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A Research into the Contemporary CPC’s Political Development Ideology

Author: JiangZhiQiang
Tutor: ZhouXiangJun
School: Shandong University
Course: Scientific socialism and international communist movement
Keywords: Reform and Open-up Communist Party of China Political Development Ideology
CLC: D261.1
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Political development is the general problem faced by countries all over the world, especially those developing countries. It’s also a significant problem faced by China, the solution of which is crucial to the realization of China’s socialist modernism. In the course of promoting Chinese political development since China’s reform and opening to the outside world, Communist Party of China (CPC) has put forward a series of new ideas, new viewpoints, new policies and new strategies, which formed the contemporary political development ideology of CPC. To develop realistically China’s democratic political theories and practices involves deep probe into this ideology. This project has roused many concerns in academic field, although it remains to be researched systematically and profoundly. Based on the theories put forward by predecessors, this dissertation tries to carry out the research into this project with certain originality. In the process of research, several methodologies will be adopted. Among them, Marxism, Leninism, Mao Ze-dong Ideology, Deng Xiao-ping Theories and "the Three Representatives" will be adopted as guiding ideologies; dialectic materialism and historical materialism will be adopted as main methodology; analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction, consistency between history and logic as well as the logic order of from-abstract-to-concrete will be adopted as main dialectic mode of thinking; comparative study and multi-disciplinary comprehensive analysis will be developed as main analytical method.The thinking framework of this dissertation is not limited in the research on the contents of contemporary CPC’s political development ideology, but stretches backward to probe into its formation and origin on the one hand, and forward to assess it on the other hand, both being based on the research on the contents. To enhance the span of the research, vertical and horizontal research will be employed. As far as the order of the research is concerned, a logical, strict and smooth theoretical framework is designed according to the general thinking law of people to explore the essence and general picture of contemporary CPC’s political development ideology from five perspectives including background and conditions, developing process, main contents, theoretical features and historical position, aiming to present the creative development of political development theory in contemporary China. In the course of specific elaboration, creative viewpoints and original ideas put in unprecedented expressions will be put forward for academic discussion.Contemporary CPC’s political development ideology is the necessary production of the interaction of various backgrounds and conditions. As far as international background is concerned, contemporary trend of international peace and development, the globalization tide in the economic and cultural field brought about by this trend as well as world democratic trend are the significant exterior factors; while in the light of domestic background, the great tide of domestic ideological liberation and open-up, the exploration of socialist market economy system, the split-up of social benefit and the change of social stratum structure form the significant interior environment. In the light of historical origins, the tortuous experiences of political development since the foundation of new China, especially during the Great Cultural Revolution, are the direct lessons learned by CPC to put forward the political development ideology; while the ex-Soviet Union’s failure and success in the course of political development are also rich experiences and lessons contributing to the formation of CPC’s political development ideology. In the light of theoretical origins, Marx and Engels’ political development theories contribute to the ideological foundation of CPC’s political development ideology; Lenin’s socialist countries’ political development theories provide some beneficial enlightenment to the formation of this ideology; Mao Ze-dong’s exploration concerning China’s political development offers direct ideological sources; while Deng Xiao-ping’s early political development ideas furnish the political development ideology with direct theoretical sources since most viewpoints put forward by Deng Xiao-ping after China’s reform and open-up are the enrichment of his original ideas in new historical conditions. Concerning subjective conditions, since our country’s reform and open-up, CPC has displayed such active spiritual outlook fit in with promoting the great cause of reform and open-up as steadfast political conviction, persistent ideal and faith, profound concerns about our country and our people, persistent struggle spirit in arduous conditions, practical and realistic personality and pioneering originality, which played crucial role in the formation of CPC’s political development ideology. This paper also explores these relationships.Fitting in with the actual progress of economic and social development since reform and open-up, contemporary CPC’s political development ideology underwent three stages of initial formation, constant adaptation and gradual maturity, which correspond respectively with the three periods of preliminary construction of socialism with Chinese characteristic, Market-oriented social change period and the all-round construction of well-to-do society, every period bearing different social backgrounds, representative guiding classics, various significant propositions and different political development orientations. The political development ideas in every stage are richer and more profound than the former one, and are comparatively more advanced than the former one. Through constant adaptation in each different stage, contemporary CPC’s political development ideology gets more and more colorful and profound.Contemporary political ideology of CPC is a theoretical system that has substantial contents and strict structure. To sum up, the main contents of the political development ideology of CPC include roughly six aspects: the strategic position, the subject, the basic task, the fundamental channel, the environments, and the main body. Logically speaking, the six aspects are respective solutions to the problems of why it should be developed, what should be developed around, what should be developed, what route should be taken, in what condition it should be developed and who should develop. Concerning strategic position, CPC promotes the political development to the vital importance of having bearings on socialism’s future, socialist modernism’s success and domestic stability, which guides the general orientation of the nation’s political development; concerning the subject, CPC reestablished democracy as the subject of political development, with socialism as its nature, the people’s master position as its essence, the combination of dictatorship, centralism, legal system and CPC’s leadership as its features, and democracy within the party as its breakthrough; concerning basic tasks, CPC steadfastly insists and improves such basic systems as the system of People’s Congress, the system of Multi-party Cooperation and Consultation as well as the system of regional autonomy of minority nationalities. What’s more, China should establish and strengthen the specific system of other aspects according to the demands of economic and social development. At the same time, China should strengthen its legal system and form the basic legal system of administering our country according to law. Concerning fundamental ways, CPC clearly puts forward the theory of promoting political development through political reform, and designs the blueprint of the nature, goal, contents, principle and strategy of political development; concerning political environments, CPC asserts that we should deal well with the relationship between political development and economic and cultural civilization, stabilize social environments, promote international environment to the one beneficial to peaceful development and establish friendly peripheral environments. Concerning the main body of political development, CPC as the only party in power should shoulder the leading task of modernization construction and political development, strengthen the party’s construction of ideology, organization, morality and capacity, heighten the citizen’s political identification with the party’s leadership, rely on the masses to carry out political development and gradually enlarge the number of people participating in it in accordance with national conditions.To study the general features of contemporary CPC’s political development ideology is one of the significant aspects to grasp the essence of the theory macroscopically. Mastering the nature of the theory comprehensively and macroscopically is the gist to probe into the features of any theoretical system. According to this standard, independence, practicality, openness, being dialectical and affinity to the people are the most representative style of CPC’s political development ideology. These five aspects disclose the essential nature of contemporary CPC’s political ideology from the perspectives of standpoint, exploring process, theoretical scope, mode of thinking and destination.Contemporary CPC’s political development ideology is a scientific theoretical system whose historic position gives expression to the following aspects: with regard to theoretical position, it is the new stage of Marxist political development theory, one of the significant aspects of socialism theory with Chinese characteristic, a new theory distinguished from western political development theory. In the light of practical value, contemporary CPC’s political development ideology is the direct guiding ideology of contemporary Chinese political development practice that sets significant example to the political development of the developing countries and meaningful reference for other socialist countries’ political development practices. There is no end to the development of practices. Therefore, as the summary of practical experiences, there is also no limit to the development of theory. Contemporary CPC’s political development ideology has to develop constantly with the development of times, science and practices. Therefore, it’s crucial to stick to as well as develop it in our new practices.

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