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Raman Scattering Study on SWNT for Anode Material of Lithium-ion Batteries and Correlative Problems

Author: LiPengWei
Tutor: MoYuJun
School: Henan University
Course: Optics
Keywords: Single - walled carbon nanotubes Purification In situ Raman Li -ion battery SERS
CLC: O433
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Carbon nanotubes are a synthetic quasi-one-dimensional quantum materials, it appears not only enrich people's understanding of the most unusual elements of this nature in the carbon, but also opens the door for conducting basic research of low-dimensional materials. Aroused widespread concern because of its unique structure, mechanics, electricity and other excellent performance in various fields of nano-electronic devices, functional materials, and fuel cell. Raman scattering is a powerful tool for the study of carbon nanotubes, it has an important role for the understanding of the structure of carbon nanotubes and its physical meaning. Especially in situ Raman spectroscopy allows us to get a dynamic process of change in the the instant spectral information about the sample. As a starting point, this paper hopes by means of in situ Raman detection means further understanding of the nature of the carbon nanotubes and its mechanism change with the ambient conditions. The text is divided into six chapters. The first chapter section provides a brief overview of the discovery of carbon nanotubes, structure, nature of several basic preparation techniques. Briefly in the second chapter, the first carbon nanotube purification principle several basic purification methods. Then, for a sample of the carbon nanotube containing the excessive metal catalyst particles characteristics, designed mainly the ultrasonic oscillation acidified processing, supplemented by the gas phase oxidation of the purification method. Obtained by purification of single-walled carbon nanotube sample diameter distribution is more concentrated. Finally, the purification process may impact on the structure of single-walled carbon nanotubes analyzed. In the third chapter, we study the dependence of the Raman spectra of single-walled carbon nanotubes and its spectrum of ambient conditions. On carbon in several allotropic the Raman spectra of comparison, we found that they are characteristic lines has obvious Raman frequency shift, which is mainly attributed to the curl of the graphite layer, and change of curvature. Under different excitation wavelengths, due to the influence of resonance, the characteristic peaks of the SWNT (The single-walled carbon nanotubes) significant displacement, and, at 457.5 nm excitation light to obtain a high quality of the SWNT third order Raman spectrum. SWNT films Raman spectra different for different matrix materials, due to the difference in material thermal conductivity, its essence is related to the carbon nanotubes with temperature dependent In this regard, we are in different substrate SWNT the film variable power test interpretation. In the fourth chapter, we proceed from the perspective of electrochemical research SWNT film on the silver electrode potential changes in Raman spectroscopy. In the cycle of the potential changes in the SWNT Raman spectroscopy showed a certain degree of reversibility, but this reversibility with the voltage having a relative hysteresis characteristics. Chapter mainly by the means of in situ Raman detection and analog battery by means of optical window, the in situ detection of SWNT behavioral changes in Li-ion battery charge and discharge process. In this process, changes in the SWNT is a partially reversible process, corresponding to an irreversible change in the spectrum of SWNT in the presence of the irreversible capacity in the first week of the charge-discharge process. With the deepening of the process of charging and discharging, the spectrum of the rate of change is slowing. Skilled application of DFT (density functional theory) theory, and deepening of SERS (surface enhanced the Raman scattering) technology and mechanism in the sixth chapter, we have in-depth study of a silver mirror Island film substrate morphine molecule SERS spectroscopy and adsorption Orientation.

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