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An Investigation on the Tissue Enzyme Catalysis-Based Optical Analytical Systems and the Analytical Applications of Novel Chemiluminescence Systems

Author: WangZhouPing
Tutor: ZhangZhuJun
School: Southwest China Normal
Course: Analytical Chemistry
Keywords: Organization of enzyme-catalyzed Bioluminescent Brightness / fluorescence / chemiluminescence analysis Flow Injection Analysis Drug - protein interactions Drugs
CLC: O657.3
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2004
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In recent years, based on the separation of the purified enzyme traditional enzymatic analysis increasingly new bio-catalytically active material such as microbial, plant and animal tissues, cells, receptors, etc., especially the challenge of the plant and animal tissue, the catalytic activity stability, long life, easy, drawn, low price characteristics such organizations enzyme catalytic biosensors / analysis system more and more attention has been paid to become a hot topic of enzymatic analysis and biosensor research areas related research. Bioluminescent bacteria has always been an important role to play in terms of food safety, environmental monitoring, the study found the new bioluminescent bacteria, and build new non reagents bioluminescent sensor is one of the main tasks of this field of research. Chemiluminescence analysis because of its high sensitivity, wide linear range, speed of analysis, and the equipment is simple, inexpensive, and easy to automate and continuously analyze, attracting widespread concern of many analysts workers, has been successfully applied to biotechnology, analysis of many inorganic and organic substances in the field of pharmacology, molecular biology, clinical medicine, and environmental testing. This study focused on three aspects, on the one hand, the organization of enzyme-catalyzed reactions and the optical detection system (photometry, fluorescence, chemiluminescence) coupling, the establishment of a series of flow injection optical analysis system based on organizational enzyme catalysis; another aspect is found in a new bioluminescent fungi - honey mellea its gas and liquid phase bioluminescent behavior initially built a very simple no reagent gases oxygen and dissolved oxygen biosensor; The third aspect is the establishment of new chemiluminescence analysis method to study online microdialysis Ultrafiltration conjunction applied to the drug - protein interaction studies and feasibility to be applied to the actual sample analysis. Chapter enzyme-catalyzed optical analysis system for the organization. Section 1.1 Overview the the tissue enzyme catalytic analysis phase of the study Southwest Normal University, Doetor Thesis Z.Wang (200126) Guan progress. 1.2 part of the research found that the the mushrooms organization rich in polyphenol oxidase catalyzes the oxidation of catechol catecholamines into colored the woke class and red substances absorption peak red shift of the absorption peak of these products compared to the original material. Based on this, a very simple method and immobilized with flow injection technique to set up a simple, sensitive, accurate and inexpensive reagent type children 'tea phenol, isoproterenol hydrochloride, dopamine hydrochloride by flow injection UV-visible spectrophotometry photometric analysis system. The system has a good response to the above-mentioned several substances, catechol, isoproterenol hydrochloride, dopamine hydrochloride substance concentration within a certain range and the absorbance, respectively showed a good linear relationship (catechol, 2x10.6 l the 10.3gmr '; hydrochloride Isoproterenol, the ash 20 6 sxzo. '9 ml''; dopamine hydrochloride, 4xlo 6 a sxlo'4gml'). detection limit (3a) of the three substances were : 4x 10 ml a ', 1 .3 xlo' gml ', z.oxlo a 6gml'' for hydrochloric acid in pharmaceutical preparations isoproterenol, dopamine hydrochloride Determination results with the system Pharmacopoeia standard method of measuring results. simultaneously the reactor produced mushrooms organization has produced a simple, high enzyme activity, long life, easy to replace and cost advantages. 1,3 Some studies found that mushrooms rich in polyphenol oxidase organization can replace pure polyphenol oxidase catalyzed oxidation isoproterenol to convert it to isoproterenol red under alkaline conditions, the substance may be further rearrangement three light group having strong fluorescence characteristics called battlement like substances . Based on this the Mushroom Tissue isoproterenol reaction to current injection fluorescence spectrophotometric techniques combined, a very simple, sensitive and highly selective isoproterenol Mushroom Tissue fluorescence analysis system a liquidity injection. under the experimental conditions selected, the fluorescence intensity and the concentration of isoproterenol in 3xlo another 10 in an 8, 9 ml 'range a good linear relationship between the detection limit of 1 .0 x10 8 9 mrl (3 .), and the relative standard deviation of less than 5% (n 11), the system initially applied to the determination of the of isoproterenol content in pharmaceutical preparations, the results obtained with the USP method measured results using flow injection technology while addressing product fluorescence unstable stabilizing agent, routine similar to the determination of need without having to consider the factors of reaction kinetics. reactor made with mushrooms organization, also has produced a simple, high enzyme activity, long service life, easy to replace and cost advantages. oxidant introduced also in line with the current trend of green chemistry. 1.4 the partially built based of radish organization catalytic flow injection chemiluminescence the glutamyl Thalidomide analysis system. radish tissue rich in glutamic Thalidomide enzyme, alternative The the pure valley ammonia phthalocyanine aminotransferase quantitative catalytic glutamyl Thalidomide generated the reaction of ammonia, this catalytic reaction with NBS-dichloro-fluorescein chemiluminescence determination of the reaction of ammonia coupling reaction catalyzed reaction and chemiluminescence detection in different locations occurs, both to ensure the two reactions are carried out under the best conditions, and that greatly extend the life of the organization reactor produced in the experiments selected under the best conditions, the the chemiluminescence intensity glutamyl phthalocyanine amine concentration in a 7x10 8-l, 10, gmr 'range was a good linear relationship between the detection limit 2.3,10 a sgml a (3), and the relative standard deviation of less than 5% of the system used in pharmaceutical formulations, water kind of the glutamyl Thalidomide content determination, the results satisfactory Zhu wire Plastic Fish Zhu Zhu some silk Zhu Zhu industry Zhu Zhu Wei some some All Saints Cong Wei silk sit silk ... a ... ~ 1 \: stare evil little meaning. simultaneously test the system for the possibility of biological fluids glutamine measured standard addition experiments show that the system can be successfully used for the detection of blood samples glutamyl Thalidomide and monitoring glutamyl Thalidomide potential changes in plasma concentration after taking drugs. biological luminous fungus Armillaria behavior of bacterial bioluminescence studies. 2.1 section provides an overview of the principle and research progress of bioluminescence. 2,2 Some studies have reported a natural the bioluminescent fungi the gas luminescence behavior of an Armillaria mellea results show in pH, temperature and culture medium suitable

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