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  1. Kogaku of Japanese Confucianism's Criticism and Reconstruction of Zhuzixue,ALiMu·TuoHeTi/Nanjing University,0/35
  2. Life and Immortal,WeiYanFeng/Zhejiang University,0/141
  3. A brief examination of "goodness" thought of Itou Nisai,HuangYuZuo/Shanghai International Studies University,0/22
  4. Dynamic the Qi Philosopy Pretruthminary Study of Choi Han Ci,ZhaoLiQiang/Yanbian University,0/12
  5. Research on yamago Soko Shi Tao theory,ZhangXiaoMing/Guangxi University,0/2
  6. "Research study" the good,DengZhiWei/Shanghai Normal University,0/0
  7. The Study of Choi Hangi’s Epistemology,CuiLingLing/Yanbian University,0/11
  8. Philosophy of Ibn Sina and Influence,LiuJie/Lanzhou University,0/55
  9. On the Ecological Philosophy Thoughts of Shigeru Iwasa,ZhangNianFeng/Guangxi Normal University,0/83
  10. The Study of Pakche-Ga’s Thought on Practical Learning,GaoLinNa/Yanbian University,0/56
  11. From Rationalism to Sufi-Mysticism,LuoXiaoFang/Lanzhou University,0/18
  12. The Resourch on Chomin Nakae’s Thoughts,YuZuo/Yanbian University,0/25
  13. Wang Yue Qing Department of Marx's theory on Civil Society,ShenZuo/Yangzhou University,0/31
  14. Viewing the Development of "Pure Experience" from the Position of "Self-consciousness",ZhaoZuo/Renmin University of China,0/36
  15. On the Function of Masayoshi Ohira’s Philosophy of Ellipse in the Normalization of Sino-Japanese Diplomatic Relations,ZhongJian/Central China Normal University,0/47
  16. On Shigeru Iwasa’s Eco-Marxism,HuJing/Dalian University of Technology,0/80
  17. The Spread and Influence of Confucianism Moral Thought in Vietnam,Dinh Van Thuy(DingWenRui)/Anhui University,0/104
  18. The Impact of Confucianism in Singapore Society,ShuiXian(Namthip Arthabowornpisan)/Zhejiang University,0/81
  19. Study on Nixiada’s "Introjection and Innovation Philosophy",PuJinBo/Jilin University,0/87
  20. Modern Japanese Confucianism Study ( 1868-1945 ),LiuYueBing/Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,0/834
  21. The Emergence of the School of Zhu Xi with a New Visage,HuYong/Shandong University,0/151
  22. Arab Science and translation movement,ZhouFang/Shanghai International Studies University,0/191
  23. The Establishment of Chu Hsi Neo-Confucianism in Early Modern Japan,WangYuQiang/Jilin University,0/418
  24. On the Revitalization Movement of Confucianism in Singapore and Contemporary Communication of Confucianism,XuChuan/East China Normal University,3/244
  25. Analysis of Japan 's ancient school of thought,ZhaoChenFang/Yanbian University,0/135
  26. Japan Soka Gakkai Soka philosophy,ZhuZuo/Yanbian University,0/198
  27. Of Ishida Baigan merchants Road its philosophy,CuiHaiYan/Yanbian University,0/133
  28. The Respect Doctrine of Li Tuixi and Its Realistic Meanings,LiuHongMei/Yanbian University,0/72
  29. On the Disintegration of Chain Structure of Thinking of Zhuzi’s Theory by So-rai,SunLi/Yanbian University,0/102
  30. The Study of Hiromatsu’s Philosophy,DengXiYi/Xiangtan University,0/90
  31. The On the Luo Shan Zhuism thinking,CuiRong/Yanbian University,0/104
  32. A Comparison on Philosophy Thought between Yan Yuan and So-rai,XiaoJunPing/Yanbian University,0/126
  33. The Korea - end Chucians social role,JinHuZuo/Yanbian University,1/118
  34. Research on Changes of Neo-Confucianism of Chu Hsi of Japan in Early Takugawa Period,WangYuQiang/Jilin University,1/186
  35. On Yamazaki and \,LiuZuo/Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,0/74
  36. Comparition on the Zhujing Ideology of Lttuixi and Shanqianzhai,LiYongZhe/Yanbian University,0/86
  37. About the Benefit to the Country of Ligu’s and His Philosophy Base,ZhaoJun/Yanbian University,0/57
  38. The Idea and Characteristic of "Protectionism" in the Modern Korea,JinQiHu/Yanbian University,1/121
  39. Clarify Yukechi Fukujawa’s Philosophic Thoughts of "Scientism",GongHaoYu/Hunan Normal University,2/154
  40. From Oshio in Lent watch Japanese Wang Yangming Utilitarian Features,LiYan/Yanbian University,0/147
  41. The Decline of Zhuzi’s Theory during Jianghu Era and the Modernization in Japan,ZhangCaiSheng/Yanbian University,0/324
  42. A Study on the Thought of Propriety of Sacye Kim, Jang-saeng’s,QuanJinZi/Yanbian University,1/65
  43. ZhengQidou and the Expounding of YangMing Thinking System in Korea,CuiTao/Yanbian University,0/64
  44. Al-Ghazzali and His Mysticism,DingJuXia/Ningxia University,0/183
  45. Lao Dong Chuan Japanese Dynasty,ZhangZuo/Northeast Normal University,2/148
  46. Theory Eto tree Yangming Thought,JinYinSong/Yanbian University,3/165
  47. Zhu Xi and Human Nature comparative Toegye,LiHongJun/Yanbian University,1/110
  48. On the Characteristics of Modern Japanese Philosophy,BaoLiFen/Shandong University,0/143
  49. The Dissemination and Characteristics of Confucianism in Japan,WuJinLiang/Shandong University,1/447
  50. The Comparing Study of the Respecting of ZhuXi and YamaZakiAnsai,ZhengLiJuan/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/74

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