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A Study to the Woman Features in the Literature of Dynasties Pre-Qin, Qin and Han under the Visual Angle of Feminism

Author: LiuJianBo
Tutor: YuGuangZhong;TanHaoZhe
School: Shandong University
Course: Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords: Feminism the Women Features the Literature of Dynasties Pre-Qin Qin and of Han Subject Status Aesthetic Characteristics Social Status Body Consumption the Emotion and Sex Views of Confucianism and Taoism
CLC: I206.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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In the past decades of years the theories of the Feminism are gradually popular and widely used in the literature critique,which,provides a new visual angle for us to research the literary history and becomes an important new way of comparative literature study.The Feminism was introduced into China in 1980s and as it was integrated with various post-modern theories its influence in China is getting broader and broader,the visual angle based on the gender has been never used in the classical Chinese literary critique.On the other side,the Feminism was founded in the Europe in the last century and there was less concern about the women in the Third World countries,whom were suffered the obliges both from their husbands and the imperialism,the construction of western Feminism has a tendency of cultural hegemony. And,either the western or Chinese feminists used to fix their eyes upon the modern and contemporary texts but ignoring the abundant ancient literature texts.While the Feminism deconstruction of the man-centred literature history(i.e phallologocentrism) will unavoidably lead to the changing even reversing of the morality,value and aesthetics system,before a new system is built people may be feeling confused in their thoughts and actions.The Feminism regards the calssic literary texts as the phallologocentrism and ignores the forming background of the man-centred society and the active elements of the traditional literature gets itself various of problems. Restudy the literature of the Dynasties Pre-Qin,Qin and Han will do better to solve the problems and develop the Feminism,especially construct the Double-Sex Harmony Poetics.The essay is consist of six parts.The first part is exordia,is on the necessary of the study the literary features in the classic literature texts of Dynasties Pre-Qin,Qin and Han,ChapterⅠis on the concept of the Feminism,and introduces the beginning, developing and various schools and theories of the Feminism,and introduces the main theories used in the theis;ChapterⅡis on the founding,developing and deconstructing of the subject position of the woman features before Qin Dynasty and that of Qin and Han Dynasty,and restudies the two classic books The Commandments of Women and The Heroines in Han Dynasty on the Feminism visual angle;ChapterⅢis on the social status of the female features in the literature before the Qin Dynasty and in Han Dynasty, and researches the way of the women of the times to get their power in the adversity; ChapterⅣis on the aesthetic characteristics and female consciousness,and studies the "Double-sex Experiences" and the "Double-sex,One Body" phenomena in the period; ChapterⅤis on the three phenomena of the "Body Consumed" by the men to women, analyses the causes of the phenomena are the views to the feelings and sex of the Confucianism and the Taoism before Qin Dynasty.The thesis has four innovative points:A.For the first time it researches fully and systemically the woman features in the literature works of Dynasties Pre-Qin,Qin and Han with theories of Feminism,in which it finds the characteristics of Chinese Feminism and the difference from the western Feminism,and points out that the Feminism can get deeper development by researching the classic Chinese literature.B. The thesis discovers the process of losing of the subject status of the women in Dynasties Pre-Qin,Qin and Han by researching the subject and social status and the relations to power of the literature features of the time,as well,the thesis discovers the very positive side of the books The Commandments of Women and The Heroines by re-reading them,then discovers the way how women at that time realized their "self-sublimation" by the "power of morality" in adversity.C.Using the concept of "androgyny" to research the "the poems of the woman divorcees" and the "way of writing poems imitating a woman".D.For the first time the thesis shows the concept of "Three Body Consumptions" in ancient China and researches their relations to the views about the Lust of Confucianism and Taoism Pre-Qin Dynasties.Dynasties Pre-Qin,Qin and of Han is very important period in Chinese literary history,in which the history of thoughts,literature and philosophy began,as well the important period when the views of value and the aesthetic characters of the classic literature features were formed.The thesis fixes on the period and discovers the living status and historical characteristics of the women in the time by analyzing their status in the emotions,families and societies,then to discovers the differences of those from that of the western women,the research may do help to the Chinese feminists for their further study and constructing the "Double-sex Harmony" poetics system.

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