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Research on Construction of Regional Innovation System Based on Indigenous Innovation

Author: JiangLei
Tutor: ShenRongFang
School: Tongji University
Course: Management Science and Engineering
Keywords: Indigenous innovation Regional indigenous innovation ability Regional innovation system construction
CLC: G322
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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In this paper, both theoretical approach and empirical analysis, both qualitative research and quantitative investigation are widely applied in research design; literature investigation, depth interview, questionnaire survey, statistics, and other research tools are synthesized in the research method. In dealing with the investigation material, research methods such as Degree of Membership Analysis, Correlation Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Discrimination Analysis, Regression Analysis, Factor Analysis are used. As far as the research result is concerned, it contributes to the building of China’s regional innovation system and improving regional capacity of indigenous innovation.As introduction of the paper, based on China’s economic development constraints and indigenous innovation and the ability of indigenous innovation, the author discussed the research background and the main functions of China’s regional innovation system on the face of indigenous innovation. Then, combined with the "National Mid-and-Long term Plan for Science and Technology development, 2006-2020", the author expounded the significance of research and analyzed the research framework and the main coverage.In Chapter 2, starting from regional innovation system’s connotation and classification, regional innovation system’s main participation body, the regional innovation system’s member, the regional innovation system’s environment, as well as the regional innovation system’s policy, the author went on with a systematic review and narration of the literature on regional innovation system research both at home and abroad. Then, the paper discussed the significance to China’s regional innovation system’s theory research and practice.To evaluate the capability of regional indigenous innovation scientificlly, the design of evaluating indicators is of crucial importance. In this chapter, based on the clear definition of the content and structural elements of regional indigenous innovation capacity, the author selected 90 evaluating indicators to constitute the theory evaluating indicator system of China’s regional indigenous innovation capacity, then carried on with mulriple selection by using Degree of Membership Analysis, Correlation Analysis and Discrimination Analysis. Then, we constructed the evaluating indicator system of China’s region indigenous innovation capacity, including the indigenous innovation investment capacity, indigenous innovation support capacity, the indigenous innovation management capacity and the indigenous innovation output capacity of four evaluation module which contains altogether 25 evaluating indicators.In the 4th chapter, by using the regional indigenous innovation capacity evaluating indicator system, with the application of Analytic Hierarchy method, the author measured and compared 31 provincial level administrative districts’ indigenous innovation capacity. Using the Cluster Analysis method, taking the 25 evaluating indicators of regional indigenous innovation capacity as the cluster criterion, the author carried on the cluster analysis to our country 31 provincial level administrative districts, and established China’s regional indigenous innovation capacity discriminant function using the Discrimination Analysis method. In the real diagnosis investigation’s foundation, Factor Analysis method is used. This research has obtained four primary factors which affected China’s regional indigenous innovation capacity, including regional innovation service, regional innovation human resource, regional capital investment and regional innovation policy, and analyzed the framework of our country’s regional indigenous innovation system facing the indigenous innovation.In Chapter 5, the author designed the guiding thought, basic principles, train of thought, key objectives of China’s regional innovation system. Closely related with the economic, technological and social development of Zhejiang Province, the author proposed the key tasks of regional innovation system construction of Zhejiang Province, namely the construction of three big layouts (original scientific research layout, industrial scientific research layout, enterprise research and development layout), three big platforms (undertaking hatches platform, technical condition to share platform and small and medium-sized enterprise throw financing platform) and a high-technology zone (Hangzhou National High and Tech Industry Development Zone), and divided Zhejiang regional innovation system construction into three basic stages, that is establishment, growth and mature. Then 22 concrete targets of regional innovation system construction of Zhejiang Province are established in the establishment and growth stages.Regional innovation service system is an important factor which affects the regional indigenous innovation capacity. The 6th chapter analyzed China’s innovation service organization’s current situation and the existent problems, refined the development characteristics of the developed country’s innovation service organization and profits to China. From two aspects of the basic principle and the construction content, the research discussed the train of thought of system design of China’s regional innovation service system construction. Taking the real diagnosis investigation as the foundation, this paper analyzed thoroughly the development barrier of the innovation service organization and policy demands, then put forward six countermeasures to speed up Zhejiang’s regional innovation service system construction.In the 7th chapter, the paper inspected characteristics of our China’s human resources total quantity and the disposition, and using the correlation analysis method to reveal mutual interdependence relations between the personnel total quantity of China’s 30 provinces and cities R&D activities and the regional indigenous innovation capacity and using the curve estimate method to study the function of the R&D personnel total quantity to the region indigenous innovation ability, and established the regression analysis model. In the foundation of the profits from the overseas human resources development, the research has proposed key work of our region innovation human resources development system construction facing the indigenous innovation. Linking to Zhejiang Province’s reality, the research has proposed the countermeasure measure of sped up the Zhejiang regional innovation human resources development system construction.In the 8th chapter, taking the indigenous innovation’s risk analysis as a foundation, the author inspected function process and the action mechanism of the capital investment to the indigenous innovation. Using the Factor Analysis method, the research induced the main obstacles which restricted the development of capital investment. Based on the thorough analysis of the present situation of capital investment of Zhejiang Province, the paper proposed the train of thought of construction and the countermeasure of regional capital investment system toward the indigenous innovation. In the 9th chapter, taking our country science and technology input’s total quantity and the structure analysis as a foundation, using Granger the Causality inspection method and the return analytic method, the author has studied causal relation between our country R&D investment and the quantity of invention authorization patent, and constructed the generalized regression analysis model, and proposed policy measures of strengthening our country science and technology input. In the thorough theoretical analysis and in the real diagnosis investigation foundation, the paper proposed construction mentality and the countermeasure of our finance laws and regulations policy system, the government procurement system and the intellectual property protection system facing the indigenous innovation.In last chapter, the author summarized the main achievements of this research, the main innovation of this research, as well as the research deficiency and several issues worth further research.

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