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  1. Establishment of Seaweed Beds of Sargassum Thunbergii in Intertidal Zone,YuYongQiang/Yantai University,0/16
  2. The Enhancement Effect Evaluation of Jellyfish in Southern Shandong Peninsula,ZhangJinHao/Yantai University,0/22
  3. Variation of Intestinal Flora and Physiological Activity Involued in Sea Cucumber Apostichopus Japonicus Cultured in Southern of China among Different Individue,ZhangHongCai/Jimei University,0/68
  4. Existence Feature of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the Two Type Sediment Ponds for a Postichopus Japonicus Breeding,WangHuiYi/Yantai University,0/4
  5. Ecological Study on the Optimization of Hyriopsis Cumingii Culture,WuZhen/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/36
  6. Effect of Chinese Herbal Medicines on Growth and Non-specific Immunity of Orange-spotted Grouper, Epinphelus Coioides,KongJiangHong/Jimei University,0/29
  7. Effects of Sodium Butyrate on Intestine Cell Proliferation and Protein Metabolism in Carassius Auratus and Its Molecular Mechanism,SunLang/Hunan Agricultural University,0/8
  8. Effects of Tea Polyphenols on Growth、Immunity and Lipid Metabolism in Juvenile Mylopharyngodon Piceus,LiJinLong/Hunan Agricultural University,0/5
  9. Effects of Dietary Lipid Levels on Growth Performance, Nutritional Components and Activities of Digestive Enzymes of Siganus Guttatus,ZhuWei/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/38
  10. Effects of Composite Plant Extract on Growth Performance in Grass Carps(Ctenopharyngodon Idellus),GongXiangSheng/Hunan Agricultural University,0/1
  11. Predator Induced Morphology Plasticity in the Rotifer Brachionus Calyciflorus,ZhaoNaiXi/,0/4
  12. Effects of Exogenous Phytase and Non-starch Polysaccharide Enzymes on Growth and Metabolism of Juvenile Turbot(Scophthalmus Maximus),LuZuoZuo/,0/4
  13. The Studies on High Density Cultivation Technology Optimization of Danphniopsis Tibetana Sars,YouZhiXin/,0/2
  14. The Research of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) on the Effect of Several Aquatic Creatures,DuYang/,0/4
  15. Study on Pathogenicity and Biological Characteristics of Skin Fester Disease Caused by Aeromonas Hydrophila (Trionyx Sinensis),LuoFangXing/Hunan Agricultural University,0/2
  16. Analyze on the Relative Factors of Crayfish-induced Haff Disease,HeYing/Yangzhou University,0/28
  17. HSP60, HSP70and HSP90of Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei Interact with White Spot Syndrome Virus,SunFan/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/20
  18. White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) VP12、VP14、VP51、VP136C Interact with Proteins of Virus and Host,MaFangFang/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/26
  19. Identification of Pathogens and Epidemiological Survey of Bacteriosis of Farmed Eriocheir Sinensis in Ponds,ZhengShiXiong/Anhui Agricultural University,0/20
  20. Toxic Effects of Triazophos on Penaeus Monodon and Two Bivalves,LiHongYan/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/9
  21. Studies on Genetic Characteristics and Grass Carp Reovirus Resistance of F1Hybrids between Grass Carp(Ctenopharyngodon Idellus) and Barbel Chub(Squaliobarbus Curriculus),LiuQiaoLin/Hunan Agricultural University,0/22
  22. Toxicity Effect Persistent Toxic on Several Kinds of Marine Life,XiaZhongDa/,0/2
  23. Research on Risk Assessment for Typical Alien Species in the South China Sea Coastal,LuQinYan/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/66
  24. The Anniversary Changes of Primary Productivity, Fish Diversity and the Assessment of Carbon Sequestration Capacity of Phytoplankton in Jiuduansha Wetland,ZhangXiaoZuo/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/21
  25. The Influence of Several Major Ecological Processes to Nitrogen、Phosphorus Cycle of Qiandaohu Lake,YangMeiLing/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/36
  26. The Temporal and Spatial Distributional Features of Elvers of Anguilla Japonica and Correlation to Major Environmental Factors in the Yangtze River Estuary,ZhiYuLong/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/19
  27. Macrobenthos Communities under Different Habitat,YuZuo/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/18
  28. Analysis on Variation Trend of Seawater Quality and Assessment of Eutrophication Status at Yangshan Port,BianJiaZuo/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/25
  29. Analysis on Elver Net Resulting in Damage of Early Fish Resource,GeChengGang/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/16
  30. Development of the Microsatellite and Genetic Structure of Scylla paramamosain Population,LinXiaoYun/Jimei University,0/3
  31. Cloning and Characterization of Nuclear Estrogen Receptor and Nuclear Androgen Receptor Genes from Larimichthys Crocea,PuLuLu/Jimei University,0/9
  32. Development of the Microsatellite and Genetic Diversity and Conservation Strategies of Branchiostoma Belcheri Gray,ZhangZhiHong/Jimei University,0/9
  33. Research on Karyotype and Genetic Diversity of Leptobotia Taeniops,MengZuo/Anhui Agricultural University,0/6
  34. Genetic Diversity of Two Geographical Populations of Pelodiscus Sinensis Revealed by ISSR Analysis,LiangHongLei/Anhui Agricultural University,0/11
  35. Fingerprint Analysis of16s (18s) rDNA Nanoplankton and the Relationship with Environmental Factors in Lake Qiandaohu,ZhouJing/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/19
  36. The Study about Otolith Morphology,Stock Discrimination and Age Determination of Eleutheronema Rhadinum,ChangYouMin/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/31
  37. Study on the Characters of Phytoplankton Community Structure and its Indication for Aquatic Environment of Suburb Rivers in Shanghai,LiWeiXing/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/32
  38. Morphological Differences and Genetic Variation of Different Geographical Groups in Eleutheronema rhadinum,YangYang/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/12
  39. Screening of Molecular Markers and Genetic Analysis Based on Transcriptome in Mud Crab, Scylla paramamosain,FengNaNa/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/30
  40. Molecular Cloning and Expression Analysis of β-actin and TGF-β Recepter in Scylla Paramamosain,XuZhen/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/14
  41. Cloning and Expression Profile of Two Immune-related Genes and Studies on the Applicability of Eleven Internal Reference Genes in Mud Crab, Scylla Paramamosain,FangZuoBo/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/33
  42. The Influences of Silver Carp and Bighead in Bio-manipuation Pen on the Community Structure of Crustacean,MeiZuo/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/21
  43. Feeding Habits of Silver Carp and Bighead Carp in Qiandaohu Lake,SongGu/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/58
  44. Determination and analysis of Abbottina rivularis and red tailed Homer loach mitochondrial genome,HeHuaiYa/Shaanxi Normal University,0/42
  45. Study on three kinds of thread leech cups and jaw morphology and classification of value,QiaoNing/Shaanxi Normal University,0/31
  46. Relationship between Change of Metazoan Zooplankton Community and Water Quality with Enclosures Experiment in Dianshan Lake, Shanghai,TaoXueMei/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/25
  47. The Research of the Temporal Pattern of Fish Assemblage in Coastal Jingjiang Section of the Yangtze River over Last Decade,SunShaSha/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/20
  48. Study on Pigmentation Developmental Stages and Morphological Characteristics and Otolith Microchemistry of Japanese Eels Larvae, Anguilla Japonica, Collected in Yangtze River Estuary,ZhangYa/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/25
  49. MHC Class Ⅱ Gene Polymorphism and its Association with Disease Resistance, and Full Length Cloning and Expression of C9Gene in "Whole White" Color Pattern of Cyprinus Carpio Var. Color,ZhaoXueJin/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/19
  50. Molecular Markers and Genetic Diversity Analysis in Populations of Trachidermus Fasciatus,ZengZhen/Shanghai Ocean University,,0/19

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