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Evaluation of Virtual Coloscopy with 64-slice Helical CT: Clinical and Experimental Study

Author: WuXingWang
Tutor: LiuBin
School: Anhui Medical University,
Course: Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
Keywords: Colon polyps Colonoscopy Tomography , X - ray computed Animal experiments Cancer Virtual colonoscopy Multislice CT Virtual autopsy MDCT Ulcerative Colitis Colonic lesions Colonography technology Virtual colonoscopy
CLC: R816.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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The purpose of the inspection CTVC (Computed Tomography Virtual Colonscopy CTVC) experiment to study lung window and soft tissue window technique in measuring the value of colonic lesions. Methods Wash fresh pork intestine for a period (about 150 cm), 24 artificial simulation of polypoid lesions random with glue to secure it in the bowel wall throughout. Pig intestine filled with air and placed in a container filled with water, the use of 64-slice CT in the same scan parameters of its continuous scanning of 10 times, and transmitted to the data obtained by the reconstruction of 0.625 mm the GE AW4.2 workstation. Use of CTVC special software restructuring simulation lesions in the colon contours and intestine, by two radiologists with more than 10 years of work experience, the use of a dedicated CTVC measurement tools to measure the maximum diameter of each simulated lesions. Lung window (window width of 1000 HU, window level of -700 HU) and abdominal soft tissue window (window width 400 HU, window level 40 HU), each measured, measuring a total of 10 times, and calculated for each analog lesions measuring After 10 times the average diameter of the resultant, the true diameter of the results obtained with the analog lesions for comparison. Results 24 simulated lesions form, the relationship between the size, location, and lesions with the intestinal wall to get a good show. The maximum diameter of each measurement simulated lesions with true lesion diameter were closer to the average of most true diameter slightly less than the few slightly larger than the true diameter. Lesion maximum diameter measured by the use of pulmonary window technique, an average value of 5.97 mm, the real diameter of the analog lesions average value was 6.28 mm, no statistical difference between the two groups of data (t = 0.431, P = 0.669); In abdominal soft tissue window level measured 4.38 mm, with the true lesion diameter was statistically significant (t = 2.691, P = 0.010). The conclusion CTVC has the advantages of non-invasive or minimally invasive screening for colon lesions, and repeatability. CTVC checks should adopt pulmonary window technique to measure the size of the lesion. The purpose of the experiment to study the 360 ??° virtual anatomical view of technology in the 64-slice spiral CT virtual colonoscopy from the anus distance accuracy in the measurement of rectal cancer. Methods Wash fresh pig colon segment (about 20cm), 10 the artificial simulation rectal tumor-like lesions. Turn fixed analog lesions in the pig colon, immersed in a water tank to the model within the injected air. GE LIGHT SPEED 64 special software layer spiral CT scan model, the original data transmitted after 0.625mm reconstruction to AW 4.2 workstation, the use of virtual colonoscopy image reorganization, 360 ° virtual anatomical view of the tumor remote distance between the start of the distance measurements. The distance of each lesion was measured 10 times and averaged. The average lesion will measure the distance of the true distance compared statistically independent samples T-test. The results in virtual anatomical view of 360 °, 10 simulated lesions distance to measure the distance between the starting point compared with accurately measured the value with the actual distance is closer to a small number of results is slightly larger than the actual distance. Simulated lesions from the starting point of the actual distance of 145 mm ~ 10 mm, average 77.5 mm; measured on a 360 ° virtual anatomical view results for the 142.4 mm ~~ 9.6 mm, average 76.5 mm between the two sets of data was not statistically significant (t = 0.049, P = 0.961). Conclusion 64-slice spiral CT virtual colonoscopy 360 ° virtual anatomical view technology more accurate measurement of rectal distance from the anus to provide an important basis for the choice of surgical rectal surgery way. Objective tests to explore the 2D plan view of the 64-slice spiral CT virtual colonoscopy, 360 ° virtual anatomical view 3D cavity view technology show diameter ≤ 3mm colon depressed lesions advantage. Paragraph 1 (about 20cm) Materials and Methods washed with fresh pig colon count naturally formed small intestine. Ulcerative depressed lesion diameter measured flip, flip again and filled air, after ligation both ends fixed to the water tank. GE LIGHT SPEED 64 layer spiral CT scan model, the original data is transmitted to the workstation after 0.625mm reconstruction 2D plane view, 360 ° anatomical view 3D cavity view three kinds of technology of the prior mark depressed lesions detectors, the three types of technology are shown in the results were compared. Results in 41 diameter 1mm ~ 3mm small depressed lesions the 3D cavity of view, 360 ° virtual anatomical view and 2D plan view respectively detect 39, 32 and 20; sensitivity of 95%, 78 % and 49%. Conclusion The the 3D cavity of view is most ideal for the display of colon small depressed lesions; View less effective use of 2D plane alone, in order to achieve a satisfactory display 2D plan view must be combined with the the 3D cavity of view and 360 ° virtual anatomical view. Objective To evaluate the 64-slice spiral CT colonography diagnostic value of colonic lesions. Methods 38 patients (including 12 cases of colon cancer, polyps in 10 cases, intestinal multiple small depressions nine cases, two cases of multiple diverticula, CTVC negative in 2 cases, intestinal congenital malrotation, ulcerative colitis associated with mucosal glands hyperplasia of the terminal ileum and sigmoid colon anastomosis and 1 cases) conventional intestinal cleansing, GE LIGHT SPEED 64-slice spiral CT volume scan, and the resulting volume of data transmitted to the workstation after 0.625mm reconstruction. The the use CTVC, VR, MPR, 360 ° viewing angle anatomy view RaySum navigation technology image processing, and the results compared with the CC. The results of 12 cases of colon cancer and 10 patients with polyps, CTVC were good intraluminal lesions size, number, shape. 12 cases of colon cancer RaySum accurately display the location of the lesion, the obvious narrow range, as well as the cause of intestinal tumor infiltration. The MPR display the relationship between the tumor and surrounding organs, found three cases of colon cancer associated with liver or peritoneal metastasis was to combine 2D cross-sectional image. 360 ° perspective exploded sectional view more accurately measure the distance of the tumor from the anus, results consistent with CC. One cases CTVC diagnosed ulcerative colitis associated with descending colon cancer patients, and the pathological diagnosis of ulcerative colitis with mucosal gland hyperplasia. One cases CTVC diagnosis of sigmoid colon cancer, and 1 case of transverse colon polyps inconsistent with CC. Conclusion 64-slice CT colonography is a valuable technology for the diagnosis of colonic lesions, CTVC combined

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