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  1. Ming Dynasty Calligrapher Inheritance and Development on Regular Script,ZhangBaoZuo/Shanxi Normal University,0/2
  2. Research Chinese Numismatic Calligraphy,LiuZe/Shanxi Normal University,0/1
  3. In Rhyme with Each Generation of Calligraphy Style Comparison,WangYingZuo/Shanxi Normal University,0/1
  4. Learning about Lin Peng Cacdemic Thought and Caligraphy Research,YaoHongMei/Shanxi Normal University,0/1
  5. "Technology" to "Tao" - on abstract expressionist painting and calligraphy,LiZhiZuo/Central Academy of Fine Arts,0/1
  6. The Design Research on Evolution and Development of Zhuanshu,ZhongZuo/Hunan Normal University,0/2
  7. Sushi Calligraphy Research Interest,ChengYuLiang/Huaibei Normal,0/10
  8. The Theory of the Character"Fu" of the Folk Custom in the Calligraphy,LiShaoGuang/China Academy of Art,0/1
  9. Research on the Phenomenon of Calligraphy Exhibition,WeiChunLei/China Academy of Art,0/5
  10. A Study of Calligraphy During the End of the Qing Dynasty and the First of the Republic of China,LiuHeXiang/China Academy of Art,0/3
  11. The Study of the Unconscious Role in the Creation of Calligraphy,LiuYueXiao/Shenyang Normal,0/2
  12. Bounded Lattice of Qin Seal Cutting Art of Composition Sense of Style Explore,QiuJingZi/China Academy of Art,0/5
  13. "The Four Artist in Yuan Dynasty" Artistic Beauty of Calligraphy Research,GaoSen/,0/2
  14. The Comparative Study of Crazy Zhang and Drunk Su' Calligraphic Style,YanZhiChao/,0/1
  15. The Study on Artistic Beauty of Official Script in Mid Qing Dynasty,XuNa/,0/1
  16. Bao Shichen appreciation of Calligraphy Research,ChenChen/Shandong Normal University,0/4
  17. Study of calligraphy aesthetic thoughts of Liu Xizai,LiYuZuo/Shandong Normal University,0/4
  18. The Calligraphy Education Present Situation Research in Contemporary China,ZhuYuan/Shandong Institute of Arts,0/19
  19. Wang Sengqian calligraphy esthetics thought research,LiYaHui/Shandong Normal University,0/4
  20. On the Art Features of "Republican Period Carving",ZhouZiNiu/China Academy of Art,0/5
  21. Analysis of the Text Non-seal Carving Seals,HeFangFang/China Academy of Art,0/2
  22. Research on Phenomena of the Current Application of Seal Carving,HanXueNing/China Academy of Art,0/3
  23. The Study of Lin Sanzhi's Calligraphy,YouZuo/China Academy of Art,0/9
  24. Chinese traditional music on the art of calligraphy, enlightenment,ZhouJiaZuo/Shaanxi Normal University,0/40
  25. Tibetan calligraphy.,ZhaXiDaWa/Tibet University,0/4
  26. On the Similarity of Su Shi's Poetry and Calligraphy,SunGuangMei/Huaibei Normal,0/1
  27. Visual Communication Design and Communication Cursive Symbols,LiuXiaoZuo/Nanjing Forestry University,0/0
  28. Study of late Ming Dynasty calligraphy characters,ZuoXiaoZuo/Nanjing Normal University,0/2
  29. Ni Zan's Calligraphy Research,WangMengZhou/Nanjing Normal University,0/0
  30. On Li Baifeng Calligraphy and Seal Cutting,YangMengYi/Henan University,0/0
  31. To explore the Tang Dynasty calligraphy pomp and causes,TianWanDong/Central University for Nationalities,0/0
  32. See Loulan Region Calligraphy Style from the Unearthed Wooden Slips and Paper Scraps,LiuBin/Henan University,0/1
  33. The official script of He Shaoji,TangKun/,0/1
  34. "Seventeen for" research,Wang/,0/1
  35. YanZhenQing Calligraphy Esthetics Research,BaiJing/Nanchang University,0/0
  36. Wangduo’s Edition Cursive form Change Research,LengHuiDao/Nanchang University,0/2
  37. As a Two-dimensional Plane Art Value of Calligraphy in the Application of Semiotics,ZhangZuo/Northeast Normal University,0/0
  38. Tang Li calligraphy research,SuJie/Nanjing Normal University,0/0
  39. Huang Tingjian Aesthetic Encompassed Dimensions of Cursive Hand,LianShanLong/Fujian Normal University,0/1
  40. A Study on the Communication of Calligraphy in New Media,WangRuoYi/Fujian Normal University,0/3
  41. Comparison of Calligraphic Inscription on Painting of Jin Nong and Zheng Xie,WangJianLan/Fujian Normal University,0/0
  42. The Typography Design Research of the Books and Periodicals in the Period of the Republic of China,ZhengYing/Jiangnan University,0/5
  43. Research on Wang Fuan’s Calligraphy and Seal Cutting,LiuWenYong/Henan University,0/0
  44. Study on Personal Letter of Zhaomengfu,WangXiangYang/Henan University,0/0
  45. The Research of Wang Duo’s Calligraphic Style in "The Copybook of Nishanyuantie",MaBaoGuo/Henan Normal,0/0
  46. On the art of calligraphy in Dunhuang from early in the period of sixteen,YangYong/Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts,0/1
  47. On the influence of the Chinese part of a tablet Seal carving of the late Qing Dynasty,YangFan/Nanjing Arts Institute,0/0
  48. Copying research - the history of calligraphy from the Mi Fu Lin book to Dong Qichang copy book,ChenJu/Nanjing Arts Institute,0/1
  49. The formation of Jianshui pottery decoration "residual Esther" and "broken" aesthetic taste,LiYuePing/Yunnan University,0/0
  50. The book winds formation and achievement of Huang Tingjian,YanShuYing/Shanghai Normal University,0/2

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