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The Disquisition on the Efficiency of Chinese and Foreign Commercial Banks

Author: YangZuo
Tutor: LuoJun
School: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course: Financial
Keywords: Bank Efficiency DEA (data envelopment analysis )
CLC: F832.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Bank efficiency is a concentrated expression of the banking competitiveness, improve the efficiency of the banking sector is fundamental to guard against financial risks, and promote the sustainable development of the banking sector. The study on the efficiency of the banking sector is one of the key topics of the international financial community and national regulatory authorities in the past 20 years. Efficiency of commercial banks in the pursuit of achieving invested minimize or maximize output that maximize cost savings invested or procure to maximize returns, but the state-owned commercial banks has long been an adjunct of the government departments, not the pursuit of profit maximization. as a business objective, therefore, there is the question of efficiency. In the 1990s, along with the commercialization reform of the four state-owned specialized banks as well as a number of the establishment of joint-stock commercial banks, coupled with the entry of foreign banks, the competitive environment of the banking system is gradually formed, the question of efficiency is an unavoidable fact of the bank. Compared with the speed and extensive management issues, the question of efficiency is a more deep-seated problems. The long term, the development of the banking industry will ultimately depend on efficiency rather than speed. Since 2006, foreign banks inroads into gradually engulfed the market share of domestic banks when the formation of the new competitive landscape. At present, in the face of new competition situation, China's domestic banks must speed up the pace of reform, and to improve their efficiency. Domestic banking efficiency of our theory, but for the comparative study of the efficiency of Chinese and foreign banks is relatively small, so the comparison of Chinese and foreign banking efficiency has important theoretical and practical significance. On the structural arrangements of the paper, the paper is divided into five parts: Part I. Introduction The significance of thesis topics, papers and papers of innovation as a brief description. In this paper, the definition of bank efficiency under the premise of DEA for efficiency comparison. Innovations include the comparison of Chinese and foreign banks in the same model, as well as the introduction of new input-output indicators. The efficiency of the second part of the bank. First introduced the connotation of efficiency, the basic content of the concept of efficiency refers to the relationship between the input and output, the output here refers not any items, but meet to provide people with useful objects, from an economic perspective The final output is the satisfaction of the people that utility. Compared the efficiency and effectiveness of the concept, the introduction of the efficiency evaluation of the value of standards, this article is more clarity on the efficiency of analysis. Then, based on the introduction of the concept of banking efficiency, the banking efficiency can be evaluated from the micro-level and macro level. From the micro-level, bank efficiency refers to all commercial banks to complete the allocation of financial resources to achieve optimal inputs and outputs, or a comparison of the costs and benefits: From a macro level, bank efficiency is the Bank's contribution to the national economic growth rate, that is incremental and the quality of growth of factor inputs and the national economy of the entire banking comparison. Then, the classification of bank efficiency, scale efficiency, scope efficiency and x efficiency. Finally, a brief introduction to the analysis of bank efficiency, focus on comparing the parameter analysis and non-parametric analysis, and finally select the parameters analyzed DEA model of law as an article of empirical research. Chose DEA method is through a comprehensive index to evaluate the effect of multi-input and multi-output of China's commercial banks. The efficiency of China's commercial banks to carry out less, if the use of parameters to evaluate the efficiency of China's banks, the estimated bank production function too subjective, which will lead to the estimated efficiency of error is too large; parameter method and the use of estimated The statistical data required by the various types of efficiency function is not enough. The third part is the empirical analysis of the efficiency of the bank. The main content of this part is to introduce the basic concepts of the DEA method and the entire model. DEA as a linear programming method, originally developed by Charnes (1978) in productivity Farrell (1957) on the basis of Farrell in 1957, the results of Debreu (1957) and Koopmans (1957) established a measure of the efficiency of a company can explain a variety of inputs. Then, the introduction of a bank of input and output index system, countries have different national conditions, the definition of bank inputs and outputs is different. The common method of definition of bank inputs and outputs can be roughly divided into three types: production approach and intermediation approach and Assets Act. This article combines three theoretical point of view, to define the bank, and to define the inputs and outputs of the bank. When selecting indicators, attention to select indicators able to meet the requirements of the bank efficiency evaluation can objectively reflect the bank's level of competitiveness; followed should be avoided technically input (output) set between internal indicators, strong linear relationship; Finally, consider the importance of the indicators and easily acquired. Finally, we select the input variables for the bank's operating expenses, interest expense, depreciation of fixed assets and paid-up capital; bank output indicators defined as the bank's after-tax profits, interest income. Then select the 10 banks, including seven domestic banks (Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Bank of Communications, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, Chinatrust), three foreign banks (Bank of East Asia, Citibank HSBC) as the sample using deap software on the efficiency of the 10 banks calculated. Sample calculation results on the basis of, this paper analyzes the efficiency gap between domestic and foreign banks in China, and the results of the 2004 and 2005 calculated comparative study also found that the Chinese banking industry as a whole, while identifying gaps, level are on the rise, gradually narrowing the efficiency gap and foreign banks. Inefficient sources based on the cost of China's commercial banks in 2005 to analyze the sample of banks have reached the technology effectively, the cost of the banks without invalid on the efficiency or resource allocation, China's banks have reached from the results of the SE the efficiency of scale. Domestic banks if we can focus on the efficiency of resource allocation, raise the level of efficiency of the banking sector as a whole will be just around the corner. The fourth section analyzes the reasons for the differences in the efficiency of banks and foreign banks in China. First, the need to improve the efficiency of China's banking, a review of the course of development of foreign banks in China, described the current development of China's banking sector, and foreign banks in the competitive landscape sketched. Chinese banks and foreign banks will be increasingly fierce competition, the result of the comparison of the efficiency of the Chinese and foreign commercial banks to help us understand the gap between domestic and foreign commercial banks and analysis generated the reasons for the gap, which is necessary for improving the efficiency of the Bank of China. Then analyzed the existing problems of China's banking sector, including the issue of corporate governance, innovation capability and financial risk issues, etc.. For example: China's commercial banks generally adopted a system of total branches, institutions outlets, large-scale, multiple levels of internal management, long chain, internal control deficiencies, there are rules that do not follow the illegal operations; due to the market position of the commercial banks in China roughly similar, mostly not form an effective innovation mechanisms and systems, compared to the international banking industry, Bank of China's overall innovation capability and relatively low level. The fifth part of the recommendations to improve the efficiency of China's banking. Including the optimization of the structure of property rights, the establishment of effective organization of the bank, as well as improve the quality of human resources. For example: In accordance with the principle of market-oriented joint-stock reform of China's banking conditional can be listed to reach the banks of the listing conditions, can be part of its equity sold to the non-state sector, and ultimately achieve the purpose of the Bank of the joint-stock reform; sound legal regulations and give full play to the role of the market mechanism, to procure between efficiency in China's banking mergers and acquisitions; China's commercial banks should focus on improving the quality of human resources, personnel management calls for fair competition staff hiring system, flexible distribution system Carders merit system and make the best use of post redesignated system, the banks' internal labor resources in effective control within the optimal configuration; the focus of a new round of financial innovation of commercial banks should make full use of its information technology and personnel to improve level of innovation, commercial banks must be clear that the focus of a new round of financial innovation and raise the level of financial innovation.

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