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  1. The Study on the Effects of Polymer Coated Urea and Sodium Bentonite in Sheep Fed Corn Stalks as Basal Roughage Diet,Chegeni Alireza/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/10
  2. Study on Main Minerals Distribution and Requirement Parameters of Dorper and Thin-tailed Han Sheep Crossbred Lambs (F1) during Their20to35kg Body Weight,JiShouKun/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/1
  3. Study on Suitable Dietary NDF Level of25to50kg Live Weight Dorper and Thin-tailed Han Crossbred Lambs,ZhangLiTao/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/1
  4. Study on Energy and Protein Requirements of20to35kg Dorper and Thin-tailed Han Crossbred Lambs,XuGuiShan/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/15
  5. Measurement and Prediction Models of Methane Emissions from Sheep,ZhaoYiGuang/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,2/90
  6. Prediciton of Metabolizable Energy and Metabolizable Protein in Feeds for Meat Sheep,LiuJie/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,4/230
  7. Effects of Diet Composition on Growth Performance, Nutrient Digestibilities and Metabolism, and Meat Quality of Dairy Bull Calves,WangYongChao/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/3
  8. Identification of Probiotics and Effects of Probiotics on Weaned Piglets, Calves and the Gastrointestinal Microbiate,DongXiaoLi/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/11
  9. Effect of Different Dietary Energy Levels on the Production Performance and the Reproductive Performance of First Calving Cows during Perinatal Period,MaShuLin/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/43
  10. Effects of Bacillus Licheniformis and Its Combinations on Growth Performance and Ruminal Environment in Replacement Cattle,FuYunQin/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,2/127
  11. Comparation of Nutritionnal Value Evaluation Method in Common Roughage for Ruminants,JinLingPin/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/4
  12. Study on Application of Lactobacillus Plantaru,Bacillus Subtilis and Compiex-probiotics in Diets for Weaned Piglets and Calves,ZhouMeng/Xinjiang Agricultural University,0/26
  13. Effects of Protein Level and Source on Nutrient Utilization and Gastrointestinal Characteristics in Early-weaning Calves,LiHui/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,19/314
  14. Effects of Protein and Amino Acid Nutrition on Indexes Related to Immune Response of Early Weaned Dairy Calves,ZhangNaiFeng/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,13/405
  15. The Study of Characterization of Organic Zinc Sources and Their Bioactivities and Modes of Action in Cows,LiangJianGuang/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,12/289
  16. The Effects of Xylanase and Cellulose on Growth Performance, Nutrition Digestibility, Ruminal Fermentation and Microbial Diversity in Heifers,GuoChunYan/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,3/547
  17. Effects of Dietary Yeast β-glucan on Growth Performance and Gastrointestinal Development in Pre-ruminant Calves,ZhouZuo/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,4/305
  18. Studies of Rutin’s Role on Lactation Performance, the Rumen Digestion and Metabolism in Dairy Cows, and the Development of Mammary Glands in Rats,GuoXuDong/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,2/250
  19. Effect of Milk Replacer Acidity and Acidity Adjusting on Growth Performance, Blood Gas Parameters and Gastrointestinal Tract Development in Pre-ruminant Calves,TuYan/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/54
  20. Associative Effects between Crude Protein and Corn Stover and Effect of Fermentation on Rumen and Weight Gain in Sheep,ZhangYongFa/Xinjiang Agricultural University,0/145
  21. Study on Effects of Different Energy Content and Sources of Milk Replacer on Digestibility and Metabolism in Early-weaned Calves,ZhangRong/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,10/194
  22. Effects of Supplementing Cellulase on Production Performance of Lactating Dairy Cows in Summer and on in Vitro Rumen Fermentation,WuHeQun/Xinjiang Agricultural University,3/174
  23. The Protective Effects of Xylose on Meal Protein Resources and Applications in the Dairy Cow,YangWei/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,1/58
  24. Study on Associative Effects between Crude Protein and Neutral Detergent Fiber in Dairy Cows,ShiLiang/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,9/186
  25. Nutritional Evaluation and Application of Quality Protein Maize in Broiler Diets,BaiXueFeng/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,2/138
  26. Estimate the Protecting Effect of Processed Soybean Meal in the Enzymatic Technique and in Situ,GuoChunYan/Xinjiang Agricultural University,3/159
  27. The Effects of Microbial Inoculants on the Fermentation Process and Quality of Corn Silage,FuTong/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,19/559
  28. Study on Nutrition Utilization of Lambs When Fed Milk Replacers of Different Nutrition Levels and Early-weaned Time of Lambs,WangGuiQiu/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,8/278
  29. Effect of Enzyme Preparations on Characteristics of Sorghum Silage,ZuoHePing/Hunan Agricultural University,0/156
  30. Studies on the Extractive Technique of Bee Pollen Polysaccharide and Its Application in Calves,ZhangGuoFeng/Tarim University,0/63
  31. Effects of Environmental Enrichment and Stocking Density, Water Temperature and Fan Ventilation on Sheep Welfare in Summer on Sheep Welfare,ZhangMing/Yangzhou University,3/83
  32. The Effects of Lactic Acid Bacteria on the Quality and Microbial Fermentation of Whole Corn Silage,LiCuiXia/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,3/253
  33. Effects of CP/DE Ratios on Growth Performance and Nutrients Digestion in Different Physiological Stages of Heifers,ZhangWeiBing/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,4/104
  34. Study on the Optimum Amino Acid Pattern of Lysine, Methionine and Threonine in Milk Replacers for Calves Aged 0 to 2 Months,WangJianHong/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,1/31
  35. Study on the Culture Technology and Ferment Effect of Lactobacillus from Silage,HongMei/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,0/125
  36. Protein levels and the amount of early weaned lambs fed growth performance and digestion and metabolism,YueXiXin/Tarim University,3/86
  37. The Effects of Silage Additives on the Ensiling Fermentation of Green Corn Stalk Silage`,LvWenLong/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,1/180
  38. Effects of Protein Level and Lys/Met on Performance, Nutrient Digestibility and Rumen Development for Weaned Calves,YunQiang/Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,5/133
  39. A Preliminary Study on the Nutritional Value of Jatropha Curcas Seed Meal in Animals,ZhangChunQiang/Xinjiang Agricultural University,0/30
  40. Effect of Bacillus Preparation in Layers and Weaned Piglets,XinNa/Xinjiang Agricultural University,0/39
  41. Effects of Feeding Levels and Mode of Milk Replacer on Growth Performance, Metabolism, Feeding and Interrelated Behaviour in Pre-ruminant Calves,XuXianCha/Xinjiang Agricultural University,1/38

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