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Study on Depositional System of 2nd Member of the Shawan Formation in Chunguang Block of Junggar Basin

Author: AoLiYing
Tutor: XuGuoQiang
School: Chengdu University of Technology
Course: Mineral prospecting and exploration
Keywords: Spring block Sequence stratigraphy Depositional systems Depositional model Junggar Basin
CLC: P512.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Junggar Basin is the second largest basin, the rich oil and gas resources, Chepaizi area is located in the northwest margin of the Junggar Basin. At present, the region has entered a high mature stage of exploration, the study area in a wide nose and long tectonic zone, monoclinic structure, structural traps are not developed, therefore, looking for lithologic traps. The the recent years Chepaizi shallow Neogene the Shawan group found that a significant number of industrial oil and gas flow, suggesting that there is considerable potential, however, the shallow lack of a system of sequence stratigraphy and sedimentary system has been hampered lithologic traps looking for. In response to these problems, the paper seismic stratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy and sedimentology theory as a guide, the integrated use of the drilling, logging, seismic data, combined with regional geological setting, the regional spring block Chepaizi Haven Formation division and correlation of sequence stratigraphy, the establishment of a the Shawan sequence stratigraphic framework, depositional systems, study of the system within a sequence stratigraphic framework, mainly made of Understanding: 1) O. Catuneanu (2009) Professor the sequence stratigraphy standardized theoretical guidance, the integrated use of the drilling, logging, seismic data, Shawan third-order sequence is divided into three, namely SQ1, SQ2, SQ3, roughly corresponding to the sand Bay group N 1 s 1 s N 1 2 N 1 s 3 segment, and each of the three sequences are divided into four systems tracts are LST, the transgressive systems tract and highstand systems domain and force the Lake regressive systems tract. 2) Select the typical profile of one through the region, roughly along the direction of the provenance of its line drawing, sedimentary basins prototype recovery the SQ2 sequence Shahejie sequence stratigraphic frame mode, clear stratigraphic internal structure, deposition trend, piled, contact relations, research along the provenance direction of sand sets the spread and development of sedimentary facies type. 3) pure sand and shale speed extraction and analysis show that: the development of the study area are three types of sandstone: molding sand: Ⅰ the sandstone speed is less than the the mudstone speed of sandstone; the the molding sand II: quite sandstone the speed and mudstone speed sandstone; Ⅲ molding sand: sandstone speed is greater than the mudstone speed sandstone Shahejie Ⅰ molding sand based. Well - shock comparative analysis shows that the the earthquake trough sands top surface seismic response. 4) the basis of the above analysis, the application of sand body seismic scan explained sand sets scan interpretation plane distribution of skeletal sand bodies through a single well facies, seismic facies analysis, that the study area developmental shallow braided deltas plains, shallow braided river delta front slope fan and the lakebed fan, the main development of the delta plain distributary channel and river channel between Bay microfacies; delta front sedimentary distributary channel sand bodies and beach bar sandbody,; slope fan The slope fan sand bodies in the development of a large number of contiguous; sublacustrine fan development overlay fan sandbodies slope fan and sublacustrine fan developed a small amount of underwater distributary channel sand body. 5) based on research in the deposition phase, comprehensive provenance analysis, sedimentary structures background, the Shahejie third sand sets depositional systems development are as follows: the development of the western and central parts of the study area, Shallow braided river delta plain - shallow braided like river delta front - slope fan - sublacustrine fan system, eastern only developed the Shallow braided river delta plain depositional systems 6) In summary, the establishment of a of Shahejie third sand sets sedimentary facies model, pointed out that the lithology circle closed favorable facies development.

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