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Experimental Studies on the Processes and Development of Implicit Learning of Implication

Author: WuGuoHong
Tutor: LiQiWei
School: East China Normal University
Course: Developmental and Educational Psychology
Keywords: Implication Implicit Learning Explicit learning Developing Reflecting Abstraction Migrate
CLC: B842
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2002
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The usual sense of what we call \Cognitive psychology Developmental Psychology logic does not studied with logicians formalized logic completely coincide. Formal logic sense is the highest form of rationality, but without systematic training of people to its logical level is difficult to achieve this level. In real life, people will practice and operational activities through the means of language, and gradually formed a set of different logicians use of \So, in the end this mental logic system is how to produce, develop and follow what kind of law? Psychological mechanism of this issue for answering level, not only help us to understand at a higher level who possess the true meaning of rationality, but also help us understand the system as well as knowledge of the ontogeny of the mechanisms and laws. Therefore, the logical structure of the system of natural psychological research and the occurrence is of special significance. In this natural psychological logic system, contains many basic logical concepts, which together constitute the basic framework of the system. Where \The correct form of the structure is the logical reasoning of the important rules, and any one can use a form of reasoning true form, that is an implication to represent. All human knowledge, whether phylogeny or ontogeny, through numerous implication can be established. Human thinking reasoning actually are based on logical implication based on the concept of class. Even the so-called incorrect reasoning, practical reasoning on the main activities, its reasoning is also a form of implication, but it might not be a permanent true formula (tautology) only. Logicians and psychologists study the differences in reasoning: the former research must follow the laws of correct reasoning, thinking, reasoning latter actual law as their concern eleven they may not meet the correct logical rules, but This \Implies, refers to the front and rear parts of a logical relationship between the two, but also a way of linking. There are many logical relationship, there are only two yuan for as much as 16 kinds. Implication relationship is one of them. More specifically, the implication is that the relationship represents a condition relationship. Commonly referred to on the logic implication means \Implication formula p → q read \\Also called the true value of material implication implication. Relationship can best embody the implication is that people carry implication judgment. Implication judge generally refers to common logic \\That is true as long as p, q are true, p it implies q. Namely \But \Is there a sense of connection. Piaget believes that as a basic logical - mathematical relationships implication, through the mechanism of abstract reflection obtained. Piaget implies, in particular, to give meaning implies a high importance. He believes that even in the most rudimentary stage of development, children's actions and activities have included the implication there is a meaningful relationship between. Meaning here may refer to the property, the object of its meaning or action. If the lack of linkages between each other, then any action, whether it is the primary form of basic movements, the action or advanced, can not exist can not be effective. Piaget so much importance on the implication, in the final analysis is to clarify the natural psychological logic to the origin of the problem. Implication relations and the importance of the development of the concept is evident. Piaget Piaget and the new school psychologists have used other methods of experimental and clinical implication ontogeny, nuanced reveals the logic of individual psychology of children occurred, evolving process. Meanwhile, the Piaget theory clarifies meaning implication, also include other logical-mathematical aspects of the mechanism: that is generated by the motor coordination experiences reflect the logic of mathematical abstraction. However, due to the conditions and technical limitations, Piaget and other studies demonstrate the relative lack of psychological, logical-mathematical concepts can not describe to get the process. Explore the psychological essence of any psychological research, in the final analysis is a study of epistemology, is bound to be related to the knowledge (understanding) the origin of the problem. From this point of view, modern cognitive psychology and Piaget's theory are not contradictory. Implicit learning and cognitive psychology paradigm used in some studies, either from the validity or from the scientific perspective, are quite mature and complete, can draw up, for us to a deeper understanding of Pia Jie (new Piagetian theory) to provide services. The study is in this line of thought under the guidance of the concept as a starting point to implication, try to study implicit learning theories of Piaget square live demonstration of the relevant ideas. Also look forward to using this study drew an expanding academic colleagues implicit learning Cognitive Psychology Discussion about the idea, implicit cognition research will further deepen. This study conducted a total of three experiments, Piaget on cognitive development theory and modern cognitive psychology studies of implicit learning paradigm combined with each other. On the one hand expectations through tests, for the warp?

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