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Research on School PE Teaching Evaluation System and Maneuverability

Author: LiuZhiHong
Tutor: LiuJianGuo
School: Hebei Normal
Course: Physical Education and Training
Keywords: PE (physical education) system evaluation manipulability
CLC: G633.96
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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With a new round of smooth reform process of elementary education, the ideology and model of physical education (PE) have also been greatly changed in our country. So, new PE evaluation system is badly needed to cope with this change. Moreover, the contradiction of education theory and practice should be solved quickly in order to guarantee and also put forward the reform process of the PE. Guided by the pedagogy, evaluation study and physical education theory, by mixing the theory with empirical data, this paper aims at pointing out the main features and intrinsic laws of PE evaluation, putting forward the theoretical foundation of constructing the PE evaluation system, establishing the content and comparative importance of the indexes of PE evaluation system, designing PE evaluation plan, proposing possible solution for its practical problems from both theory and practice.Work done by this research:1. Theories:Under the guideline of pedagogy and evaluation study, this paper not only makes definition about evaluation, evaluation of education and PE evaluation, but also describes their logical relationships. So that the main features and intrinsic laws of the PE evaluation are revealed. After reviewing the development and reforms of the PE evaluation in and abroad, analyzing and summing up the research status quo of the scholars in and abroad, and re-recognizing and analyzing the evaluation practice of PE according to the previous research achievement, this paper discloses the position of PE evaluation in the education evaluation practice. And it is the theoretical foundation for this research paper.2. Empirical research:By analyzing the data about our PE evaluation collected in the survey and it main problems existed in real practice, this paper points out the basic reason for these problems is the contradiction between the theory and the practice. What’s more, advantages and disadvantages in our PE evaluation are founded, so that possible strategies are proposed to solve these problems3. Establish evaluation system and system of evaluation index3.1 Establishing evaluation system for education.3.2 Establishing the system of evaluation indexes.4. Design plan for PE evaluationDesign plan for PE evaluation, and then exam and revise it in the practice. The feasibility and physical education evaluation system is proved and practiced based on the analysis of the theories and reality of the PE evaluation. The conclusion of this research paper1. Drawing on the experience of domestic and foreign to guide the practice of evaluation education.Analyze the evaluation of the development research and the features of the reform to draw meaningful research results. Some methods used by the United States and Japan should learn from. For example, they make more detailed evaluation, expanding the scope of evaluation and focus on the evaluation of the overall capacity and the arrival of target evaluation. it also founding that the overall trend of the research is gradually thinning from analyzing the study of the domestic scholars, because the evaluation of PE will loss its specific guidance if they merely focus on the theoretical research or the macroeconomic research.2.The goal-achieving theory was still the main basis of sports teaching appraisal in the present stageThe appraisal theory and the method which by the Taylor behavior-goal theory, the Broome goal-taxonomy theory and the theory our new curriculum initiate should become the main basis of the sports teaching-appraisal theory in the present stage, this article which take our country sports teaching-appraisal situation investigation as the fact basis proposed and constructs the basic skeleton of sports teaching-appraisal system which have the instruction significance to straightens out the essential factor of the teaching appraisal work.3. Schools have provided favorable conditions for the reform of physical education (PE) evaluationThe research shows that notable results have been made in the reform of physical education evaluation. PE teachers fully understand the function and significance of physical education evaluation, and identify themselves with the diversification of evaluation subject, evaluation content, and evaluation methods. However, there are some problems, teachers still use end-up method to make evaluation, and the issue of multivariable evaluation can not be carried out properly.At present, the reform of PE courses has made some progress. Students increasingly realize the importance of PE, rightly understand the significance of PE study evaluation and teacher evaluation, and consciously participate in the study evaluation, all of which show that they are positive to the PE teaching evaluation reform in schools.4. Solutions based on the operational problems of PE evaluationThe evaluation theory owns internal rules, and exist logical relationships. That is the gradual relationship from the evaluation at the macro level, education evaluation to the evaluation at the macro level and the micro PE evaluation. The macro-evaluation is based on the micro-evaluation. The more microscopic, the easier to operate. PE evaluation belongs to micro-evaluation. Whether the choice of targets or methods, it should be specific, clear, simple and easy to operate. Therefore, it must distinguish between the macro-evaluation and PE evaluation, Because of the level of inconsistency, the evaluation activities should be differentiated.5. The new establishment sports teaching-appraisal target system has the operating characteristicThe appraisal-argot system for student sports study and the appraisal-argot system for teacher teaching and its assignment which is established through Delphi method and the level-analytic method, each target may decompose three; it presents the more and more thinner tendency and has provided the condition for the teaching-appraisal operation.6. The indexes of the system are independent as well as correlatedThe sequence of the students’PE (physical education) study indexes is as followed: sentimental attitude, technology and skill, physical health and the cognition of knowledge, whereas that of the teachers’teaching evaluation indexes is: process of teaching, effect of teaching, preparation and evaluation of teaching. As is shown above, the list of evaluation indexes indicates a kind of logical relation.

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