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Status and Conspicuous Consumption Tendency: Medinating Role of Self-esteem

Author: YuanShaoFeng
Tutor: LiuLiGang
School: Liaoning University
Course: Business management
Keywords: Status Status concern Power Self-respect Conspicuous consumption tendencies
CLC: F713.55
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2011
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Conspicuous consumption is increasingly common in China, the study of the formation mechanism of this phenomenon but the field of domestic marketing also appear inadequate, the small number of studies of the fields of economics and sociology, with emphasis on critical analysis in terms of ideology. Only the conspicuous consumption habits as a wealthy commence criticism is unscientific. Conspicuous consumption reasonable, such as support of the status of the image in some occasions, the conspicuous consumption as people exchanges with a higher level of learning ways to strengthen the self-confidence through conspicuous consumption to make up for the trauma, etc. . But on the other hand, wasteful conspicuous consumption will produce a number of negative results, as incurred in reference to the members of jealousy, and reduce their sense of well-being and happiness, waste and destruction of natural resources, and a negative impact on the social climate. Foreign scholars have carried out more research, but in the the Oriental civilization Circle huge difference with Western society, conspicuous consumption motives and manifestations may show a huge difference. Therefore, it is necessary to study Chinese consumers conspicuous consumption, depth to reveal the mechanism of the formation of this particular propensity to consume. This not only helps to show off type marketing of goods and services, operating companies get competitive advantage, and also helps to explain the conspicuous consumption-related economic phenomenon of the policy-making of the relevant government departments have also enlightening. The status of the individual, self-esteem and conspicuous consumption tendencies analytical framework, specifically through the five experimental and five questionnaires, based on a variety of constructs measure using univariate and multivariate analysis of variance, repeated measurements, and regression analysis specific analytical methods, the three logical relationship of the system to explore, and related explanations. For status, self-esteem, and conspicuous consumption tendencies of logical relationships of the major findings of the study: the status of the individual's self-esteem and their conspicuous consumption tendencies there are significant positive effects (studies 1, 2), and self-esteem of the individual conspicuous consumption tendencies there are also a significant positive effect (Study 3). This logical relationship that, compared to a lower status individual, high-status lead to a higher level of self-esteem of the individual, thus driving higher consumer willingness to show off type of goods, namely self-esteem in the status and conspicuous consumption tendency to play a mediating effect . That is, the higher the economic status of Chinese consumers further, based on cross-sectional data regression analysis found that the positive impact on the effect of the economic status of conspicuous consumption tendencies, at least in part, can be attributed to the self-esteem mediating effect;, have higher self-esteem level, which showed a stronger desire to show off goods. These conclusions support the following theoretical perspectives: Chinese consumers conspicuous consumption, largely in order to highlight some excellent qualities of the individual (such as a relatively high-status, high self-esteem) or overall sense of superiority, which is different from Western scholars discussed \Several interesting findings of the research are: First, the status of Chinese consumers for its conspicuous consumption tendencies exist significant positive impact effect. Specifically, the study 1a reveals the economic status (through monthly disposable amount measure) and conspicuous consumption tendencies (to show off merchandise and scale of Two Measures method) significant positive relationship. Research 1b using the envisaged social status situational manipulation, in the high-status situations and control situations is try to show off merchandise (sunglasses) the purchase willingness difference although not reach statistically significant, but the high-status contexts of is try to show off merchandise performance out stronger preference trends. Research 1c further manipulation experiment powers used by Western scholars, were found cf low powers, stronger willingness to buy high sense of power excited to show off type goods, and the two groups were functional goods payment wishes no significant differences. The conclusion is the same Western scholars widely argued individual status and conspicuous consumption tendencies negative conclusion is different. But it helps to explain the specific economic phenomenon: the world ranking of China's per capita GDP is very low, but it is the world's second-largest consumer of luxury goods; although the gap between rich and poor in China is expanding, like the United States and Europe but did not appear serious household debt problem. In China, due to the more high-status individuals conspicuous consumption tendencies, so even if the low ranking of per capita GDP, but affluent population size quickly expanded to quickly drive China to become the world luxury consumption country; addition, even if the gap between rich and poor is constantly expand, but low-status groups on unnecessary consumer items (such as show off products) remained relatively rational, which does not appear the phenomenon of the United States and Europe consumer debt consumption of low-status. Research the 1d but also explore the reason there is a huge difference in Chinese and Western consumers. The study found that China's traditional cultural values, especially Confucian behavior with the status of \Second, the higher the level of self-esteem of the Chinese consumer, to show off type of goods showed more interest. 3a analysis based on survey data, found that the higher the level of self-esteem consumers, conspicuous consumption tendencies stronger. The study The 3b further test the conspicuous consumption of the feedback effect of self-esteem level, the study did not find the existence of such a feedback effect. Both studies showed that the tendency for Chinese consumers, self-esteem, positive impact on conspicuous consumption. This conclusion is also at odds with the American scholar's research, they think conspicuous consumption, lower self-esteem level of individual consumers in order to compensate for low self-esteem and be able to display the status of show off commodity showed stronger purchase wishes. The study also included with test objective economic status, the logical relationship between the subjective status attention and conspicuous consumption tendencies. The study found that the higher the economic status of Chinese consumers, a more active interest in the further change of their status, and conspicuous consumption showed a stronger tendency. Finally, relationship status and self-esteem, the conclusions of this study are basically the same with the West, the higher the status of the individual, the higher the level of self - esteem. The major revelation of the conclusions: the macro level, in order to inhibit the conspicuous consumption of high-status crowd swelling caused ordinary people \higher taxes should be levied on high-status groups match between the micro level, Chinese consumers seeking behavior and their own status, the value of factors in the interpretation of Chinese and Western with a high-end, luxury features for imposing higher excise tax; conspicuous consumption differences play an important role; another individual's status there is a positive effect of its conspicuous consumption tendencies. Therefore, show off type of goods and services operating companies should attach great importance to the cultivation and dissemination of the symbolism of goods and services, to build consumer psychology contact between product symbolism position or status; further, in China, in terms of market segmentation, show off type of goods or services operating companies should be focused on groups that have a certain status and capabilities, because of the high status of populations Conspicuous stronger propensity to consume; Finally, to show off type of goods due to high self-esteem who exhibit a stronger propensity to consume, show off type of goods or services to the managers of the operating companies conducting market positioning and segmentation should identify groups of high self-esteem, because they desire to show off merchandise needs more.

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