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  1. Studies on the Anti-tumor Effects of Caffeic Acid3,4-dihydroxy-phenethyl Ester(CADPE),DongAnLiang/East China Normal University,0/11
  2. Effects and Study of Atorvastatin on the Autophagy of Seneium Vaseular Endothelial Cells,GuoZuoRong/Shanxi Medical,0/13
  3. Differential Response of NHEKs and HaCaT Cells to Hydrogen Peroxide-induced Oxidative Stress and the Defense Mechanism Study of Against Oxidative Stress-induced Senescence in NHSFs,LiuLeiShan/Central South University,0/125
  4. The Effect of Nutlin-3α Induced p73aon the Cell Cycle Arrest of Colon Cancer Cell and the Mechanism of This Effect,WangLi/Nanchang University Medical College,0/11
  5. The Function of MicroRNA-449A in Lung Cancer Cells and Its Underlying Mechanisms,RenXiaoShuai/University of Science and Technology of China,0/37
  6. β-arrestin1Regulate CD34+CD38-CD19+Cell Aging in Vivo,LiuZuo/Chongqing Medical University,0/6
  7. PLKB1is Implicated in the Stemness Maintaining of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Stem Cells,SongHui/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/4
  8. Investigation on the Roles of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Tumor Growth and Metastisis and in Mitigating Tumor Chemotherapy-associated Tissue Injuries,DiGuoHu/Tianjin University,0/71
  9. Effects and Mechanism of Adiponectin on Oxidative Stress-Induced Cardiomyocytes Senescence,TianXiaQiu/Shanxi Medical,0/13
  10. The Role of p21Loss in Cellular Senescence and Tumorigenesis Induced by Telomeric DNA Damage,SiXiaoYu/Kunming University of Science and Technology,0/247
  11. The Effect of MicroRNA-27b on Mice Endothelial Progenitor Cell Senescence Induced by Remnant-like Particles,ZhangMingYu/Central South University,0/19
  12. The Intervention and Mechanism of Uncoupling Protein2on Telomere-dependent Senescence Induced by Mitochondrial Oxidative Damage,GuoZuo/Nanchang University Medical College,0/25
  13. Mechanism of SM22α in Angiotensin Ii-mediated Vascular Physiological and Pathological Processes,XieXiaoLi/Hebei Medical University,0/1
  14. Studies on Anti-aging Effect of Hawthorn Alcohol Extraction in Drosophila Melanogaster,ZuoYanBo/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/42
  15. Studies on the Mechanisms for Mitotic Catastrophe and Senescence Induced by Pseudolaric Acid B in L929Cells,QiMin/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,0/98
  16. Anti-aging Activities of Resveratrol in Rats,YuanJiangShui/Ocean University of China,0/525
  17. Active Effects and Mechanisms of Acupuncture on the Synaptic Transmission in Hippocampal Neurons of AD Model SAMP8Mice,ZhangXiaoShu/Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/18
  18. Effect of TDZ Pretreatment on Senescence of Cut Cleyera Japonica,GuoQiaoHui/Zhejiang Forestry University,0/17
  19. 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Treatment Affected the Postharvest Quality and Physiological Changes during the Senescence of Cut Chrysanthemum,ZhengLi/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/4
  20. Anti-aging Effect of Polvsaccharides from Tricholoma Lobayense and Its Preliminary Mechanism of Action,ZhangLei/Anhui University,0/8
  21. Studies on Biology of Ophiocordyceps Lanpingensis H.Yu&Z.H. Chen,ChenZiHong/Yunnan University,0/44
  22. Evaluation of Germplasm Resources and the Involvement of Phytohormone in the Plant Growth, Development and Yield,Quality Formation of Angelica Dahurica Var.formosana,HouKai/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/190
  23. Genetic Analyses of NAC Gene Family for Leaf Senescence and Stress-Responses in Cotton (Gossypium Hirsutum L.),Syed Tariq Shah/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/34
  24. The Mechanism of Salt-enhanced Senescence in Cotton under Salinity Stress,WangTao/Shandong Normal University,0/6
  25. Studies on Senescence Characteristics and Regularity of Nitrogen Metabolic Variation in Perennial Grass,WangYuTong/China Agricultural University,0/4
  26. Study on the Differences of Dry Matter Accumulation and Senescence after Anthesis of Spring Maize under Different Cultivation Modes,LiGuoHong/Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities,0/20
  27. Effect of6Benzyl Adenine (6-BA) on Leaf Senescence in Different Tay Green Maize (Zea mays L.) Types,ChenXiaoZuo/Shandong Agricultural University,0/8
  28. Effects of Spacing Intervals on Canopy Characteristics, Water Consumption Characteristics and Grain Yield in Winter Wheat under Wide Bed Planting Methods,LiShiYing/Henan Agricultural University,0/24
  29. Effects of Rice Straw Returning on Resistance Physiology,Seeding Emergence and Yield of Wheat,ZhangZuo/Yangzhou University,0/25
  30. The Physiological Characteristics and Molecular Mechanisms of the Drought Resistance in a Wheat Stay-Green Mutant,tasg1,TianFengXia/Shandong Agricultural University,0/21
  31. Mapping QTLs for Traits Associated with Stay Green in Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) under Two Water Regimes,LiangZengHao/Shanxi Agricultural University,0/33
  32. Effects of Reducing Nitrogen Application on Grain Yield and Nitrogen Utilization and Its Physiological Basis in Wheat,ZhangWeiWei/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/1
  33. Productivity Differences among Different Winter Wheat Tiller Positions and Their Physiological and Biochemical Basis,XuHaiCheng/Shandong Agricultural University,0/12
  34. Effects of Exogenous ABA and6-BA on Flag Leaf Senescence and Grain Filling in Different Types of Stay-Green Wheat,YangDongQing/Shandong Agricultural University,0/12
  35. Effects of Nitrogen Supply and Senescence on Iron and Zinc Translocation and Accumulation in Grain of Winter Wheat,ZhaoRongRong/China Agricultural University,0/8
  36. The Protection of Gsh to Rice Leaf from Proteins Carbonyl and Regulation of Photosynthesis during Leaf Growth,LiLi/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/43
  37. Study on Leaf Senescence Genotype Screening and Its Delaying Mechanism through Nitrogen Panicle Fertilizer Application,ZhangZhi/Henan Agricultural University,0/8
  38. The changes of photosynthetic membrane function and protein complexes during leaf senescence of hybrid rice "two. Nine" sword,YeLuHuan/Nanjing Normal University,0/18
  39. Genetic Analysis and Fine Mapping of ESl0in Rice (Oryza saliva L.),LengYuJia/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/47
  40. Identification and Gene Mapping of Rice Early Senescent Leaf (esl3) Mutant,MiaoRunLong/Southwestern University,0/53
  41. Map-based Cloning and Basic Functional Analysis of Presenescing Leaf Gene PSL2in Rice (Orzya sativa L.),SunYuYing/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/58
  42. Bioaccessibility of Lingwu Long Jujube Fruits during Preservation,ZhangLi/Tianjin University of Science and Technology,0/14
  43. The Delaying Effects on Aging and Mechanism of Mussel Peptides and Polysaccharides,ZhouYue/Jiangsu University,0/84
  44. Ethylene Regulation on the Growth,Development,and Postharvest Senescence of Agaricus Bisporus Frutiting Bodies and Investigation on Its Biosynthesis Pathway,MengDeMei/China Agricultural University,0/1
  45. Investigation of Molecular Mechanism of GmSARK and AtSARK-Mediated Leaf Senescence,XuFan/Nankai University,0/37
  46. Effects of L-Ser on Arabidopsis and Duckweed (Lemna Minor)and the Investigation of Its Metabolic Pathway Key Enzyme SGAT,YangLin/Nankai University,0/17
  47. Functional Analysis of TaSSP1from Wheat and Its Homolog Gene at3G14067in Arabidopsis,LiuShaoWei/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/9
  48. Study of Molecular Mechanism for JAZ7Mediated Dark-inducted Leaf Senescence and Construction of Maize Transcriptomics Data Analysis Platform,YuJuan/China Agricultural University,0/14
  49. Role of Angiotensin ⅡInduced Neural Cell Senescence and Drug Intervention,ZhangNaNa/Shandong University,0/15
  50. Study on the Role and Mechanism of ADMA in Cellular Senescence of Human Skin Fibroblasts,LiWenZhi/Central South University,0/108

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