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Secular and sacred dialogue

Author: LiaoHaiBo
Tutor: ChenQinJian
School: East China Normal University
Course: Literature and Art
Keywords: Vesta Folk Consciousness Folk legend Patriarchal society Chinese folk beliefs Secular life Folk Culture Taoist Mouse Marries Its Daughter Sacrificial way
CLC: B933
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2003
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Vesta is quite universal and typical Chinese folk religion deities. Vesta beliefs and legends is a product of the civil secular life, fully embodies the rich and heterogeneous mass of Chinese folk culture. Of God as a folk custom, Vesta is a the conscious visualization reflection of Chinese patriarchal society folk, is a medium to explore the Chinese national character and cultural psychology. Firstly, from the point of view of the historical development of the Vesta Faith discusses the origins of Vesta. The Vesta ancient times to the prototype complex, vary, including historical records, nearly three sources, modern scholars of the research and interpretation of folklore. Vesta Vulcan Yandi and Vulcan, Vesta is saying evolution of the Yellow Emperor, there Vesta Jiaozhang single, Suji Li, and Vesta is the argument of the female deities. Another scholar from the the totem belief, ancient writing phonology research Vesta prototype the totem animal frog and Zaojian of animal cockroaches saying. Folk there are many human mortal Vesta legend. Vesta out of the primitive society, in its historical development carries many secular concept of life, from the initial charge of the god of diet, and gradually developed into a \And Taoism are inseparable, Vesta also become important in the Taoist gods, some ideas can be seen from him Taoist. Vesta worship with the history of the development and evolution. As Mongolian gazelle a main Jizao customs Jizao, sent stoves God, stove sugar Jizao, then stove, and Jizao, customs, such as sending the poor, king of jump stove, Mouse Marries female has a corresponding evolution. The years Jizao time is after a certain period of history was only fixed for each year of the twelfth lunar month 22 (or twenty). Vesta faith and its legend the more commonality mode has a major form of form. This is the result of cultural exchange and integration. In addition, regardless of the Han nationality, ethnic minorities have rich Vesta folklore, Vesta image of the complex and diverse regional and nationality differences, the Jizao customs also exist in the universal, fully reflects the diversity of Chinese culture. Vesta Faith is a product of the civil secular ideas, in fact, the gods people making the product, and the projection of all sorts where the earthly phase. Folk belief is entirely in order to meet the psychological needs of survival and development, creation and inheritance of a culture phenomenon. So the cultural connotation perspective Vesta faith, belief and ideas of the Chinese people can be seen. Religious beliefs and customs and folklore in addition to the dominant narrative level, examine them, but also deep into the symbolic level. The stove has the symbolic meaning of family and ancestors, Vesta is referred to as the \On the other hand, civil consciousness and showing the digestion of the national discourse of power and opposition. Vesta beliefs and legends clearly stand out. Culture determines the prototype as a collective unconscious has a profound impact on the creation of the writer. Vesta prototype is old-fashioned and renovation of the literary works in the Kitchen God faith narrative and symbolic level, it fully embodies the unique elucidation of folk culture in the literary works.

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