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The Animal’s Experiment and the Clinical Research on Influence of Gukang on the Conversion of the Bone in the Osteoporosis Following SCI

Author: CaoShunHai
Tutor: LiuQingSi
School: Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: TCM orthopedics and traumatology
Keywords: Gukang osteoporosis following spinal cord injury clinical research osteoblast experiment research
CLC: R26
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Gukang consisted of buguzhi、yinyanghuo、huangqi、danshen、baishao、dazaoand so on. In according to the method of repairing kidney、strengthening spleen、aliving blood, it can repair kidney and strengthen bone, invigorate spleen andbenefit qi, live xue and through luo. The past reseaches have proved that Gukangcould increase bone mineral density (BMD) and bone mineral content (BMC)、regulate levels of sexual hormones、control the activity of osteoclasts andinduce apoptosis of osteoclasts and had the dual functions of promoting boneformation and inhibiting bone absorption.Research objectiveThis subject put emphasis on the research of the osteoporosis followingspinal cord injury based on the research foundation of gukang in the past.According to the animal’s experiment and the clinical research of the gukang’influence on the conversion of the bone in the osteoporosis after spinal cordinjury, we can observe the action of gukang in the experiment and clinic.Experiment methodThis research included two parts,which were composed of clinical researchand experiment research.(一) experiment researchWe emmolded 30 samples in this experiment, 30 samples were divided into 3groups randomly, every group included 10 rabbits, then estimate the moldingeffect with biochemical examination and BMD examination at 3 and 7 weeks aftermoulding before drug intervention. After make sure the mold successful,wemake the same biochemical target examined, electron microscope observation.Examination at one、two、three、seven、ten weeks intervening later. Throughstatistic disposal, we analysed and summarized the action of bone absorptionof gukang.This experiment included following five parts.1 SCI molding.2 examination of biochemical target、BMD examination on each group animalsand make sure the mold successful.3 the effect of Gukang to rabbits biochemical indexes.4 electron microscope observation of tibial tissue interving by Gukang.5 statistic disposal. Result:1 molds were successful.2 Gukang accelerate bone shape, improve bone metabolization.3 Gukang can effectively improve the structure and function of bone.(二) clinical researchAccording to previous research,we summarized clinical research onprevention and cure of Chinese and western medication on osteoporosisfollowing SCI, this part included three aspects, such as chinese and westerndrug compound research、dialectic types research、dialectic treatmentresearch;more summing up the cognition to osteoporosis in according to thescholar Liu Qingsi and illuminated the theoretic evidence of Gukang toprevent and cure osteoporosis following SCI.This part included following four parts.1 chose suitable cases.2 Classification of syndrome differentiation, all cases were divided intokidney qi deficiency and kidney yang deficiency. Appraise the improvement ofclinical symptom before and after treatment.3 BMD examination.4 statistic disposal.Result:The symptom score of kidney qi deficiency and kidney yang deficiencywith 2 months’ treatment by Gukang were significantly lower than that beforetreatment(p<0.05). BMD showed significant difference, and the patients ofkidney qi deficiency showed more obvious difference than the patients of kidneyyang deficiency (P<0.01).On the basis of curative effect criterion accordingto this research,29 cases were markedly effective which account for 64.4%in this group cases, the result is available by 12 cases which account for26.6%,4 cases are of no effect, which account for 9.0%,the total effectivenessratio is 91.0%.Conclusion:From this research we can get a conclusion that osteoporosisfollowing SCI is similar to immobilization osteoporosis, but not totallyequivalent while both belong to secondary osteoporosis. Gukang herb which basedon the method of repairing kidney、strengthening spleen、aliving blood iscuratively effective on osteoporosis following SCI, also deserves exploitationand value brightly.

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