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Application of basic research to improve the efficiency of the gas lift system

Author: LiuSanWei
Tutor: DuZhiMin;LiYingChuan
School: Southwest Petroleum Institute
Course: Oil and Gas Field Development Project
Keywords: Artificial lift Gas lift System efficiency Optimizing gas distribution
CLC: TE355
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2004
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Gas lift production as one of the methods of artificial lift, in the United States more widely rod pump oil production, second only to the terms of its production, plays an important role. Our country has been in the Central Plains, Tuha, Tarim, Sichuan, South China Sea oil and gas fields are applied, has initially formed a certain scale of production of the gas lift. Gas lift has a large range of fluid production rate changes, lifting deep, simple operation and management advantages, especially suitable for high gas-liquid ratio, serious sand, corrosive media, directional wells and other wells with complex conditions. Therefore, gas lift technology with a strong advantage for the development of the western oil fields and offshore oilfield, gas lift technology research focus to improve the efficiency of the gas lift system. Highly systematic, gas lift compressor group, with the pipeline network, gas lift wells, gathering and transportation pipe network is composed of four-part series. Any subsystem fluctuations will affect the operation of the entire system. Compressor unit as a power source of the gas lift, the gas directly affects the size of the gas lift, while the choice of the power machine will also directly affect the economic efficiency of the entire gas lift systems; gas pipe network as in the middle of the energy transfer by the output pressure and temperature will directly affect the process design of the gas lift wells, thus affecting the working conditions of the gas lift wells; gas lift wells as the core of the gas lift system, and is also the main place of energy consumption, the level of the economic benefits of the gas lift wells will directly determine the gas lift system the level of economic efficiency; transportation pipeline network energy transfer from the metering station directly associated with gas lift wellhead back pressure back pressure, thus affecting the normal operation of the gas lift wells. Rod pumping system compared to the various subsystems of the gas lift system is extremely fragmented, with multiple units of different types of power equipment driven power systems work at the same time, criss-cross the energy transfer system, extremely complex lift system, as well as high gas-liquid transport than the large flow system. How to correctly evaluate the energy consumption of each subsystem, in particular, the energy consumption of the gas lift wells subsystem analysis; take what process measures for the specific circumstances of each single well, in order to achieve the purpose of energy efficiency, as well as how the limited amount of gas access to the economic benefits of higher source case, gas lift technology has become critical. This article is aimed at by the law of energy conversion subsystems described gas lift, set up a site utility energy consumption index system, Wendong oilfield gas lift system as an example, put forward a reasonable process for the utilization of the energy consumption of each subsystem, Technical measures to improve the efficiency of the gas lift system. Well for high-yielding liquid, focus on continuous gas lift wells to optimize the design technology; low pressure for low production wells, plunger lift, single-column ball stuffed continuous gas lift technology. On this basis, the to block total oil production and economic benefits for the target, the establishment of a multi-well optimization mathematical model of the gas distribution more reasonable distribution of the gas content of the gas lift wells, thereby improving the utilization of high-pressure gas source. This study made the following main results and understanding of: (1) gas lift system efficiency evaluation model, this paper is divided into the gas lift system compressor unit, gas pipe network, gas lift wells, four subsystems of the transportation pipeline network, considering the gas thermal expansion, kinetic, potential, etc., established to describe the various subsystems of the corresponding flow law mathematical model, each subsystem efficiency evaluation method. On this basis, a practical gas lift system efficiency evaluation summary index system, combined with the economic benefit of gas lift wells, gas lift wells efficient control charts. To practical writing East 68 oilfields tone lift wells test data, statistical analysis gas lift subsystem energy consumption, focusing on the analysis of the gas injection into the gas-liquid ratio, injection pressure and other factors affect the efficiency of gas lift wells, and provides a clear target for the design of gas lift wells. Statistical analysis showed that: the gas lift wells slippage loss is the main reason for the low efficiency of the gas lift wells, and also is the main reason for the low efficiency of the gas lift system. Therefore, improving the efficiency of the gas lift system is mainly focusing on improving the efficiency of gas lift wells. (2) measures to improve the efficiency of gas lift wells based on the formation inflow dynamic and wellbore multiphase pipe flow analysis to determine the wellbore multiphase pipe under conditions suitable for gas lift wells into the dynamic model suitable for the high gas-liquid ratio flow model, the dynamic characteristics of the experimental results of the application of gas lift valve, comparative analysis of the differences in the performance parameters of domestic and imported gas lift valve, improved gas lift wells cloth valve design method, the gas lift the well valve distribution more reasonable, in order to improve gas lift wells efficiency. Of low energy wells using a plunger gas lift developed a plunger gas lift supporting tools, supporting plunger lift tool localization; mechanical model of a plunger gas moves the plunger gas lift optimization design for The field application of the plunger gas lift provides important technical support. Wendong oilfield suitable in view of the low-pressure wells continuous gas-lift slippage suffered serious losses, the proposed single tube ball 'Hall casing stuffed continuous gas lift technology, simulation analysis calculations show that, the process can significantly reduce slippage losses, improve lifting efficiency is expected to take over the process of continuous gas lift. (3) blocks optimized gas distribution is a serious shortage of high-pressure gas source, thereby restricting the size of the gas lift, combined with gas lift wells characteristic curve, the establishment of a dynamic model of gas lift wells economy and blocks (multiple wells) total output and bi-objective optimization model of the gas distribution value for money and provide the technical basis for the further promotion of the gas lift. Wendong oilfield gas lift system efficiency evaluation has been a significant economic and social benefits for all types of typical wells, application of appropriate technology measures. Keywords: artificial lift gas lift system efficiency optimized gas distribution

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