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Synthesis, Structure and Luminescent Properties of Guanidinate (Amidinate) Based Zirconium and Lanthanide Complexes

Author: PangXingAn
Tutor: ShenZuo
School: Suzhou University
Course: Organic Chemistry
Keywords: Guanidine Amidine Organic zirconium complexes Rare earth organic complexes Synthesis Structure Fluorescence
CLC: O641.4
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2005
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In view of the the guanidine (amidine) Fund is a complex research focuses on the synthesis, structure and reactivity, have not reported on the optical properties of metal complexes of these ligands, as well as reports on organic zirconium complexes fluorescence properties The literature is very limited, we synthesized a series of guanidino group of zirconium and rare earth metal complexes (amidino), they conducted a comprehensive characterization of a preliminary study, and their fluorescence properties. We also synthesized the mercaptobenzothiazole five-containing ligand rare earth metal complexes and study their fluorescence properties. 1 was studied the amidine zirconium complexes under different conditions [ i PrNC (Ph) N i Pr] 2 ZrBr 2 < / sub> (1), [CyNC (Ph) NCy] 2 ZrBr 2 (2), [Me 3 SiNC (Ph-p -Cl) NSiMe 3 ] 2 ZrCl 2 (4) and [the Me 3 sinc (Ph) N ( CH 2 ) 3 NC (Ph) NSiMe 3 ] ZrCl 2 ยท THF (5) fluorescence properties. These complexes have been characterized by elemental analysis, nuclear magnetic resonance and infrared spectroscopic characterization of complexes, 4 and 5 after the X-ray crystal structure characterization. Under UV excitation, four complexes can be issued to a strong green fluorescence, and the complex under different conditions, the optimum emission wavelength mainly within the range of 450 5 30 nm. The fluorescence lifetime of the complex is about 0.02 ms. 2 studied under different conditions guanidine zirconium complexes [ i PrNC (N i Pr2) N i Pr] 2 < / sub> ZrCl 2 (9), [CyNC (N i Pr 2 ) NCy] 2 ZrCl < sub> 2 (10), { i PrNC [N (CH 2 ) 5 ] NPri} 2 < / sub> ZrCl 2 (11), {CyNC [N (CH 2 ) 5 ] NCy} 2 the ZrCl 2 (12) [ i PrNC (NC 12 the H- 8 ) NPR i ] 2 ZrCl 2 (14) fluorescence properties. Elemental analysis and IR spectra of these complexes have been characterized complexes 9 1 2 through NMR and X-ray crystal structure characterization. Under UV excitation, five complexes can send a strong green fluorescence, the complex was optimum emission wavelength at 500 nm under different conditions. The fluorescence lifetime of the complex is about 0.02 ms. The first time found that the two friction luminescent properties of early transition metal organic complexes [ i PrNC (N i Pr is 2 ) N < sup> i Pr] 2 ZrCl 2 (9) and (the C 12 H 8 N ) ZrCl 2 2 (THF) 2 (13) and complexes 9 triboluminescent

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