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Stimulation of γδT Cell in Peripheral Blood by Zoledronic Acid and Its Cytotoxic Effect in Nonspecific Immunity of Hepatoma.

Author: DaiZuo
Tutor: QianHaiZuo;LiuJianXia
School: Suzhou University
Course: Department of General Surgery
Keywords: γδT cells Zoledronic acid Proliferation Hepatoma cells Cytotoxic
CLC: R735.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Part I: zoledronic acid stimulate human peripheral blood the γδT cell proliferation purpose : to explore zoledronic acid stimulation of human peripheral blood γδT cell proliferation role : collect peripheral blood of 10 healthy donors 10 ml of isolated from peripheral blood by density gradient centrifugation mononuclear cells. The use of third - generation bisphosphonate drug zoledronic phosphonic acid as a stimulating factor , zoledronic acid and IL-2 stimulated peripheral blood γδT cell proliferation in different concentrations of S - 3307 . The cells were cultured for 12-14 days , the cells were collected , flow cytometry related phenotypes , 3H - TdR incorporation determination of the degree of cell proliferation . Results: The cultured for 12-14 days , peripheral blood γδT cell proliferation significantly compared with the control group , the experimental group γδT phenotypic ratio increased significantly ( 9.7% of the control group and the experimental group 80.8 % , P lt ; 0.01) . CD3 increased significantly ( 71.2% of the control group , the experimental group, 96.2 % , P LT ; 0.01) . 3H-TdR incorporation assay cell proliferation significantly in the experimental group : (blank control group CMP value : the CMP value of 111.1 , the experimental group : 17488.6 P lt ; 0.01) . Zoledronic acid concentration in all azole In 1μΜ concentration , γδT cell proliferation most obvious . Conclusion : Zoledronic acid can promote human peripheral blood the γδT cell proliferation , a large number of high-purity γδT cells . Part II: amplified γδT cells : To investigate the purpose of human hepatoma cell killing effect to zoledronic acid to stimulate the proliferation of γδT cells of human hepatoma cell killing effect : the same experiment a method to obtain healthy human peripheral blood γδT cells , γδT cells as effector cells , respectively, to the human hepatoma cell line SMCC -7721 , MHCC- 97 , HepG2 as target cells . After the termination of the experiment were cultured for 48 hours in accordance with the effective target than 20:1,10:1 SRB assay killing efficiency of effector cells to target cells . : ΓδT cells of three tumor cells showed strong killing effect efficiency ratio of 20:1 , γδT cell destruction rate of liver cancer cells up to 98.7% , effector to target ratio of 10:1 , γδT cells of liver cancer cells The destruction rate of up to 92.6% . Same effector to target ratios , γδT cell killing effect of the different cell lines without significant differences ( P gt ; 0.05) different effector to target ratios , γδT cell killing effect of the same cell lines were significantly different ( P lt; 0.05 ) . Conclusion: γδT cells in vitro amplification zoledronic acid stimulation significant killing effect on liver cancer cells

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