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The Depositional Evolution of Neozoic Basin in Tianshui-Qin’an Area

Author: KuangYongSheng
Tutor: SongChunZuo
School: Lanzhou University
Course: Mineralogy,petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology
Keywords: Tianshui Basin Cenozoic era Sediment causes Sedimentary evolution Northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau
CLC: P512.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Tianshui - Qinan region is located in northern Tibet important Kunlun Mountains - West Qinling fault zone and the Qilian Mountains - Haiyuan - LIUPANSHAN fault Interchange, also bordering the Tibetan Plateau and the Loess Plateau area, its Cenozoic sedimentary more complete record of the northeastern Tibetan Plateau Tectonic deformation process and the ancient history of climate change. In this paper, its Cenozoic stratigraphic sequences, depositional systems, sedimentary facies and depositional environment and its response to tectonic activity deposited on extensive fieldwork and a lot of other laboratory study, combined with peripheral deposition has been made - construction materials, mainly obtained the following understanding: 1, Tianshui basin has experienced three episodic tectonic evolution of the first act: Paleogene Tianshui area stretching rotation lithosphere thinning, Tianshui basin piedmont alluvial fan facies of a brownish-red sandstone, derived from the mantle heat source of potassium Xia olive yellow long volcanic eruption out. Act II: Neogene lithospheric stretching stops rotating, recessed basin squeeze into the evolution of the tectonic role of the Paleogene sedimentary strongly deformed, and to the West Qinling and Huajialing formed between the Neogene uplift unified sedimentary basin, Neogene strata unconformably overlying strata in the old old, indicating that at least this time the Indian plate and Eurasian collision effect has been passed to reach the remote areas. Act III: 3.6Ma around Tianshui basin into Tibet Movement A, Tianshui Basin, southern depressed again. 2, Tianshui Cenozoic sediments based on lithology, sedimentary structures and structure, divided into 21 and alluvial fan facies, broad and shallow lakes, flood plains and river four kinds of sedimentary environments. While the Neogene strata from the bottom into \as> 9.23Ma ,9.23-7 .1 Ma ,7-1-3 .6 Ma, 3.6Ma-1.4Ma. 3, Qin An Guojia Neogene appearance similar to loess - paleosol sequence stratigraphy and tectonic structure after deposition, geochemical composition, combination, analysis of fossils that Guo Jia Neogene sedimentary sequence along the edge of the basin flood plains are underwater deposition and gas under environmental transformation pedogenesis interactive product, rather than eolian product. 4, Paleogene basins in Tianshui localized deposition of a piedmont alluvial fan facies purple coarse clastics. Neogene widely from West Qinling substances deposited in Tianshui basin, and from the north to the southern basin piedmont depression broad floodplain basin with sediment thickness rapidly thinning, thinning sediment grain size, sedimentary facies differentiation levels significantly. 15.6MaB. P. Has experienced four stages of sedimentary evolution :15.6-9 .23 Ma floodplains and river deposition, deposition in red mudstone with calcareous or calcareous mudstone layer (calcrate) interbedded rhythm-based \-7.1Ma widely accepted basin lake transgression, deposition gray-green marl interbedded with red mudstone \red clay layer and the silt layer based \rift into the lake, 3.6Ma-1.4Ma deposition grayish green with blue and gray - gray marl interbedded \District turned to increase erosion, river terraces evolution and acceptance of eolian loess stages.

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