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Study on Perfect Reconstruction QMF Banks and Its Application in A/D Conversion

Author: PengAnJin
Tutor: GuTianXiang
School: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: Software Defined Radio PRQMF filter bank PRQMF filter bank ADC system The effective sampling rate Effective resolution
CLC: TN713
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2003
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Broad prospects for application software radio requires a broadband high-speed high-resolution ADC, however, difficult to achieve in the current ADC. Based on this background, the integration of multi-rate digital signal processing theory, filter theory proposed PRQMF filter bank ADC system, on the basis of band-pass sampling theorem and ADC principle, and the principle of the ADC system, structure, properties the exploration and study of its main conclusions and innovation as follows: 1. Theoretically ideal reconstruction the general rules of the the linear phase PRQMF filter bank, the law of performance analysis filter bank: (1) filter symmetry and its length parity combination relations; (2) filter lengths should satisfy the relationship; (3) the same filter coefficients should satisfy the relationship. In addition, the law is still based on research for solving nonlinear optimization of the filter bank with a step-by-step quadratic programming method SOP, not only gives the the M channel the linear phase PRQMF filter for solving the step and the step-by-step secondary differential problem in the Planning Act also had a thorough discussion. 2. On PRQMF ADC system frequency response of the filter bank, the quantization noise characteristics, reconstruction error characteristics and the reconstruction error is analyzed theoretically study the sensitivity of the mismatch between the ADC obtained theoretical results: (1) hybrid filter bank ADC system with switched-capacitor filter bank ADC system distortion / aliasing the same function; (2) regardless of the input broadband or narrowband signal, both the effective resolution of the ADC system than the ADC increased 0.5 log 2 M bits; (3) Both the ADC system reconstruction error mismatch between its ADC sensitivity are significantly lower than the time interleaved ADC system. 3. ADC system for hybrid filter bank because of its low ADC analog input bandwidth can not be on the high-frequency RF analog signal analog / digital conversion bottlenecks, the authors propose a mathematical extractor based on the Nyquist sampling theorem and band-pass sampling theorem model, the mathematical model of the time domain, frequency domain analysis of proof, a design based on the mathematical model of the SHA extractor, and then on the basis of the hybrid filter bank ADC system, the proposed high-speed hybrid filter bank ADC system. 4. The authors propose a bandpass sampling theorem extractor mathematical model, the mathematical model of the time domain, frequency domain analysis of proof, designed based on the mathematical model of the extractor, and then according to the radio frequency signal spectrum the characteristics of efficient hybrid filter bank ADC system, the digital signal output rate lower than the high-speed hybrid filter bank ADC system M-1 times. Efficient hybrid filter bank ADC system is further simplified, the authors also proposed a dedicated and efficient hybrid filter bank ADC system. In addition, the efficient mixing of University of Electronic Science and Technology doctoral thesis filter bank quantization noise of the ADC system research results show that the effective resolution than the ADC improve 0.51ogZM bit. 5 sampling non-uniform and effective resolution of the shortcomings of low for the time-interleaved ADC system, the authors propose a high-speed high-resolution time interleaved ADC system. The ADC system not only from the structure to eliminate the the ADC sampling non-uniform characteristics, and the effective resolution than the original time interleaved ADC system improve O.slogZM bit. The linear phase PRQMF filter bank is one of the focus of today's multi-rate digital signal processing applications, is theoretically derived from the general rules for the ideal reconstruction, further research the linear phase PRQMF filter bank theory. In addition, the proposed high-speed hybrid filter bank ADC system, efficient hybrid filter bank ADC system, high-speed high-resolution asked interleaved ADC system has practical value.

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