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  1. The value and the influence of art means - Practical Writing of Guangeti calligraphy,YangWan/East China Normal University,0/0
  2. In mid Qing Dynasty painter Dong Bangda, Dong Gao father and son Calligraphy Research,DengZuo/Hangzhou Normal University,0/0
  3. Seal Word Name Recognition,FangXuanAn/Hangzhou Normal University,0/0
  4. Reflection and Construction of Contemporary Calligraphy Aesthetics,WangYiLin/Fujian Normal University,0/5
  5. Research of Wen Yiduo Seal Cutting Art,LuoShuNing/Hubei Academy of Fine Arts,0/31
  6. The Initial Discussion and Study on Zhang Xinruo’s Calligraphic Art,ZhouJuan/Hubei Academy of Fine Arts,0/16
  7. The Calligraphy and Seals Art Research of Gu Youquan,YeJiYan/Hubei Academy of Fine Arts,0/37
  8. The Comparative Study of "Longmen Four Product" and "Zheng Wengong Tablet" and the Unity of Aesthetic Study of Calligraphic Style in Northern Wei Dynasty,FanZuo/Shanxi Normal University,0/22
  9. The Contribution of Deng Sanmu in Stamp Handicraft,LiuYaZuo/China Academy of Art,0/29
  10. Studies on Ba Seal Society,WangJianLei/Southwestern University,0/42
  11. Study on Shape Structural Feature of the Song Typeface,TianZuo/Xi'an University of Engineering,0/45
  12. Sun Guoting’s Cursive Script of "Fifth Version of Qianziwen" and the Paradigm of Tang Dynasty Cursive Script,FuZhenYu/China Academy of Art,0/36
  13. The Being Un-slippery and Being Straight and Square in Late Qing Dynasty Discussion on Calligraphy,LiuDaLong/Southwestern University,0/31
  14. The Style of Han Jade Seal and Its Influence on the Balanced Seal in the Later Periods,ZuJingQiang/China Academy of Art,0/40
  15. The Studying of Ji Su Fei Qing Ge Ping Bei Ji by Yangshoujing,ZhangTao/Jilin University,0/61
  16. Study on the seal cutting art Fu Baoshi,YinYanZhi/Nanjing Arts Institute,0/61
  17. Influence of unearthed ancient trace of modern Zhangcao creation,JiaMingZhe/Nanjing Arts Institute,0/68
  18. The Research of a Contrast between the Different Types of "Zhang Qian Bei" and "Shi Men Song",TaoZuo/China Academy of Art,0/56
  19. Creation of Sort of Understanding Lower Case from Ni Zan Tan,ZhaoMingHui/Nanjing University,0/74
  20. On the calligraphy education,HeCaiXia/Qufu Normal University,0/81
  21. Yanzhou Jinkou dam Buddhist inscriptions research,XuKeRan/Qufu Normal University,0/71
  22. Analysis of Yang Shoujing’s Theory of Calligraphy,WangChao/Shanxi Normal University,0/73
  23. A Comparative Study of Wang Fuan and Chen Julai Xi Zhuwen Carved in Relief,XiaoChunGuang/China Academy of Art,0/59
  24. Research on Morphology to Bamboo and Wooden Slips on the Calligraphy in Han Dynasty,ShenLi/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,0/110
  25. Siegelschrift Comprehensive Study in the Period of Jiaqing,LiuChao/Shanxi Normal University,0/85
  26. Study on Design and Application of Chinese Characters,WangRui/Shanxi Normal University,0/65
  27. From the perspective of Chinese characters constitute the breakthrough design and may constitute creative and generating font,WuZuo/Jilin College of the Arts,0/3
  28. Study on stone inscriptions and the book of Zhang Tingji,LiuHongHui/Southwestern University,0/57
  29. Design and Application of Mongolian Characters,SuRiNa/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/15
  30. The difference from the brush and pen in Chinese and Western culture,ZhaoTianLi/Northwestern University,0/102
  31. Aesthetical Ideology Research on Calligraphic Theories of He Shaoji,WeiXiaoFei/Southwestern University,0/58
  32. Pursing tradition and discarding freak,YangDongJian/East China Normal University,0/12
  33. The Theory of Jise,MoXianKui/Southwestern University,0/8
  34. Wrap Twisting Method,PanChiYong/Southwestern University,0/9
  35. The Way of Glyph Fixing-the Dense and Sparse Space of Glyph,ZhaoChu/Beijing Institute of Printing,0/8
  36. A Study of the Calligraphy Athetic Thought of Zhou Ruchang,CaoYang/Henan University,0/3
  37. On the Works of Calligraphy by Shi Tao,LiBoCheng/Southwestern University,0/29
  38. Analysis on the Techniques of Lishu Blank,QiJiaBao/Southwestern University,0/21
  39. On the the Contemporary Calligraphy Creation of Decorative form of Prime,LuJunShan/East China Normal University,0/47
  40. Research on Wan Shouqi’s Calligraphy,HuangZhenDong/Southwestern University,0/19
  41. Tang Dynasty Calligraphy in Runing Scirpt into the Monument,ZhangZhiMing/Fujian Normal University,0/100
  42. Study on Weis’Family Calligraphy during Wei- Jin Dynasty,YinQuanZeng/Zhengzhou University,0/103
  43. The Calligraphy Copy of Dong Oichang’s View,ZuoXiaoFei/China Academy of Art,0/89
  44. Research and design of multi language coexist in collision and intervention,CaoFan/Nanjing Arts Institute,0/6
  45. Study of Regular Script in Three Kingdoms and Jin Dynasty,WangGuangRui/Jilin University,0/111
  46. The Study of Huaisu Cursive Scripts,WangFei/China Academy of Art,0/135
  47. Research and Application of Font Design Based on the Spatial Form,GuanXiaoJuan/Shanxi University,0/10
  48. Hanzhoung Shimen Stone Inscription Calligraphy Art Research,LiYang/Guangxi Normal University,0/133
  49. Comparative study of Tang Dynasty prime张旭怀mad cursive style,ZhaoZuoZuo/Qufu Normal University,0/151
  50. Gan Yang "in ancient India is" research,XiaJun/Nanjing Arts Institute,0/8

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