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Chinese Land Property System Institutional Economic Analysis of Evolution

Author: LanHong
Tutor: FanZhiMin
School: Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course: Agricultural Economics \u0026 Management
Keywords: Man-land ratio Farming techniques Land Property System Path dependence Household contract responsibility system
CLC: F301
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2002
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Agriculture is China and the world economy on the basis of all the developing countries, while growth in the agricultural economy, the key lies in land property rights system and performance. However, since 1985, Chinese agricultural state long period of wandering, which once again raised the domestic circles for how to further reform the system of land ownership concerns. However, the evolution of the system is a continuous process, the existing institutional features of the current selection from the collection in the past imposed limitations, the system matrix is ??the result of increasing returns, largely reflecting the path dependence of the more fundamental role . Therefore, to study the existing land tenure system should be how to innovate, we must understand the history of China's land property rights system evolution path-dependent process. By China traced land property rights system, this paper argues that a country's civilization and the birthplace of initial resource endowments and the country has the choice of initial institutional system endogenous contact. Because in the early formation of civilization, because technology is relatively backward economic behavior of people affected by natural selection of great influence of environmental factors, countries with different initial resource endowments lead to economic behavior of people of different choices, thus forming a non-trending initial institutional system. The initial institutional system, once formed, its evolution in the interaction between the various elements of interdependence mutually reinforcing characteristics resulting from increasing returns thereafter will be the role of institutional change, it runs along a predetermined trajectory, even in the face infrequent events on the institutional system tracks the evolution of the impact, but because of the evolution of the institutional system and the institutional system of increasing returns characteristics related links within the internal logic of contact, even if a part of the evolution is interrupted, other aspects will also use its path dependencies repair, so that the institutional system along the initial resource endowments determine the pattern and direction of the run, which explains the importance of the initial selection. China's arable special initial resource endowments led to rapid population growth and the increasingly tense man-land ratio, land used to raise the tension to make fine raise land measures based intensive farming techniques become tense situation between people and land necessary for China technology choices, and to promote the popularization of intensive farming techniques must ensure that farmers have a long-term land use rights and usufruct. But the property system and the results of the evolution of technological systems interact, on the one hand is to promote economic growth, but on the other hand has led to a further increase in the population, because intensive farming techniques and to ensure long-term land use rights of farmers' rights and benefits of the common system of property rights role in creating a Chinese peasant economy as the main economic system and institutional system, in this economic system and the role of institutional system, farmers are rational choice for fertility have more and more education, which led to further population growth and human proportion of more tense. Man-land ratio, farming techniques, land property rights system has led to the evolution of the interaction between the Chinese land property rights system path dependencies formation. Man-land ratio of tension, both Chinese special system evolution path chosen cause and institutional evolution in the formation of path-dependent effect results. In the role of path dependence, the proportion of people and land endowment structure characteristics of this tension has been repeatedly reinforced, so the proportion of people to the land caused by tension between the sharp contradiction with dependents is always caused by China Land Ownership System endogenous factors . This disintegration of the people's commune system, the household contract responsibility system establishment and evolution as the result of path dependence, the reason that people's commune system was eventually replaced by the household contract responsibility system, lies in the historical period of land ownership institutional evolution has led to the proportion of Chinese people more nervous, land use conflicts more acute care, this constraint requires that China must be implemented finesse than the historical period of intensive farming techniques higher, but people's commune system but with the departure from the intensive farming techniques the same period, the population was in the role of traditional fertility culture path dependence have more and more to maintain a sterile growth inertia, the proportion of people and land, farming techniques and the system of property rights movements in different directions, resulting in the economic system within a negative feedback effect , so that the people's commune system gains eleven adverse changes in the cost structure more and more obvious, forcing the state agricultural land property rights system to be adjusted from the adjustment of the direction, from all three, brigade, based on the three all, team-based, to the household contract responsibility system established until the short-term into long-term contracts, changes to 30 years from 15 years, the evolution of this step is to ensure that farmers towards the long-term land use rights and usufruct the direction of the return, in order to promote intensive farming technology promotion and improvement of the system evolution reveals the role of path dependence. To the proportion of people in order to alleviate the growing tension caused by land use conflicts more acute care, improve the household contract responsibility system should be in the direction of the ultimate state of all land under the premise of strengthening farmers' existing long-term land use rights, and through legal means to ensure that the transfer of land use rights, to enable farmers to obtain land use rights and benefits of long-term right to keep the land to farmers with an incentive to ensure that the Chinese in order to raise support for the base to combine with intensive farming techniques at the core of the implementation can be and developed in order to protect the sustainable development of agriculture.

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