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  1. Hundred Poems by Li Qiao in Tang Dynasty from the Angle of Elementary Education and Enlightenment,ZhaoYan/Northwestern University,0/9
  2. The Transformation and Remodeling of the Scholars-identity from Ming to Ch'ing Dynasty,LuoYaoJun/Central China Normal University,0/12
  3. The "idea" and the "Language"Principle of Writing on Wen Ze,LiuJinFeng/Shanxi University,0/6
  4. The Study of <Eastern and Western of the Jin Dynasty>,HuangHongTian/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/7
  5. "Research Songyin manlu",HanLu/Chongqing Technology and Business University,0/18
  6. On the Prefaces and Postscripts of Six Classics of Chinese Classical Novels,ZhangJiaHong/Anhui University,0/33
  7. On the Development of the Creativity of Postgraduates,YanXiangZhou/Xiangtan University,0/19
  8. Xin Qiji words to "accept" the study of historical records,YuXueJuan/Chongqing Technology and Business University,0/54
  9. Study of Zhang Yongshi,GuoXueHui/Liaoning Normal University,0/4
  10. The Research on Su Shi's Humorous Poetry,LiHeng/Jilin University,0/175
  11. The Study on Linchong Fu Before Yuan Dynasty,SongQin/Hunan Normal University,0/0
  12. Study of Du Guangting Taoist literature to Taoism poems as the object of study,YuHongPing/Gannan Teachers' College,0/9
  13. Li Zhao "Tang Guoshi" the literature supplement,YaoDan/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/15
  14. The Formation Mechanism of Debate Art in the "War Policy",CaoDeCai/Chongqing University,0/103
  15. The late Qing Dynasty scholar Luo Chengxiang prose research,LiangXiaoYan/Chongqing Technology and Business University,0/1
  16. The Research on the School of Literatis and Their Literary Thoughts in Sichuan Area during the Late Tang Dynasty and Five Dynasties,SunZhenTao/Nankai University,0/44
  17. Research on Digital Film and TV Media of Chinese Ancient Literature,ZhaoHongLi/Northeast Normal University,0/128
  18. Portrayal about the End of Post-le Dynasty:Characters Analysis in the Reunion of the Kingdom,WuXia/Guangxi University for Nationalities,0/13
  19. Study on the Scholars in the Warring States Scheme,HeChengYun/Hubei University,0/99
  20. Zhu Xi "shijizhuan" Justice Research,ZhangYuanYe/Yangzhou University,0/25
  21. "Analects" of Zhu Xi,XuMing/Yangzhou University,0/115
  22. The Tendency of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism in Chuang Tsu’s Doctrine of Ching Dynasty,ZhouPeng/East China Normal University,0/26
  23. Researches on Li Tengfang’s Shuo Zhuang,CaoDan/East China Normal University,0/12
  24. Study of the remnant of Wei Xi state of mind,TangHong/Gannan Teachers' College,0/75
  25. The Study of Taikang Daoqing Opera,YangZhiMin/Henan University,0/0
  26. From the perspective of the folklore "the drama" research,DaiPeiYi/Shanghai Normal University,0/88
  27. A Study of Non-governmental Sacrifice Story in Han Wei and Six Dynasties,JinDaZuo/Beijing University,0/86
  28. Sun Baotian Research and Prose Creation,CuiNa/Anqing Teachers College,0/17
  29. A Study on Idea of He Jingming Essay,LiuJunJie/Lanzhou University,0/40
  30. The Prose Theory of Xiebingde from Wenzhangguifan,QiaoJing/Shanxi University,0/43
  31. On the Heritance by Han Yu’s Proses from the Menciusi,LiJun/Inner Mongolia Normal,0/47
  32. Zhang Dai’s Prose Description,GuHong/Northeast Normal University,0/129
  33. The Study of Xuanding’s Yuyeqiudenglu and Yeyuqiudengxulu,FanJie/Zhangzhou Normal University,0/36
  34. The Modern Depiction of Niehaihua Under the Perspective of Social Transformation,TianTian/Jiangxi University of Finance,1/109
  35. The Research of Lu Zhishen, Lin Chong in "Tales of the Marshes",YuLei/Northeast Normal University,0/2
  36. A Research of Xiaoxiang Recorded,JiaoZuo/Southwestern University,0/5
  37. The Study of "Doupeng Xianhua,SunJie/Yangzhou University,0/75
  38. An Enterprising Rose with Thorns,HuangPan/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/61
  39. Study on the Han and Tang Dynasties Novels in the motif of soaring,ChenZuoSi/Beijing University,0/159
  40. Book Illustration of Chinese Fictions During the Ming and Qing Dynasties,JinXiu/Beijing University,0/238
  41. Study of female hero image of women writers in Qing Dynasty famous,WangZuo/Nanjing Normal University,0/1
  42. Theatrical Circles in the Ming Dynasty Play Adaptation Phenonmenon of Study,XiaoGuiCheng/Guangxi Normal University,0/82
  43. Hair Shengshan group "Pipa" Research on character,LiJing/Yangzhou University,0/58
  44. The Southern Opera Scholars’ Femininity Research of the Song and Yuan Dynsties,ShiZuo/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/61
  45. Research of Imperial Competitive Examination and Love and Marriage Plot in Sixty Operas,WangZhuo/Shanxi University,0/76
  46. Research on Zhang Shi’s Poetry and Poetic Thoughts,LiMingYuan/Guangxi Normal University,0/47
  47. The Origins and Poetic Meaning of Three Words Sentencein in Han Dynasty Poetry,GuoZuo/Changsha University of Science and Technology,0/64
  48. Discusses about Achievements of Zhang Ji’s Poetry,WangJing/Capital Normal University,0/65
  49. Study on Luoyang Poetry of the Tang Dynasty,LiuDongYa/Guangxi Normal University,0/172
  50. Study on Huazhuo’s "Chian Poetry Collections",XiaoWei/East China Jiaotong University,0/20

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