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  1. Gene Transfection and Biocompatibility Comparison of Dendrimers with Four Kinds of Amino-modified,SuYunZhang/East China Normal University,0/36
  2. A Study on the Role of Folic Acid in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Prevention and its Molecular Mechanism,ZhuXiaoZuo/Second Military Medical University,0/26
  3. The Influence of Targeted Suppression of Glutaryl-CoA Dehydrogenase and Excessive Intake of Lysine on Neurotoxicity in Primary Cultured Striatal Neurons,GaoJinZhi/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/76
  4. Replacement of Fish Meal in Diets for Penaeus Monodon and the Environmental Safety Evaluation on the Commercial Feeds,ZhangJiaRun/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/36
  5. A Study on Nutritive Quality Evaluation,Optimum Protein and Energy Levels,Amino Acids Requirement and Utilization of Soybean Meal for Pseudobagras Ussuriensis,WangYuYu/Northeast Agricultural University,0/42
  6. Study on Appropriate Diets Lysine Level of Erlang Mountain Chicken,ZhangKai/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/52
  7. Effect of Different Generations, Glucose and Amino Acid on Casein Gene Expression of the Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells,HanYaNan/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,0/2
  8. Study on Appropriate Supplemental Level of RPMet and RPLys in Lactating Cows and Effects of Lys Deficiency on Mammary AA Metabolism in Lactating Goat,LiuFei/Shandong Agricultural University,0/5
  9. Cloning of the New Lysine-Rich Protein Genes and Application in Maize Genetic Improvement,YueJing/China Agricultural University,0/3
  10. Molecular Identification of Glutelin Subunits by LC-MS/MS and Western Blot and Analysis of Seed Storage Protein Composition in Rice(Oryza Sativa L.),HeYing/Wuhan University,0/165
  11. Cloning and Functional Analysis of a Yellow Endosperm Mutant in Rice (Oryza Sativa L.),ShenYi/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/43
  12. Studies on Over-expression of WNK Kinase Genes in Transgenic Rice,QianYingJia/Yangzhou University,0/26
  13. Study of in Vitro Evaluation of Protein Quality in Infant Formula,LiJunYan/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/6
  14. Research on Effects of Lysine and Arginine on Quality Chacterisitics of Pork Sausages,LiJun/Hefei University of Technology,0/30
  15. Studies on Maillard Reaction-Derived Hazards and Their Control Technology in a Cookie System,ChengZuo/Zhejiang University,0/47
  16. Screening and Identification of High ε-Poly-L-lysine Producing Strains and the Fermentation Research,HuangLi/West China University,0/34
  17. Studies on Antibacterial Mechanism of ε-Poly-L-lysine Against Pathogens in Molecular Level and Its Effect on Intestinal Microbial Diversity,YeRuoSong/Nanchang University,0/16
  18. Mechanism on One-and Two-Dimensional Self-Assembly of Soybean Seed Ferritin Induced by Poly (α, L-lysine),YangRui/China Agricultural University,0/0
  19. Separation of Lysine from Fermentation Broth by Solvent Extraction,ZhangBoBin/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/59
  20. Reaserch and Application of Electrochemical DNA Sensor Based on Graphene,ZhangZuoZuo/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,0/3
  21. Studys on Preparation and Property of Graphene/Amino Acid Chiral Composite Materials,ZuoHao/Northwest Normal University,0/16
  22. Functional Study of LSD1in Mouse Embryo Fibroblast Cells Reprogramming,SunZuo/Beijing Forestry University,0/60
  23. The Preliminary Research on Extraction Process of ε-poly-lysine from the Fermentation Broth,AiZuoZuo/Jiangnan University,0/78
  24. Enhancement of ε-poLy-L-lysine Production Through Feeding Strategy Optimization and Enlarge Trial from5L to30L,DongNan/Jiangnan University,0/58
  25. L-lysine-ε-oxidase, Lod A, Purify, Enzyme Activity Analysis, Active Reconstruction,LiXiaoLong/Shandong Normal University,0/4
  26. Establishment of AIPC Cell Model and Mechanism of LSD1in the AI-Phenotypic Transition,LiXueChao/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/1
  27. Studies on the Electrochemical Sensor for Methyl Parathion,FengYuXiang/Hubei Institute for Nationalities,0/63
  28. Study on Repairmen of Rabbit Radial Bone Defects Using BMP-2and BMSCs Combined with n-HA/n-LDIG Composite Material,WuKai/Central South University,0/2
  29. Biocompatibility of the Biomaterial,ShenLinJing/Hunan University,1/85
  30. Study on the Surface Fibrinolytic System:Mechanism and Construction on Coronary Stent,WangShaSha/Wuhan University of Technology,0/26
  31. Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Biodegradable Block Copolymers,YangKe/Hunan University,0/76
  32. The Separation and Structure Analysis of Algicidal Active Substances in a Strain of Bacillus,XuBo/Wuhan Polytechnic University,0/23
  33. Appliance of Mussel Byssus Protein in the Adhesion of Gingival Epithelial Cells,HuangXiaoLin/Fujian Medical,0/23
  34. Construction of the Vector Actively Targeting to Malignant Glioma Cells and the Research on Its in Vitro Transfection Effect,WangChuanWei/Shandong University,0/76
  35. Preliminary Study on Permeability in Vitro and Pharmacodynamics of New Type Oral Topical Anesthetic,CaoYan/Tianjin Medical University,0/3
  36. The Protective Effects of Aspirin on Kidney and Liver of Poisoning Rats by Paraquat,ZhanDeHua/Zhejiang University,0/62
  37. Preparation and Properties of End-functional Polymers,LouYu/Jiangnan University,0/0
  38. Study on the Preparation and Property of PLL-grafted Starch Copolymer as Gene Carriers,ZhaoTianQin/Hainan University,0/1
  39. Surface Modification of Blood Purification Dialyzer Membrane by Anticoagulan and Antithrombotic Immobilization and the Testing of Its Properties,WangXiaoZuo/Central South University,0/30
  40. A Preliminary Experiment Study on Proliferation Capacity and Viability of Adipose-derived Stromal Cells Labeled with Ultrasmallsuperparamagnetic Particles of Iron Oxide,YaoChen/Southern Medical University,,0/40
  41. Study on the amount of ammonia acid need male Lai Chinese healthy youth,GongJunJun/Yangzhou University,0/15
  42. Studies on the Lysine Requirements of Juvenile Yellowcheek Carp, Elopichthys Bambusa,YangWei/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/56
  43. Dietary Lysine and Methionine Requirements and Substitution of Fish Meal in Diets for Juvenile Trachinotus Ovatus,DuQiang/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/110
  44. Study on the Requirements of Lysine, Methionine, Arginine and Phenylalanine for Juvenile Pacific White Shrimp, Litopenaeus Vannamei,ZengZuoZuo/Guangdong Ocean University,0/112
  45. Study on Lysine and Methionine Requirements for Juvenile Chinese Sucker, Myxocypinus Asiaticus,LinYuCong/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/110
  46. Effects of Lysine and Methionine Enriched Artemia Nauplii on Growth, Digestive Enzyme and Associated Hormones in the Tongue Sole Postlarvae(Cynoglossus Semilaevis),MaJing/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/133
  47. Effects of Dietary Protein, Lys, Met on the Production Performance, Regularation of Metabolism and Intestinal Characteristics at the Growth Period,ZhangTieTao/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,1/350
  48. Amino Acid Pattern Requirements of5-10Weeks Sichuan White Geese,GaoQiaoXian/Southwestern University,0/13
  49. Effects of Dietary Lysine Levels on Growth Performance,Carcass Trait and Serum Biochemical Parameter in Yangzhou Goslings,WangXinXi/Yangzhou University,0/41
  50. Studies on Lysine Requirement and Ideal Pattern of Amino Acids for Mule Duck,WangXu/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/63

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