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The Study of the Tissue Culture Technology of Clivia

Author: WangHongXing
Tutor: XuGuangBo
School: Yanbian University
Course: Agricultural Extension
Keywords: Clivia miniata tissue culture callus adventitious bud rooting culture
CLC: S682.13
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Clivia miniata is a perennial herb of Amaryllidaceae Clivia miniata genus, with high ornamental value and economic value.This research based on healthy adult Clivia miniata explants, through designing single-factor and orthogonal experiment to obtain Clivia miniata sterile materials, The optimal culture medium for various stages-callus, adventitious bud,and induct roots-was selected out. The results were as follows:1 Clivia miniata leaves were used as explants to investigate 70% ethanol best sterilization time, and sterilize Clivia miniata explants with 0.1% mercuric chloride and 4% sodium hypochlorite to find the best disinfection method. The results showed that the best disinfection method is that processing it with 70% ethanol for 40s,then with sodium hypochlorite for 20min.2 Through the single factor experiments, types of induction callus culture medium were discussed. The results showed that MS medium was suitable for Clivia miniata explants callus induction; investigating influencing factors of callus induction rate with orthogonal experiment, the results showed that NAA and 2,4-D were the most important influencing factors on Clivia miniata callus induction rate,6-BA was the minimal one. Influencing factors of Clivia miniata callus induction rate were:C (NAA)> A (2,4-D)> D (concentration of sucrose)> B (6-BA). The best method of Clivia miniata callus induction are:A2B3C2D2-concentration of 2,4-D was 1.0 mg/L, concentration of 6-BA was 2.0 mg/L, concentration of NAA was 1.0 mg/L, content of sucrose was 30g/L.3 This paper dicusses the types of culture medium of Clivia miniata adventitious bud and concentration of growth hormone respectively with single factor tests. Studies showed that the best culture medium was MS in which the concentration of NAA was 1.5 mg/L, the concentration of cytokinin 6-BA was 1.0 mg/L. These are the best concentration for proliferation of Clivia miniata adventitious bud.4 The research of rooting with Clivia miniata adventitious bud showed that types of culture medium was the most influencing factor; concentration of sucrose was the minimal influencing factor. Influential factors of rooting with Clivia miniata adventitious bud were:A (types of medium)> C (pH)> D (NAA)> E (KT)> F (6-BA)> B (concentration of sucrose); the best rooting method was:A2B4C2D4E1F1-the media type was 1/2MS, concentration of sucrose was 35g/L, pH was 6.5, concentration of NAA was 1.5mg/L, concentration of KT was O.lmg/L, concentration of 6-BA was 0.1 mg/L.

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