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On the Thoughts of Lack of Worldly Desires

Author: XiaoXiang
Tutor: ZengZuoXin;LvXiZuo
School: Central South University
Course: Ethics
Keywords: lack of worldly desires mental state spiritual pursue mental adjustment
CLC: B82
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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In modern life, people only pay their attention into pursuing andowning material interest, and overlook human’s spirit demand and valueideal. Universal hedonism and impetuous atmosphere has becomingsocial epidemic disease. People’s excessive pursuing for enjoying ofsensory organ brings about confusion of moral psychology, imbalancebetween body and mind, split of living body of a human being. Thestarting point of the thesis’ research is that morality how to recall peoplewallowing in material desire, and make people come back fromoverflowing desire, and obtain the harmonious state between body andsoul, and promote realm of spirit and gain self-wholeness.Lack of Worldly Desires is a kind of conscious and self-controlmental state which mixed together moral integrity and wisdom, whichlay on rational knowledge about fame, interest and desire, and rationalvalue of human’s need. "Lack of Worldly Desires" agrees with moralmeaning and reveals moral subject property. Lack of Worldly Desires ismature fruit of morality, which reflects rational value of human’s needand the lofty of spirit, and states clearly establishing of moral subjectproperty and realize human’s living on one’s own.In China-foreign traditional ethics thoughts, there are discussionsin the Confucians, Buddhist, Taoist, Ancient Greece and Rome equally.The Taoist thoughts of Lack of Worldly Desires mainly display as "Daois follow the natural world", "peace and quiet, and have nothing to do","keep a pure heart and few desires" and "Modesty and do not argue "The Confucians’ thoughts of Lack of Worldly Desires is composed of"applying moral principle to control gaining of benefit", "applyingreason to control erotic desire", "be content with poor and like moralprinciple" and "cherishing harmoniously and reaching the state of mean".Thoughts of Buddhist nonchalance consists of four sides such as"utilizing wisdom to transform desire", "making modest andexercising patience", " sinking extrinsic matter and oneself intooblivion" and "realizing free and getting out of the abyss of misery". The thoughts of Lack of Worldly Desires of ancient Greece andRome mainly display as "self-control", "Keeping the doctrine of mean", "human’s nature property is perfect" and "soul is satisfied". Thesethoughts have provided the active enlightenments for the study andproposing the thoughts of Lack of Worldly Desires in moderncircumstances. They are precious inheritance of modern study aboutmorality psychology and morality construction.The mental state of Lack of worldly Desires is composed of"overstepping material desire", "having aspiration", "feeling at ease"and "be content with things". The moral mentality of the mental state ofLack of Worldly Desires needs the reaction of self-control,self-examination, self-effacing, willpower and pursue. Self-control is therational base of the formation of Lack of Worldly Desires. There areself-examination factors in Lack of Worldly Desires. Lack of WorldlyDesires dose not make effect, if there is no self-effacing. Lack ofWorldly Desires originates from the development of moral determination.Lack of Worldly Desires is kind of enterprising spirit which embracesmoral pursue, which result in the merge of mental sate of Lack ofWorldly Desires of virtue and intelligence.Having the mental state of Lack of Worldly Desires is a finalizationafter long progress of realizing oneself of morality.The formation ofLack of Worldly Desires accompanies the generate of the developmentof the construction of morality. Lack of Worldly Desires indicates themature of the mechanism of morality development. These effective waysof the formation of Lack of Worldly Desires are social experiences, thereserve of knowledge, rational recreation and the cultivation oftemperament. A lot of social experiences are the cultivation of themental state of Lack of Worldly Desires. The reserve of knowledgemakes the realizing way of human value prefect, which is the culturebase of the mental state of Lack of Worldly Desires. Rational recreationplays a important part in the generate of the mental character of moralityof Lack of Worldly Desires, which is the motility of the consciousness ofmorality and the development of the principal part morality. The cultivate of temperament has obvious effect in the formation of Lack ofWorldly Desires, which is a important way of the accumulate of themental state of Lack of Worldly Desires.The chief functions of Lack of worldly Desires are ambition, clam,trying to be practical, stimulating aspiration and so on., which provides aeffective prescription, mainly for the present-day people adjusting andadapting their mentality for nowadays. Because the modern moralitybasis changed just as people acknowledge the values of their existingand the meaning of their experiencing life, as well as the morality turnedturtle, people’s moral mentality has been unbalanced, so nowadayspeople are withstanding the confusedness and misfortune of morality inthe deep heart, which is coming from the moral confusion. Adjusting themoral mentality about the Lack of worldly Desires, the significance iscorrecting body and mind’s imbalance: such as resisting temptation,overcoming flippancy, preventing wagering for quick success and instantbenefit, immunizing to be a rolling stone."The modern concealed worry" already demonstrated that, "Themorals rescue from to restore with own real moral contact", namelycomes from the person natural disposition restoration. The moral requestcenter more and more approaches "self-real and self-wholeness". In thesocial living practice of morality, how to dissolve people’s desire ofgreedy, promote realm of spirit, realize harmony between body and soul,and concord of interpersonal relationship, which is the objective of themental state of Lack of Worldly to be at.

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