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The Effects of the VEGF Different Genotype Carriers on the Hypoxia Training to Acute Mountain Sickness

Author: PangShiHua
Tutor: WangWeiQun
School: Suzhou University
Course: Human Movement Science
Keywords: Acute Mountain Sicknes(sAMS) vascular endothelial growth factor(VEGF) Single nucleotide Polymorphism(SNP) Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) hypoxia training
CLC: G804.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Purpose: To study the effects of the VEGF different genotype carriers (SNP/C+405G, SNP/C-2578A and SNP/C936T loci) on the hypoxia training to acute mountain sickness,and provide the experimental foundation of athlete selection by molecular genetics method.Method:48 students, all male Chinese Han people, were divided into groups by different genotypes of VEGF at SNP/C+405G, SNP/C-2578A and SNP/C936Tloci.All the subjects had a progressive hypoxia training ( elevation increase by week,2500m,3500m,4800m) for 3 weeks (2h/d,4d/w) by cycling.Training intensity was controlled by SpO2 ( SpO2 90-92%,2500m; SpO2<88%,3500m;SpO2<75%, 4800m).We compared and studied the dates come from the hypoxia sports for 20 minitues(Ride the bike at the speed of 60rpm when the subjects stay in capsule for 30 miniutes),exposure to hypoxicenvironment for 6 hours,and correlative index about oxygen transportation system(SPO2、HR、VC、FEV1).Result:1.The scores and incidences of AMS of all the subjects decrease from 2.65±1.66、54.2% to 1.29±1.53、16.7%evidently(P<0.05).And there is no significant differences after the subjects taked the hypoxic training。2.Before the hypoxic training,there is no significant differences in SpO2. The values of SpO2 are higher after hypoxic training.There is no significant differences in each group except that the value of SpO2 of SNP/C936T loci CC carriers are higher than CT+TT(P<0.05).3.The values of HR are lower than before the training.there is no significant differences in the value of decrease in each group after training.4.there is no significant differences in the values of VC,FEV1 in hypoxic rest and postexercise in each group after hypoxictraining.The values of VC in most groups are a little more than before the training after hypoxictraining.The values of FEV1 don’t change evidently.There is no significant differences inthe values of VC, FEV1 except that the increase of the VC of SNP/C936T loci CC carriers is higher than CT+TTevidently(P<0.05).Conclusion: 1.This thesis studied the influence which hypoxic training act on the AMS of the people who have different genotypes of VEGF and the index about oxygen transportation system firstly.2.The 3-week progressive hypoxic trainingmodel we design applicable to the research of the hypoxicen vironment adaptation,decrease of the incidence of AMS,increase of SpO2,and decrease of HR.3.VEGF SNP/C+405G, SNP/C-2578A and SNP/C936T loci can’t be used to be molecular genetics label on hypoxia training to acute mountain sickness.Excpte SNP/C936T loci CC may be used to be molecular genetics label on hypoxia training to acute hypoxia postexercise SPO2change and postexercise pulmonary ventilation function change,others cannot be used.4.Suggested to expand sample size of SNP/C936T loci to further study.

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