26. Immunological Studies of the Recombinant Lactic Acid Bacteria Anchoring NDV Hn Protein,SunJingXiu/Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University,2/48
  27. The Multiple Clone Composition and Its in Vivo Evolution of the EIAV Vaccine Gp90 Gene are Correlated with the Induction of Protective Immunity,MaJian/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,2/88
  28. Cloning of Helicobacter Pylori omp22, hpaA and omp22-hpaA Fusion Gene and Evaluation of Immune Protective Efficacy of Their Expression Products,HuangXueYong/Zhengzhou University,0/230
  29. Studies on the Role of Mosquitoes-birds-mosquitoes Cycle in the Transmission of West Nile Virus,ZhangXiaoLong/PLA Military Academy of Medical Sciences,1/120
  30. Study on Preparation and Immunization of Helicobacter Pylori Microsphere Vaccine,WangYiChao/Third Military Medical University,0/209
  31. Effects of Environmental Stress, Chinese Herb Medicine and Gene Transfer on the Non-specific Immune Functions of Fish,WangWenBo/Institute of Hydrobiology,3/986
  32. H9 subtype avian influenza virus anti-idiotype antibodies developed its preliminary analysis of immunogenicity,LiBaoQuan/Shandong Agricultural University,1/302
  33. Development of Engineering Vaccines Based on Protective Antigens 45W-4B and TSO18 from Taenia Solium Oncosphere,LuoXueNong/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,8/164
  34. Complementary DNA Gene Cloning, Expression and Protective Immunity in Goats of H11 Antigen from Haemonchus Contortus,YanRuoFeng/Nanjing Agricultural College,5/223
  35. Studies on Pilot Production and Efficacy of DNA Vaccine for Taenia Solium Cysticercosis,GuoZuoJun/Second Military Medical University,1/122
  36. The Immunotherapeutic Effect of Dendritic Cell Vaccine Modified with IFN-γ Inducible Protein-10 Gene and Tumor Cell Lysate on Mice with Prostate Cancer,LiBo/Fudan University,0/125
  37. Experimental Studies on Multicomponent Fusion Vaccine of Helicobacter Pylori,YuanXiaoPeng/Third Military Medical University,3/105
  38. Cloning of Helicobacter Pylori Omp11 and lpp20 Gene, and Evaluation of Immunogenicity and Protective Effecacy of Their Protein Products,ZhangRongGuang/Zhengzhou University,2/128
  39. The Immune Modulation of Auto Anti-Idiotypic Antibody of PRRSV,JiangZhengJun/Quartermaster University of PLA,7/348
  40. Construction of Recombinant Fowlpox Virus Expression Glycoprotein I of Marek’s Disease Virus and Immune Protection Effect,ChenZhiLin/Yangzhou University,0/117
  41. Schistosoma Japonicum: Studies on Mucosal Immunization with Recombinant Vaccines and Cloning of Novel Genes,HuangFuShen/Central South University,1/123
  42. Sequence Analyses of Envelope Glycoprotein Genes of Chinese Isolates of Canine Distemper Virus and Immune Effect Induced by DNA Vaccine,XuXiangMing/Yangzhou University,5/437
  43. NDV F gene expression and infectious laryngotracheitis virus gB recombinant fowl pox virus and its immune efficacy studies,ZhiHaiDong/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,1/237
  44. Avian Colibacillosis in Some Regions in China: Its Epidemiology,Immune Protection Mechanism and Pathogenic Synergism with MPAIV,GaoZuo/Yangzhou University,1/794
  45. The Fusion Protein Gene of Newcastle Disease Virus Strain F48E8:Sequence Analysis and Expression by a Recombinant Fowlpox Virus,WuYanTao/Yangzhou University,6/133
  46. Immune Protection of the Cocktail DNA Vaccine Against Toxoplasma Gondii,LinJie/Fujian Medical,0/70
  47. Moleular Identincation of Roundworms from Eight Wild Animals, Expression of Antigen Genes from Baylisascaris Schroderi and Ascaris Lumbricoides and Immunization with Recombinant Antigens Induces Protection Against Roundworms after Vaccination in Mice,HeGuangZhi/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/134
  48. Construction of Immune-Enhancing DNA Vaccine of Chicken Infectious Bronchitis and Study on Their Immune Protection Mechanism,WangHeng/Northeast Agricultural University,5/263
  49. Construction and Immunoprotection of Recombinant Mycobacterium Bovis BCG Expressing Rhomboid Gene Against Eimeria Tenella Challenge,WangQiuYue/Jilin University,3/235
  50. Toxoplasma metabolic secretion and surface antigen epitope of a protein,WangYanHua/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/157

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