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Studies on the Structure and the Development of Olfactory and Visual Organ in the Southern Catfish(Silurus Meridionalis Chen)

Author: AoLei
Tutor: ZhangYaoGuang
School: Southwest China Normal
Course: Zoology
Keywords: Olfactory organ Visual organ Structure Development Southern Catfish
CLC: Q954
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2002
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March 2001 to March 2002, the application of optical microscopy, scanning and transmission electron microscopy observational study of the structure and development of the olfactory and visual organs SOUTHERN CATFISH (Silurus meridionalis Chen). The results show that: the southern catfish olfactory plate is developed, constituted by two layers symmetrical epithelial tissue and surrounded by a thin layer of matrix layer belong to the H-type, arrangement, feeling epithelial and non-sensory epithelium of the olfactory board distribution of Ⅰ type, having a continuous sensory regions, non-sensory epithelium is distributed in the peripheral zone of the olfactory plate. Sensory epithelium sensory cells, ciliated non-sensory cells, support cells, mucous cells and basal cells. The scanning electron microscope, visible sensory areas with dense distribution of ciliated, secretory vesicles exist both in the sensory area and the surface of the non-sensory area. The smooth surface of the non-sensory area, occasionally visible cluster of cilia distribution. Transmission electron microscopy, the various types of cells in the olfactory epithelium with general cell organelles. Oval mitochondria, sensory cells, many vacuoles of some sensory cells; mucous cells filled with mucus particles of different sizes. SOUTHERN CATFISH olfactory function is very strong, the belonging typical fish's sense of smell. THE SOUTHERN eye smaller, less developed, does not belong to the visual fish similar basic structure and other bony fish. Having a silver film in the choroid, retina structure can be divided into 10 layers, the average thickness of 670μm, the retina of rod photoreceptor cells, the single cone and bipyramid three. Of ganglion cells in the ganglion cell layer sparse arrangement, a smaller number, an average of only 2-3 per 100μm ganglion cells, a ganglion cells receive about three bipolar cell input; each bipolar cells receive about 4 photoreceptor input, which indicates that the ganglion cell receptive field. SOUTHERN CATFISH retinal photoreceptor cell layer neural retinal layer thickness ratio is about 3:2, suggesting that the Southern Catfish accept the system more complex than light passing light; photoreceptor cells and ganglion cell number ratio of approximately 12:1 , the performance of the structural characteristics of night vision animal retinal photoreceptor cells to ganglion cells converge. The water temperature was 21 ± 0.5 ℃, the occurrence of the olfactory organ begins at fertilization 26.5h, front on both sides of the forebrain neuroectodermal cell proliferation thickening made of a plate-like structure, the film olfactory substrate from the front of the head dorsal skin surface slightly concave invagination to form the olfactory fossa; olfactory epithelium began to differentiate the film 2d; After the film 7d, the first olfactory board in the olfactory sac rear of the formation, and choanal formation; the film 10d four olfactory board in the olfactory sac exists; the film 40d of larval olfactory organ of the basic organizational structure and development was relatively perfect subsequent development of major performance in the number of olfactory board continue to increase as well as the olfactory epithelium surface area continuously expand on. Olfactory plate forward by the olfactory epithelium by successive ridge formed, Therefore, the earliest choanal olfactory plate development, surface area is also the largest. Sense organs, the earliest visual organ development, among which the retina is the first differentiation, the film, the optic cup formed of two layers, the inner layer of the original retinal neuroepithelial outer the original retinal pigment epithelium; after hatching 12h, in the middle of the outer layer of the optic cup golden pigment; hatching 2d, the inner layer of the optic cup cells begin to differentiate into the ganglion cell layer, outer nuclear layer and kernel layer, a small amount of cones in the retina ; after hatching 62h, optic nerve formation; Ao 磊: Southern paste olfactory and visual organs structure and development of rod cells in the film 7d, 18d after a 10-layer structure of the retina in the film fully developed. Epiblast cells of the corneal epithelium from the front side, while the corneal bulk layer Central mesoderm between mesenchymal cells migrate from the membrane 40d, the structure and into a body of the shape of the cornea tissue consistent; the iris development began after the film 7d, the gap between the free mesenchymal cells broke into the lens and cornea, iris rudiment is formed, the film 3id iris developmental completely; choroid development dry before the film after 3d, head of mesenchymal cells to the retinal pigment on the outside of the migration of the cortex to form the choroid;, the film 50d the choroid basic formation. Sclera was the latest development, the film 31d choroidal outside of a layer of cartilage cells, and at the same time, the head mesenchymal cells to the choroidal outside of migration: the film 60d sclera developmental basically completed. The Southern Station vision in the early stages of the larvae feeding plays a more important role.

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