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Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Religious View as Seen in the Biblical Archetypes of the Main Characters in the Scarlet Letter

Author: MaJunJie
Tutor: YaoNaiQiang
School: PLA Foreign Languages ??Institute
Course: English Language and Literature
Keywords: The Scarlet Letter Bible prototype Religious outlook Bible prototype Hawthorne Transcendentalism Archetypal Criticism Christian cultural background Hero Garden of Eden
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2002
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Nathaniel Hawthorne is an outstanding 19th-century American romantic novelist and reputation in the literary world of the Anglo-American and the world as a whole since its Shensui ideas and superb writing skills. He even believes in a review article in 1850, Herman Melville fondly expression of worship and admiration of Hawthorne, Hawthorne and British Shakespeare, regardless undiscriminating. The other famous novels masters such as Henry James, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner all admit learned deeply Hawthorne, its praise a plus. \with a strong artistic appeal and charm. Hawthorne novel always explore the \In shaping the characters of the pen he used words and reveal the feelings are often in opposition, a contradictory position, which makes the protagonists often seems to be the opposite of the personality and characteristics. Criticism of this paper, with the myth of religious prototype the parse this work, the author believes that the myth of religion archetypal criticism, especially in the Bible, \First, the works of Hawthorne, due to age, history and culture nourish inevitably tainted with a strong Christian culture. Hawthorne was born in the town of Salem, Massachusetts, where Puritan forces are extremely rampant, generations are fanatical Puritan ancestors. Hawthorne himself deeply affected. He deeply Transcendentalism, and even joined the Brook Farm founder of Transcendentalism. Hawthorne works out a code of conduct based on the affirmation of the value of the Christian reserves the right to preach the Bible to know God's thinking, these ideas are also reflected in \Transcendentalism and mysticism, religion, especially the Bible, \Therefore, only to place the works of selected religious background, we can truly grasp the significance of the work, and then more specific, fully showing of the religious complex. Secondly, the Bible contains a large number of Western literary works in a variety of prototype, Northrop Frye called \Familiar with the Bible Bible prototype content has become a comprehensive understanding of the necessary precondition of literature. View of Hawthorne familiar with the Bible, and he lived the Christian cultural background and Western literature as the \huge impact, and the consciousness of a large number of \Reproduce the \We believe that the essential premise of \Finally, \In the novel, the closely related with the hero portrayed there the Great Goddess prototype, the Annemasse prototype Jung psychology, personality masks, devil (enemy) prototype, Christ prototype and explore themes and rite of passage mother problems. Only fully understand these prototypes in the novel, we can enter the hero of the psychological world, and also to a deeper understanding and grasp the complexity and contradictions of the religious outlook. Can be summarized according to Frye, the prototype is imagery, symbolism, themes, characters, plot motif structure units, as long as they appear repeatedly in literature, a convention of Lenovo. \impact and reveal Hawthorne's religious confusion. The look Failan. In a sense, the story of \Novel 24 chapters, two-thirds of her center. Many critics even believe that she is the best book, the richest humane character. Moreover she portrayed as such a process of the characters, Hawthorne's most prominent show himself Prynne, the Puritan conflicting views. As she reflects two different personality characteristics the Prynne embody two distinct Bible character archetype. Eve prototype, and that the fallen woman prototypes and traitor prototype; and another Mary prototype, that of Our Lady of the prototype and the saints prototype. The story of the Garden of Eden occupies a very important position in the traditional Western culture, this tragedy - the tragedy of Adam and Eve - in fact, also became a prototype of the tragedy, as all subsequent tragedy emulate template, is regarded as Kyu table. Many of Hawthorne's short stories, novels, and often hidden or cash to disclose this paradise with the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve myth reflex, such as jade statue \Hawthorne in the creative process, skillfully myth, the myth of Adam and Eve \\Prynne was born in a dilapidated aristocratic family, and later married a certain identity and financial scholars, her poor material life is not. When the Puritans sounded the horn to be asked the New World to establish a paradise, earthly Eden Prynne's husband (Roger Chillingworth Sri Lanka) also decided the family moved to this?

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