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Wang An-yi’s Fiction Female Growth Themes

Author: LiuHao
Tutor: HuangZuo
School: Zhengzhou University
Course: Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords: Wang anyi Female growth metaphor Gender culture Social culture
CLC: I207.42
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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In the new period of literary development every period, wang anyi can always in a good works get readers and critics attention and praise. In wang anyi’s various novels by women, for the theme of the novel grow, is an important part, these novel fully reflected in women’s survival state of wang anyi self-consciously to female psychology of concern and keen insight. I am putting wang an-yi’s fiction of the female growth as their own research object theme, mainly because of this aspect of the novel creation wang anyi from patriarchy culture and male discourse bondage, deconstruction and subversion of the patriarchal socialist, form and develop women’s own literature space, committed to an equal and harmonious relationship building.This paper is divided into preface, text three chapters and epilogue three parts. The second chapter mainly expounds the female growth in modern literature and theme of evolution, contemporary literature of the "May 4th" enlightenment "human" found that sparked the women’s liberation movement, women’s growth truly classic historical surface. "May 4th" LingShuHua, FengYuanJun, LuYin writer who takes the lead to reveal the identity and patriarchy from internalization of liberating the modem woman stepped out of the historic turning meaning first step. Xiao zhang is contained, and reveals the root of female tragedy fate for the traditional patriarchy-centered socialist and enslavement, culture, the negative effect of the 1940s and 1950s writer’s female growth is immersed in the revolutionary discourse, these women under the image is actually the male-dominated discourse substitute, in their body ironed out real female should have of gender colour. The new period, zhang jie, ZhangXinXin, tie ning, chenran’s, whom many of women writers such as discussed more in-depth grow and delicate.The third chapter caught in the novel of wang anyi female growth characteristics of different backgrounds of times to the present paper, for example female growth in the early 1980s "humanity reset" social thought of writing WenWen series youth turn "real-life", these works pay attention to women as the main body "person" self-consciousness awakening, delicate heart feeling, really experience of life; In the mid 1980s, new enlightenment liberation trend and feminism in domestic spread has become under the condition of the water potential wang anyi created a feminist classic text "barren hills love", "love", "small jinxiu valley love", "GangShang century", this kind of novels from aesthetic attitude and writing about sex, dropped its thousands of years formed under patriarchy oppression, began to return to the psychological burden of female body desire; true state In the 1990s, "daily life narrative" has become an important orientation of literature, wang an-yi’s creation of works such as the changhen ge, in the daily life, be permeated with exquisite depict the rational glow, intellectuals And the new century, wang anyi keenly captured along with increasingly fierce urbanization, place oneself in urban civilization conflict in female life and mind change, created "rich ping", "on red lotus" and so on the work of sowing rhombohedrons, different from the city female literature of bottom wang anyi’s simplistic description, the women in plain daily life with strong toughness bit by bit of hope for life, with ChongRuBuJing pale and calmly, has struggled to fate independent toughness, such as rich ping.The fourth chapter basically, from gender culture, social culture from the perspectives of wang an-yi’s novel the cultural metaphorical female growth themes. Wang an-yi’s fiction has a wealth of female growth themes, mainly divides into cultural metaphorical social and cultural metaphor and gender cultural metaphorical, such as the changhen ge WangQiYao itself is a city life custom history, she represented and embodies the citizens ideal, WangQiYao in turbulent vicissitude city of calm and tenacity, living most represent Shanghai cultural spirit and life affection. The barren hills love ", "love", "small jinxiu love" and "the valley of the century" GangShang the gender culture, wang an-yi’s most prominent metaphor in "three love a strongholds" those living in shaping a spirit of flesh also desire for women broke the Chinese of over 2,000 years of male dominance of women affiliate and build vulnerable mental, overturned male in gender relations in the discourse hegemony, breaking solely by man as the center of constructed of social norms and standards for themselves, showing the subject as equality with men existing status and value of the unconscious.

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