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A Study on Technology Power and Evolution of Regional Enterprise Networks

Author: ZhangYunYi
Tutor: ZengGang
School: East China Normal University
Course: Human geography
Keywords: Technical powers Local enterprise network Spatial behavior Innovation capacity Automotive industry
CLC: F273.1
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2009
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Developed countries and regions, regional development practice shows, local business networks has become the driving force for regional economic development and growth vectors, and therefore has been to Marshall, Paul Krugman, represented a large number of new economic geography, management scientists attention. Since the 1990s, along with the deepening of globalization and the knowledge economy, the local power relations inside the corporate network and growth factors important changes. Support network development labor, capital and land elements of traditional advantages gradually replaced by technology. With core technology owned by some multinational production controller of a regional market, the network's key actors, as local enterprise networks, the development of the decisive force. In developing countries with a higher degree of opening up by multinational corporate networks embedded in place showing a significant technical power asymmetries, and a direct impact on the country's regional innovation capacity building. However, based on the tradition of equal rights within the network of new industrial zone theory has been unable to explain the phenomenon of the new economic geography. Therefore, this article from the key regional economic development factors - technology and key actors - multinational paper studies asymmetric power relations within the network, and then find out the mechanism of developing local enterprise network evolution, the theory of innovation for economic geography and guidance to national health development. Dissertation tutors Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Fund Project \), Shanghai Leading Academic Discipline Project \fieldwork, complemented by the collection and analysis of literature, the power of technology and business interaction network evolution theory and case studies were analyzed. Through research, I found that in the field of economic geography, there has been emphasis on \Grenada and other scholars in non-resource dependence theory, will introduce the concept of power to the corporate network analysis, focusing on the evolution of the network of power network governance role. But it ignores the network different stages of development, the mechanism of power and network evolution and innovation effects space differences; right key actors in the market analysis and control of orders more research on the technology of power less attention. Regional Development Practice shows that in the knowledge economy, learning and access to technology has become a manufacturing enterprise networks decide the success or failure of developing countries is one important reason. It is because of multinational leader in web development companies adopt different technologies at different stages of the power mode of operation, which leads to local enterprise networks have different characteristics and spatial development, innovation effect. Therefore, the establishment of technical power and local enterprise network evolution in dynamic relationship, is the study of network technology upgrading, innovation and development, and spatial distribution of the important contents. Thesis summary reviews the evolution of domestic and foreign powers and corporate networks based on the research results, to define the concept of technical power, connotation, discusses the conditions for its role, modalities and technical power and the relationship between the corporate network. \In a large number of field research, based on the German Volkswagen and General Motors led the Shanghai Automotive evolutionary path of the corporate network, the technical mechanisms of power, network effects, and network enterprise spatial concentration of power, leading the company's impact on innovation carried out in-depth study , come to the following conclusions: First, the technical power of a new era where the most important corporate network evolutionary forces. Technology not only has the power to control the power of the role of general network, but also has a unique role in innovation. The main function of power control technology embodied in the leadership of the company's equity control, technology lock, standard control, patent control, etc.; while its innovative leadership role is reflected in the company's internal technology transfer, technology demonstrations, technical support, technical training and so on. In addition, the technology relies on a certain degree of temporal power conditions. Not only in the technical strength, etc., there is interdependence between subject and object, the technology can become a power in order to have control. Meanwhile, the technology power is always present in the particular region. Macro and micro technology channel is an important factor affecting technical power. Macroscopic techniques channels including leading the company home country's policy, their own investment strategy and the host country's economic development level and the policy environment, etc., and microscopic techniques channel covers investment to geographic conditions, regional innovation environment development degree, technical resource base and industrial base, etc. . Technical authority in a good macro and micro channel binding region is particularly evident. Second, the technical power to influence corporate behavior and innovation space, thereby affecting the evolution of the local corporate network. Leading companies use technology to control, the establishment of technical standards, increase technology transfer services and other means to affect the location choice related businesses, thus contributing to the corporate network spatial behavior and innovation. The role of power in the technology, the development of local enterprise networks showed significant phase characteristics. The formation of the network, the technical authority is to determine the network location of the key factors; formative years in the network, technology powers a direct impact on the local corporate network outside the network attractive to enterprises; in the network development stage, the role of technological innovation and outstanding power. The role of power in the technology, the local enterprise network at different stages of development is also showing different characteristics. Formation of the network of the development period, the quantity and quality of network members rising density of the network, the intensity increases, the network structure from the vertical to the horizontal direction of dendritic network assembly of imported functions increased from R \u0026 D to production assembly further transformation, the network upgrade process, product upgrades, functional upgrades that local enterprise network upgrade process is very obvious. Third, a few companies dominate the vehicle manufacturing industry development and spatial distribution of the power of automobile enterprise network technology development impact is very obvious. Shanghai Automotive enterprise network is our leading multinational companies involved in the earliest development of the most perfect place to automobile enterprise networks. In Germany, Volkswagen and General Motors under the technical authority, Shanghai Automotive enterprise network has experienced from nothing, from junior to senior development process. Function and structure of enterprise networks continue to improve, a member of the network technology has improved continuously. At present, Shanghai Automotive enterprise network has entered a rapid development period, various types of high concentration of automotive research and development institutions, local companies began to have a certain capability of independent innovation, Shanghai has become China's most important automotive innovation centers, technology powers the network location choice and innovation The impact is very prominent. In the early stages of network development, in order to maintain technological superiority monopoly, leading the company for the local enterprises to implement a more stringent technical controls. The Government set up local production goals by taking the introduction of new competitors, reducing development costs and other measures of local enterprises, greatly reducing local enterprises to foreign investors leading the company's technological dependence, improve the network capability of independent innovation, promote enterprise network healthy development. With the technology level of local enterprises, the Shanghai Automotive power relations within the enterprise network began to change, local enterprises have more right to speak, the power control technology gradually transformed into technical cooperation.

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