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The Research on Construction and Stability of Industrial Symbiosis System in Eco-industry Parks

Author: ZhangYan
Tutor: ChenRongQiu;LiuYingZi
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Management Science and Engineering
Keywords: The Eco-industry Parks(EIPs) Industrial symbiosis Eco-industrial chain Stability
CLC: X171
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2006
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The present mode of industrial production development, which had ignored essential ecological principles, had caused serious environmental consequence. Ecological industry, as a kind of industrial form, which imitated the material circulation of the natural ecological course to plan the industry of ecosystem, is the best economic shapes from the view of environmental protection, economy and ecology. The eco-industry parks (EIPs), as the most important practice form of the ecological industry, are an effective way of solving industrial pollution and improving efficiency of environment resources scheme. Around the structure construction and stability analysis of industrial symbiosis system in EIPs, three subjects were researched deeply in this thesis:1) Constructing of structure model of industrial symbiosis system of EIPs. Through anatomizing successful strategy of nature eco-system and applying analogy analysis, the structure model of EIPs symbiosis system of constituting of eco-industrial chain system, basal facilities system and public service system, and whose operating efficiency were decided by the performance of unit node and structure characteristics of industrial chain(net)of symbiosis system, was brought up in this thesis. Resources circulation system was set up according to efficiency object of unit node, and measures in technique, institution and government were brought up in this thesis. Furthermore, a multilevel synthetic evaluation model was stated, and it constituted evaluation system for ecology performance of enterprises.2) Method of improving stability of industrial symbiosis system and selecting and matching for node enterprises of industrial symbiosis system of EIPs. By analyzing the instructing function of ecology theory in constituting of eco-industrial chain system, the author pointed out ways of realizing the stability of industrial ecological system by designing proper industrial length and diversification. Projects choice of entering parks was the key factor of Eco-industrial Parks. The present researches on EIPs were mostly qualitative. However, there is no literature and news about the way to evaluate and select construction projects quantitatively. The dissertaition put forward to applying fuzzy inference to research the matching characters of node enterprises and draw a conclusion of prior considerable order of construction projects. Firstly, The fourteen index system, which were bedded and grouped from four levels including economical index, environment index, eco-network index and societal index, were designed; Then, the problems of precise output from fuzzy input and dimension calamity were solved by using the output of lower groups as the input of higher fussy logic system; Finally, A multilevel fuzzy inference evaluation model was established based on the fuzzy inference principle. It provides a quantitative reference gist of decision-making for selecting entering EIPs of construction projects.3) Ideal pattern and risk system of industrial symbiosis system of EIPs. In the thesis, relations between enterprises in industrial symbiosis system were summarized two typical modes, namely competitive mode and symbiotic mode. Based on Verhulst—Pearl Logistic Equation, the author drew a conclusion that the ecosystem performance of competitive mode can’t realize optimization, as well as pointed out that Asymmetrical-Dependence was the ideal mutualism pattern.The present researches discovered paid attention to the positive influences in decreasing resource consume and environment pollution rather than ignored the risks in EIPs. Moreover, the author established a risk system mode and held that the structural risk, management and administration risk and contingent risk were main factors of threatening the security of symbiosis system. At last, the relevant countermeasures for safeguarding and ensuring the online security were put forward in this thesis.

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