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  1. A Study of Tibetan Phonological Transcription in Tangut Buddhism Fragments,DaiZhongPei/Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,1/0
  2. Statistical Study of the "Secret History of Mongols" R Consonant,WangXuHua/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  3. Chinese Borrowings in Horqin Dialect,HaiYuMin/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/1
  4. The Khorchin Dialect Voc Abulang of the Forming Culture,BaoARong/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  5. The Study of Domain of "Golden History",MengGen/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  6. The Research on the Closed End to N Syllable Structure in the "the Mongolia Secret History",ZhuoLa/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  7. 50 years of Jiang Dong voice car,WuYongYi/Guizhou National University,0/21
  8. Spirit Culture in Mongolian Language,WuYuLan/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  9. Discussion on Mongolia Culture and the Color Colour Culture,WuYunGeRiLe/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  10. The Hunting and Horscstock in the Secret History of Mongol and the Altan Dobqi,BaBu/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  11. The study of language and culture in rice words as an example,ShiChangMo/Guizhou National University,0/31
  12. A Comparative Study between the Spoken Language of Alukerqinqi and the Phonetics of Horqin Dialect,WangQingHai/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  13. Mongolian Numerals Constitute a Compound Noun Semantic Study,WuRiGuMuLa/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/1
  14. In "ALtan Tobci" Additional Components of the Verb Form,SiQinHua/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/1
  15. A Semantic Research of the Structure of Compound Nouns for the Mongolian Word "HAR_A",TeGeQiBaiYi/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  16. The Study of the Present Usage of Mongolian Language in Sunid Left Banner,SiRiGuLeng/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  17. A Semantic Study on the Structures of the Mongolian Compound Related with "Gar",WangLiPing/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  18. A Semantic Study on the Structures of the Mongolian Compound Related with "ama",WuLiJiMuRen/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  19. Research - Dong quantifier phonetic to dam, consul, Megalobrama Dong as an example,LiangSiE/Guizhou National University,0/8
  20. Current situation of the use of Guiyang suburbs Bouyei language and language variation,CaiJiYan/Guizhou National University,0/9
  21. A Comparative Study of the Language of Three Historical Sources Concerning History of Dorben Oyirad,WuYunBiLiGe/Inner Mongolia University,0/15
  22. The Predicate-Complement structure in Lahu,WangYan/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/13
  23. Analysis of the Tibetan grammar "pat" attribute problems,RenQingDongZhi/Qinghai Normal,0/0
  24. The Speech Research of Jing Xi Yang Hua,MoMiaoLan/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/7
  25. Study on the characteristics and translation of Chinese Proverbs,SuoNanCuo/Tibet University,0/19
  26. Study on the Rhetoric Function Words,JiaGongJia/Qinghai Normal,0/20
  27. Research on difficult problems of function words Tibetan grammar theory "thirty song".,DanZhengHuangJia/Qinghai Normal,0/1
  28. Studies about the Phrases of Uyghur Language Teaching Materials Used in Primary School,TuErDi·ReXiTi/Xinjiang Normal University,0/8
  29. Studying on Translation-spread of Kutadgu Bilik,LiuXia/East China Normal University,0/118
  30. Language Words of Golden History,XiJiEr/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/1
  31. The Research of Verb Past Tense Annotation Ba and Bai on the Secret History of Mongols Written in Twelve Chapters,SuRiGa/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  32. Relatives Appellation Related to the Structure of Compound Nouns Semantic Research,WuYunQiQiGe/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  33. Study of Mongolian Language Use in Bayannur League,SiQinTuYa/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/0
  34. "People" (Kiyafet-ul Beser) appearance came on syntactic features,HuXiDan·ABuDuXiKu/Central University for Nationalities,0/8
  35. The Research on the Mongolian and Chinese Translation Teaching,BaoChunHui/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/20
  36. Research on Translation of the Epic of Han Harangui into Chinese,SaChuLa/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/7
  37. The Study of Document Translation from the Perspectice of Functional Translation Theory,ChunLan/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/8
  38. The Research in the Field of Language and Its Scriptures Form about "Shu-worshipping Rite·Battle between the Great Roc and the Shu Synopsis" from Naxi Dongba Scripture,ZhangWeiWei/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/14
  39. Metaphors of Lahu Vocabulary,ZhangJun/Yunnan Nationalities University,0/15
  40. Research on Anduo Tibetan Consonants by Means of Electropalatograph,WangJianBin/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/5
  41. A Study on the Evolution of Verb Meaning in "the Great Turkic Dictionary",DiLiHuMaEr·NiYaZi/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/15
  42. The Acoustic Analysis of the First Syllables of the Word in the Eastern Yogur Language of Long and Short Vowels,SaRenHua/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/8
  43. The Comparative Study on Meaning of Folklore of Basic Color Words in Uighur and Mongolian,NaoErJi/Northwest University for Nationalities,0/31
  44. A Study on Statistical Analysis and Collation of Sawndip in MO Scriptures Buluotuo,GaoWei/Guangxi University,0/56
  45. The Tangut "Abhidharma Shun is a theory interpretation of" volume five,YinJiangWei/Shaanxi Normal University,0/23
  46. A Studg of Ujimchin Dialect Unique Words,SeBuLeMa/Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities,0/4
  47. The Researeh of Xu Li Xian Chapter of Tiansheng Laws,ZouRenDi/Ningxia University,0/17
  48. Study on Mongolian names, the area around Qinghai Lake since modern times,AoQunLaMao/Tibet University,0/1
  49. The Study on the Special Phrases of Arhorqin Dialect,HaSiTuYa/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/1
  50. The Study of "Altan Tobci" Language Word Formation Additional Components,QiQiGe/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/1

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