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Study on Pathogenicity and Biological Characteristics of Skin Fester Disease Caused by Aeromonas Hydrophila (Trionyx Sinensis)

Author: LuoFangXing
Tutor: XiaoDiaoYi
School: Hunan Agricultural University
Course: Hydrobiology
Keywords: soft-shelled turtle skin fester disease Aeromonas hydrophila
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Soft-shelled turtle with delicious taste, high nutrition and mainly intensive cultivation mode.is important economic species of freshwater aquaculture in China.High density and temperature control cultivation of soft-shelled turtle bring very considerable economic benefits to farmers.However, the high breeding density.remnant feed and long-term accumulation of excreta have lead to the aquaculture water environment worsening and Pathogenic bacteria multiplying in recent years.Using traditional drug treatment can not only pollute the water, but also strengthen the resistance of pathogenic bacteria.leading to a large number of death in Soft-shelled turtle and huge economic losses to farmers. One predominant strain was isolated from soft-shelled turtle with typical symptoms of skin fester disease(SFD).Comparing the16SrRNA sequence of strain with that of bacteria in the NCBI gene pool,and using Clustalw software for multiple sequence matching arrangement as well as the inference system software package for statistical analysis and cluster analysis.and using the neighbor-joining method to establish branches of the evolutionary tree to explore the phylogenetic position of this strain.And dentified by biochemical and physicochemical methods and combined with molecular biology method. Aeromonas hydro-phila had been proved to be the pathogenic bacteria.The results of drug sensitivity test showed that the limbs, tail, head and neck, hip plastron and skirts of diseased soft-shelled turtle showed severe ulcers, and inflammation of the skin organization was yellow or white,along with some tissues necrosis and blood leaking.The symptoms include that some ulcers were into a film,excoriation, pimple-like crust shaped rot. A large number of ascites and enlargement of the liver which was covered with congestive point were found in the body of diseased soft-shelled turtle. According to the diameter size of inhibition zone of drug Sensitiveslipstheresultsofdrugsensitivitytest.showedthatpenicillin,gentamicin.cephalothinV,chloramphenic ol.kanamycin.erythromycin,ciprofloxacin.lomefloxacin.cotrimoxazole should be the chief drugs for treatment of SFD.while ceftriaxone sodium and furazolidone could be the the second choice. In general, most of the antibiotic drug classes have some inhibitory effect on Aeromonas hydrophila, and a reasonable amount of medication can inhibit bacterial regeneration.This study aims to find the effective drug for the treatment and prevention of skin fester disease in soft-shelled turtle.and also to provide the reference and scientific basis for prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases of other aquatic organisms.

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