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The Oxytocin Receptor Studies and Research on Expressions of Neurotransmitters’ Receptors in Oxytocin- and Vasopressin-containing Neurons in Rat Hypothalamus

Author: JinLiang
Tutor: JuGong
School: Fourth Military Medical University
Course: Neurobiology
Keywords: Oxytocin Arginine vasopressin Acceptor Acetylcholine Nicotine Hypothalamic Neurohypophysis
CLC: Q42
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2004
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Oxytocin (OT) is a nonapeptide neuroendocrine hormones, hypothalamus supraoptic the nuclear (Supraoptic nucleus of SO) in the central nervous system (Central nervous system, CNS), paraventricular nucleus (Paraventricular T nucleus of Pa) large cell endocrine neurons synthesis and release into the peripheral blood and neurohypophysis, acting on its target tissues such as breast and uterine smooth muscle to play to promote shoot milk (Milk eiection), promote contractions role of. In the CNS, OT distribution in the ovary, testis and epididymis and other reproductive organs, regulation of germ cell development from; addition, thymus, adrenal, and cardiovascular system, there are also the OT, and may have some physiological function . The traditional view, the OT limit the physiological function of promoting shot milk and promote contractions role. A recent study found that in addition to these effects, OT is also involved in regulating mammalian maternal behavior, mate choice behavior and social interactions, memory, and other activities. And, under a variety of physiological and psychological stress conditions, hypothalamic OT neurons are activated, and the release of a large number of OT into the outside of the Fourth Military Medical University doctorate On husband peripheral blood and brain nerve extracellular matrix. There is evidence that the increased concentration of brain OT after stress involved in the regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HyPothalamus-Pitutary-adrenal gland axis, the HPA axis). The various functions of OT from OT receptors (Oxytoein reeeptor, OTR) mediated. OTR is composed of more than one peptide chain G protein uncoupling seven transmembrane receptors, OT and OTR activation of phospholipase C-protein kinase C system, and ways to increase endogenous Ca2 concentration produce a series of biological effects. We cloned people OTR carboxyl-terminal fragment of the coding region and prokaryotic expression; addition, we cloned the full length of the coding region of human OTR, transient transfection of eukaryotic and COS-7 cells. OT can and arginine vasopressin (Arginine vasopressin, AVp) neurons Pa cells Ministry and almost the entire 50. Their spatial distribution is very close and have their own characteristics. The OT neurons basic expression OT, AVP neurons express only the basic AVP. Both neurons expression of cell surface receptors of a variety of neurotransmitters and neuromodulators, and accepts a variety of different sources of nerve fibers dominated, therefore, a variety of neurotransmitters or quenched and can affect the OT or AVP neurons The physiological function of the yuan. We used immunohistochemical methods a3 and / or a5 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (Nicotinie acetyleholine reeeptor, N a AehR) subunits in rat hypothalamic OT neurons advantage-expression This is inconsistent with the eighties of the last century, the British scholar Mason conclusions similar work; And we also found that a3 and / or a5 N AChR subunit expression in OT neurons axons, this positive immune response axons has been extended to the end of the median eminence and neurohypophysis; seven days in the neonatal rat hypothalamus, a3 and / or a5-type N-AChR subunit distribution similar to adult mice. High osmotic stress in rat hypothalamus, a3 and / or a5 N AChR subunit advantage distribution does not change; while 50 dendritic increased expression of N the AchR like immunoreactivity's OT can . Interestingly, our immunohistochemical methods in rat hypothalamic large cell neurons, TP substance receptor (substanee P reeeptor, SPR), distribution is extremely similar to a3 and / or a5 N AChR Asia units, but also showed the advantages of distribution of the Fourth Military Medical University, Doctoral Dissertation in OT neurons and axons. We also used the method of embedding former ABC immuno-electron microscopy study of the SPR 50 and Pa OT neuronal ultrastructure distribution.

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