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Parathyroid transplantation

Author: GaoZuHua
Tutor: ZhuYu
School: Peking Union Medical College , China
Course: Basic surgical
Keywords: Nude mice Endocrine function Lymphocytes Parathyroid Monoclonal antibodies Immunogenicity Antigen-presenting cells Antigen expression Transition method Immunosuppressants
CLC: R653
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 1992
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In this experiment,The auther at first has compared the degrees of cell differentiation,secreting function and immunogenicity of parathyroid (PTG)tissues from cadaver(C — PTG) , fetus(F— PTG) and PTG adenoma(A—PTG). The results set a practical fundation for the selection of appropriate donar in clinical PTG transplantation. Then,the auther hastransplanted the PTG tissues from three kinds of donars into the subcapsular of Balb/C nude mice kidney. Thus,an interim host system for human PTG were established. Variations of tissue structure, secreting function and immunogenicity of human PTG tissues within the nude mice were observed. The mechanism of the changes of PTG tissues immunogenicity were analyzed too. 90 days after interim hosting,PTG tissues were removed and transplanted into of the musde of patients forearm musle. In this way,the value of interim hosting were assesed.By means of the special connection of Con A to a — D — guanosine diphosphate mannose on the cell membrane,cluster or diffused immature cells were labled in the PTG adenoma tissues. But there were none in the C — PTG and 5—month F—PTG tissues.Tissue culture were carried out for the equal volume(0. 5mm~3)and equal weight(2mg) of PTG tissues from different donars. After 72 hours,Parahtyroid hormone(PTH) in the culture medium were examined. The results showed that the secretion of PTH in C—PTG and A — PTG were obvionusly higher than that in F — PTG, although there were some immature cells in the A — PTG tissue.Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA)monoclonal antibodies and Cambridge Quantment 970 Image Analyzing Instrument helped us in the quantitative measurement of tissue HLA antigen, numbers of Antigen Presenting Cells(APC) and the expression of DR antigen in each APC for the three different PTG donar tissues. Among the three kinds of donar PTG tissues, there were no clear difference in the amount of HLA Class I(ABC)antigen. Betweem F — PTG and A — PTG tissues,there were also no clear difference in the amount of class II(DR) antigen. But the amout of DR antigen in C— PTG tissues is obviously higher than that of A — PTG and F — PTG tissues. Further study show that both the number of APC and the expression of DR antigen in each APC(AREA,LENGHTH,E. DIAM,SHAPE, MOD)in C — PTG tissues were significantly higher than that of A — PTG and F — PTG tissues.Studies on the tissue structure of PTG within the mude mice showed:1)All the PTG tissues from three different donars can survive in the subcapsular of Balb/C nude mice kidney for more than 100 days. After that , All of them were gradually fragmented,fibrillated change and finally absorbed.2)The F — PTG and A — PTG tissues grew better than the C— PTG tissues. No signs of

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