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Preliminary Studies on Heterosis Breeding and DH1 Population of Ornamental Kale

Author: WuZuo
Tutor: BaoManZhu
School: Huazhong Agricultural University
Course: Ornamental Plants and Horticulture
Keywords: Brassica oleracea var. acephala the self lines double haploid lines combining ability heterosis self-incompatibility
CLC: S681.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Ornamental kale is an important ornamental plant used in the summer and autumn in Chinese, loved by the citizens. However, the study on character inheritance laws and heterosis use of ornamental kale is not systematical inland and oversea. Eight inbred lines which were named J27、J29、J33、J35、J87、J109、J111 and J122 of ornamental kale were selected as parents for crossing according to the Griffing of the fourth cross method, which deployed 28 Fls. Firstly, the heterosis of seed set,days of discoloration and main ornamental characters were investigated on; On the other hand, the studies on inheritance laws were carried out for 10 main ornamental characters. In addition, the text also analyzed the second generation’s quality of the microspore.This part was about the analysis of main ornamental characters and the survey of self-incompatibility. The main results were as following:1.The survey of pollen germination rate about J27, J29, J33, J35, J87, J109, J111 and J122 focus on different collection time、different storage condition and different storage dates. The pollen have the high germination rate when they are collected in 10:00 to16:00 o’clock, kept at 4℃.And they have high germination rate after 20 days which are stored at 4℃storage condition.2. The application of Griffing of the fourth cross method of eight inbred lines. Analysis indicated that the maturing rate of F1 hybrid ranged from 10.94% to 90.57 %,and the biggest combination is J87 x J109.The germination percentage of F1 generation ranged from 9.03% to 100%t. And the combinations with 100 percent germination rate are J29×J111、J87×J122、J109×J111. The analysis of heterosis show that the changing color period of Fl showed negative heterobeltiosis. And the ground diameter. the breadth of exterior leafs and the ornamental period had heterobeltiosis,which were 14.81%,0.28%,3.5% and 7.03%. Analysis of combining ability illustrated that the general combining ability (GCA) of eight parents have significant differences.J27 and J35 are higher than the others. While, the number of inner leafs, the breadth of inner leaf, the changing color period and the ornamental stage of the three combinations J29×J33. J33×J87 and J87×J122 showed high special combining ability (SCA). The results of heritability showed that different characters have different heritability. The hN2 is between 0 and 47.57%,and the hB2 changed from 24.15% to 84.65%. The hN2 and hB2 of the bolting period and the flowering stage are all very high. The early selection is good. The other eight ornamental characters have high hB2 while with low hN2, they are better to select in the higher generation. To sum up, when taking the maturing rate and germination percentage into account, we can choose three combinations as the promotion combinations,they are J29×J33, J33×J87, J87×J122.3、The determination of self-incompatibility and quality analysis of DH1 generational plants of ornamental kale.The flowering pollination and bud pollination of P3-4、P3-70、P3-11-25、G1-11、FP-21 showed that spore plants of kale are typical self-incompatibility type. They have low maturing rate of self-pollination. Only FP-21 and P3-4 have seeds by flowering pollination. The compatible indexes of bud pollination are also very low.The biggest one is 6.51,and the lowest one is just 0.26,the most compatible indexes are from 2 to 4. The number of inner leafs, the number of exterior leafs, the changing color period and the ornamental period of the five DH1 generation expressed extremely significant difference. So different varieties in DH1 generation have large variation and different characteristics also showed diversity.

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